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Business Law Books

The Businessman and Entreprenerial visitors will find a variety books on law in business

-American Commercial Law Series | by Alfred W. Bays
Contracts. Negotiable Paper. Sales Of Personal Property. Agency. Partnership. Corporations. Insurance. Suretyship. Debtor And Creditor Bankruptcy. Banks And Banking. Property.
-Handbook Of The Law Of Sale Of Goods | by John Delatre Falconbridge
The Sale of Goods Act, by which the law relating to the sale of goods was codified in the United Kingdom, has now been adopted, with slight modifications, in all the provinces of Canada except Quebec, the process of adoption having been completed by the enactment in Ontario of the Sale of Goods Act, 1920. Prior to the adoption of the statute there existed, especially in Ontario, a considerable body of case law. This case law is of course now authoritative only so far as it is consistent with the statute; but for the most part they are in accord with each other, and the decisions furnish useful illustrations of the statute.
-A Treatise On The Law Of Contracts | by William W. Story
The present work is intended, primarily, as a text-book for students, but it is by no means restricted in its scope or design to such a use. Its purpose is not only to sketch an elementary outline of the law relating to simple contracts, but to elucidate and systematize, as far as practicable, the general law applicable to the subject; in the hope that it may serve alike the student and the practitioner. It is believed, that such a work is now needed by the profession, for new circumstances and exigencies so modify and expand every department of jurisprudence, as to require new expositions of the law, however valuable preceding treatises may have been. The plan of the present work has been to render cases subordinate to principles, and, instead of pursuing the common method of merely digesting the various authorities, to throw the main body of them into the notes, and to incorporate those only in the text, which seemed to afford the best illustrations of the doctrine under consideration
-A Commentary On The Law Of Contracts | by Francis Wharton
A contract is an interchange of legal rights...
-Handbook Of The Law Of Contracts | by Wm. L. Clark, Jr.
In preparing this work the object has been to present the general principles of the law of contract clearly and concisely, with proper explanations and illustrations, - not to make a digest. There has been no attempt to be original for the mere sake of originality. Statements of rules have been freely taken from recognized authorities. So much use has been made of Sir William Anson's and Mr. Leake's works, that acknowledgment has not always been made in the notes. A general acknowledgment is therefore made here. Where matter has been obtained from other sources it has been duly acknowledged.
-Business Law - Case Method | by William Kixmiller, William H. Spencer
A systematic non-technical treatment of business law in story and case form.
-The Law Of Contracts | by John William Smith, Vincent T. Thompson, John Douglass Brown, Jr.
In bringing this Edition of Smith's Lectures on the Law of Contracts up to the existing state of the law, the present Editor has endeavoured as before to make his own additions as short as possible, confining them to cases of real importance and to such alterations as were rendered necessary by recent legislation. The Editor trusts that the present Edition will be found no less acceptable than its predecessors.
-The Law Of Contracts | by Theophilus Parsons
In a book of such scope, it is impossible, without exceeding proper limits, and if it were possible it would be undesirable, to cite all pertinent decisions. No attempt at this sort of completeness has been made. Especially, where a number of decisions in a single jurisdiction are merely cumulative, and the latest decision affords ready reference to the earlier, it has been deemed sufficient to cite the latest case only...
-The Law Of Contracts | by Samuel Williston
One who attempts to write on any topic of the law is likely to realize that what Maitland said of the historian is also true of the law writer, he is tearing a seamless web. The law cannot be divided into parts marked by exact boundaries, and the problem of where to stop continually confronts him. But however vague may be the boundaries of contract, it fills so larg a space in the law that the most formidable obstacle presented to one who chooses the subject is its magnitude. Included within it are large portions of what is contained in works on Vendor and Purchaser, Sales of Personal Property, Negotiable Instruments, Agency, Bailments, Carriers, Landlord and Tenant, Insurance, Suretyship, Equity, Master and Servant, Quasi-Contract, Damages, Evidence.
-The Law Of Contracts Vol1| by William Herbert Page
The Formation Of The Simple Contract [Excluding Parties]
-The Law Of Contracts Vol2| by William Herbert Page
Other Forms Of Contract. Parties. Construction And Interpretation
-The Law Of Contracts Vol3| by William Herbert Page
Operation And Effect. Discharge. Remedial Rights Arising On Discharge. Place Of Contract In Law.
-The Law Of Contracts Vol4| by William Herbert Page
Construction And Interpretation. Operation. Discharge
-The Law Of Contracts Vol5| by William Herbert Page
Express Conditions
-The Law Of Contracts Vol7| by William Herbert Page
Forms, Precedents And Suggestions For Drafting Contracts
-A Treatise On The Construction Of The Statute Of Frauds | by Causten Browne
As in force in England and the United States.
-Science Of Legal Method | by Ernest Bruncken
"Until either philosophers become kings," said Socrates, "or kings philosophers, States will never succeed in remedying their shortcomings." And if he was loath to give forth this view, because, as he admitted, it might "sink him beneath the waters of laughter and ridicule," so to-day among us it would doubtless resound in folly if we sought to apply it again in our own field of State life, and to assert that philosophers must become lawyers or lawyers philosophers, if our law is ever to be advanced into its perfect working.
-The Law Of Quasi Contracts | by Frederic Campbell Woodward
For some time, there has been urgent need of a book containing an analysis and classification of quasi contractual obligations, a more thorough treatment of many parts of the subject, and a larger collection of modern authorities. It was with the hope of meeting this need that the present work was undertaken.

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