Distinguished Officers in the Union Service During the Civil War.

Robert Anderson. Maj.-Gen.; b. near Louisville, Ky.; died in France in 1871.

Edward B. Baker. Colonel; U. S. Sen. from Or.; b. in London, Eng., in 1811; killed at Ball's Bluff, Va., in 1861.

Bon Carlos Buell.* Maj.-Gen.; b. at Marietta, O., in 1818. Served in Mexican War.

Ambrose E. Burnside.* Maj.-Gen.; b. at Liberty, Ind., 1824; Gov. R.I., and M. C.; d. in 1880.

Ben|amin F. Butler. Maj.-Gen; b. at Deer-field, N. H., in 1818, has been M.C. from Mass.

Edward R. S. Canby.* Brig.-Gen.; b. in Ky. in 1819; shot by Modoc Indian chief, in Cal.in 1873.

John C. Fremont. Maj.-Gen.; b. at Savannah, Ga., in 1813; Repub. can. for Pres, in 1856; has been U. S. Sen. from Cal., and later Gov. of Ariz.

Ulysses S. Grant.* Gen.-in-Chief of the U.S. A. during the latter part of the war; was b. at Pt. Pleasant, O., in 1822. Eight years Pres. d. in 1886.

Henry TV. Halleck.* Gen.-in-Chief of the U. S. Army for a time; b. at Waterville, N. Y., in 1815; d. at Louisville, Ky., in 1872.

Winfield S. Hancock.* Maj.-Gen.; b. in Montg.Co., Pa., in 1824; d. in 1886.

Joseph Hooker.* Brevet Maj.-Gen.; b. at Hadley, Mass., in 1815; d. in 1879.

Oliver O. Howard.* Brevet Maj.-Gen; b. at Leeds, Me.

Philip Kearney. Maj.-Gen.; b. in N. Y. City, in 1815; wounded at Second Bull Run, where he d., in 1862.

John A. Logan. Maj.-Gen.; b. in Jefferson Co., Ill., in 1826; U. S. Sen. from Ill. d. in 1886.

Nathaniel Lyon.* Brig.-Gen.; b. at Ashford, Conn., in 1819; slain at Wilson's Creek, Mo.,in 1861.

Geo. B. McClellan.* Gen.-in-Chief of the U. S. Army, for a time; b. at Phila., Pa., in 1826; was Dem. can. for Pres. in 1364; elected Gov. of N.J. in 1878. d. 1885.

Ervin McDowell.* Maj.-Gen.; b. at Frank-linton, O., in 1818. d. 1885.

James B. McPherson.* Maj.-Gen. of vols. B. at Clyde, O., in 1828; k. at Atlanta, in 1864.

Geo. G. Meade.* Maj.-Gen.; b. at Cadiz, Spain, in 1815; d. at Phila. in 1872.

T. F. Meagher. Brig.-Gen.; b. at Waterford, Ireland, in 1823; accidentally drowned by falling from a steamer near Ft. Benton, Montana, in 1867.

John A. McClernand. Maj.-Gen.; b. in Breckenridge Co., Ky.; has been M. C.

Ormsby M. Mitchel.* Maj.-Gen.; b. in Union Co., Ky., in 1810; d. of yellow fever at Beaufort, S. C, in 1862.

Richard J. Oglesby. Maj.-Gen.; b. in Oldham Co., Ky., in 1824; has been Gov. of Ill., and U. S. Sen. from that State.

Alfred Pleasanton. Maj.-Gen.; b. at Washington, D. C, in 1824; author of treatise on healing effect of sunlight passing through blue glass.

John Pope.* Maj.-Gen.; b. at Kaskaskia, Ill., in 1823.

Fitz John Porter.* Maj.-Gen.; b. at Portsmouth, N. H., in 1823.

Thomas E. G. Ransom. Brig.-Gen.; b. in 1831; d. in Chicago in 1861.

Win. S. Rosecrans.* Maj.-Gen.; b. at Kingston, O., in 1819.

Franz Nigel. Maj.-Gen.; b. at Zinsheim, Baden, Germany.

