If you have but a smattering of knowledge of the men and things that enter into the problem you have set yourself to solve, then, however you may concentrate, your mental vision will be clouded and indefinite.

Bear in mind that mere recklessness is not an evidence of initiative psychic power. The man who boldly plunges into things does not necessarily possess a high order of concentrative efficiency.

Why not? Simply because a high order of initiative psychic power requires more than a hair-trigger spirit of adventure. It requires vision - vision minute as well as far-seeing.

Do not try to furnish your "castle in Spain" until the foundation is laid, nor lay the foundation until you know the floor plan. Do not set out on your journey until the road is built, nor build the road until you know where it will lead to.

The dreamer is a man of vision, but his vision is of narrow scope. He sees the completed structure, and he revels in its beauty, but he overlooks and sees not at all the ways and means of building it.

The man who does things has a mental vision of them not only as done, but as in the doing. He meets and conquers the obstacles to progress mentally long before the actual emergencies arise.

"That some men rise in a few years from the lowest to the highest positions is always a matter of interest and encouragement to others. One man I recall," says Waldo P. Warren, "is now manager of a large mercantile concern, employing several thousand persons. Eight years ago he began as an office clerk at ten dollars a week. He was unknown to the proprietors, and had neither friend nor relative to aid his advancement."