THIS is an amplification of the Second Regime, " Formulating a Desire." You want to succeed.

Cultivating The Power Of Mental Demand

Then, demand success. Demand it with your whole heart and soul and with utmost confidence. And if you have faithfully carried out the regimes set forth in these books, your demand will be speedily and splendidly realized.

Unchanging Sequence Of Success-Achievement

Work as faithfully as you ever did, but affirm more frequently and more fervently, "I am a center of power-creation. I receive power from the universal fund of creative forces. As such a center of power-transmission, I demand that degree of success to which my endowment, my thought and my efforts entitle me. I am sure to succeed in my ambition! My demand is certain to be realized!"

Above all things, remember that in all this work the thought of realization, the mental demand, must precede, not follow, practical outward effort.

Make your affirmations prophetic, not dull statements of fact. Make your psychic energies initiative. Hold fast to this unchanging sequence: first, demand; and by demanding beget Creative Thought; and by creative thinking, Efficient Work; and by efficient working, Win!

The cultivation of special talents for special pursuits is not within the scope of this Course. For those who desire such special instruction the Society of Applied Psychology is prepared to suggest reading matter suited to each manis individual needs.

But the fundamentals are all here. Therefore, master this book. Study every line.

It may be that at first you will not grasp the full significance of these teachings. But read them again and again. Meditate upon them. Concentrate your thoughts upon them.

Things You Must Not Do

Soon their eternal truth will dawn upon you, and you will come into the faith that moves mountains.

Read and listen to no conflicting preachments.

Do not attempt to expound these principles to others who have not had your education in the complex processes of the mind and would fail to understand.

Do not concern yourself with occult or spiritual forces. You know the secret of these so-called mysteries. All forces are within you.

The whole science of success is in this book. Follow the instructions of this lesson, and you cannot fail to get the thing you want. You are sure of success.

Therefore, do not wait for things to be a little different. Do not postpone action until a more opportune time. One day is like another. Act now. Wealth and power are within your grasp.

The Elixir Of Mental Life

Endless avenues of self-advancement open before you. There are evil desires to be strangled in their birth. There are wasteful and soul-destroying habits to be eradicated. There are pleasures that beckon - foolish, vain and trivial pleasures. There are voices to be stilled - voices of regret and secret shame that call to you out of the past.

Practice self-concentration and self-inspiration, and you may go forth each day unhampered by impulses that would compromise your standing or by thoughts that would pollute your soul.

Have you been blighted by the chill winds of disaster? Have you fallen from the ladder of life to lie stunned and inert in the slime of despair? Have you lost the hope that gives life to ambition and zest to pursuit? Do you lack the courage to endure and do? To you we give a precious elixir. It is a strengthening, exhilarating, exalting instrumentality of wondrous power. It will make you a healthier, a wiser, a happier, a more successful man.