John M. Schofield.* Maj.-Gen.; b. in Chautauqua Co., N. Y., in 1831; U. S. Secretary of War in 1868.

John Sedgwick.* Maj.-Gen.; b. at Cornwall, Conn., in 1813; k. at Spottsylvania, Va., in 1864.

Philip H. Sheridan.* Maj.-Gen.; b. at Somerset, O., in 1831; present General U. S. A.

Wm. T. Sherman.* Maj.-Gen. in the war; present Gen. U. S. A.; b. at Lancaster, O., in 1820.

Alfred H. Terry. Brig.-Gen.; b. at Hart-ford, Conn., in 1827.

Geo. H. Thomas.* Maj.-Gen.; b. in South-ham Co.,Va., in 1816; d. at San Fran., Cal., in 1870.

Leading Officers in the Confederate Service.†

Peter G. T. Beauregard.* Gen.; b. at New Orleans, La., in 1818.

Braxton Bragg.* Maj.-Gen.; born in N.C. about 1815; d. at Galveston, Tex., in 187.1.

Jefferson Davis. Col.; b. in Christian Co., Ky., in 1808; was President of the Southern Confederacy; formerly U.S. Senator from Miss., and was Sec. of War under Pres. Pierce.

J. A. Early.* Maj.-Gen.; b. in Va.about 1815.

Richard S. Ewell. Lieut. -Gen.; born in D. C., in 1820; d. at Springhill, Tenn., in 1872.

Wade Hampton, Jr. Lieut.-Gen.; b. at Columbia, S. C, in 1818; has been Gov. of S. C. and member of the U. S. Senate. d. in 1879.

Wm. J. Hardee.* Brig. -Gen.; b. at Savannah, Ga., in 1818; d. at Wytheville, Va., in 1873.

Ambrose P. Hill.* Maj.-Gen.-, b. in Cul-peper Co., Va., about 1825; k. at Petersburg, Va., in 1865.

Dan'l H. Hill.* Gen.; b. in S. C. about 1822.

John B. Hood.* Lieut. -Gen.; b. in Bath Co., Ky., about 1830. d. in 1879.

Benj. Huger.* Maj.-Gen.; b. at Charleston, S. C., in 1806. d. in 1877.

Thos. J. Jackson (Stonewall).* Lieut. -Gen.; b. at Clarksburg, Va., in 1824, d. from wounds received at battle of Chancellorsville.

Albert S. Johnston.* Gen.; b. in Mason Co., Ky., in 1803; k. at Shiloh, in 1862.

Joseph E. Johnston.* Maj.-Gen.; b. in Pr. Edward Co., Va., in 1807.

George W. C. lee.* Gen.; b. in Va. about 1833.

Robert E. Lee.* Gen.-in-Chief of the Confederate army: b. at Stafford, Va., in 1807; d. at Lexington, Va., in 1870.

fitz Hugh Lee.* Gen.; b. in Va. about 1835.

James Longstreet.* Lieut. -Gen., b. in S. C. about 1820.

Benj. McCulloch. Maj.-Gen.; b. in Rutherford Co., Tenn., in 1814; k. at Pea Ridge, Ark., Mar. 7, 1862.

Leonidas Polk.* Maj.-Gen.; b. at Raleigh, N. C., in 1806; k. at Pine Mountain, near Marietta, Ga., in 1864.

Sterling Price. Maj.-Gen.; b. in Pr. Edward Co., Va., 1809; M. C. from Mo., and was Gov. of that State; d. at St. Louis in 1867.

Kirby E. Smith.* Maj.-Gen.; b. at St. Augustine, Fla., about 1825.

Jas. E. B. Stuart. Maj.-Gen.; b. in Patrick Co., Va., in 1832; k. in battle near Richmond in 1864.

Earl Van Born. Maj. -Gen., b. in Miss, in 1821; d. in 1863.

EXPLANATORY.- * Graduated at West Point; b., born; d., died; It., killed.

† Many other distinguished names should be here mentioned, but lack of space prevents.