Mr. Hazlitt: We have learned with unfeigned regret of your intention to resign your office as Superintendent of this railway at the close of the present month, and avail ourselves of this occasion to express, in some degree, the esteem with which we regard you in your official capacity, and our admiration for your private character.

During the many years in which you have so ably controlled the machinery of this great corporation, each one of us, from conductor to engine-wiper, has had reason to remember your many acts of forbearance and words of kindness; for many times, when we have unintentionally neglected duty, or done that which we ought not to have done, we have experienced undeserved consideration at your hands. Instead of discharging us, and thus making our lives miserable, you have given us gentle counsel and encouragement to perform our duties belter; and in this way you have made us your sincere friends, and taught us faithfulness in our respective departments. For all these acts and lessons we now gratefully thank you.

But we would not confine our gratitude to mere empty words. With the means which your generosity has enabled us to save from our wages we have purchased this gold-cased chronometer watch, which we ask you to accept as our parting gift. It is not much; but as a railway officer you know the value of correct time, and the necessity of always being "on time," and we deemed it not only an appropriate present, but one which you might be induced daily to wear near your kind and generous heart. Whenever you look upon its face, will you not think of us who gave it as a memento of our now-ending long and pleasant relations? And our blessing goes with you wherever you may go.