Bones, crude and not manufactured, burned, calcined, ground or steamed.

Bone-dust and bone-ash for manufacture of phosphates and fertilizers. Botany, specimens of. Bristles. Brimstone, crude or in roll or flour. Broom-corn. Buchu leaves. Bullion, gold and silver. Burgundy pitch. Burr-stones in blocks, rough or unmanufactured, and not bound up into millstones.

Carriages of travelers and carriages laden with merchandise, and not to include circus troupes nor hawkers, under regulations to be prescribed by the minister of customs.

Cabinets of coins, medals and other collections of antiquities.

Casts, as models for schools of design.

Canvas for manufacture of floor oil-cloth, not less than forty-five inches wide and not pressed or calendered.

Cat-gut strings or gut cord for musical instruments.

Chalk and cliff stone, unmanufactured.

Chamomile flowers.

Citron and rinds of, in brine for candying.

Clothing, donations of for charitable purposes.


Cocoa, bean, shell or nibs.

Coins, gold and silver, except United States silver coin.

Communion plate and plated ware for use in churches.


Diamonds, unset, including black diamonds for borers.

Dyeing or tanning articles in a crude state, used in dyeing or tanning, not elsewhere specified.


Embossed books for the blind. Entomology, specimens of. Extract of logwood.


Fish-oil, and fish of all kinds, the produce of the fisheries of the United States (except fish of the inland lakes and of the rivers falling into them, and fish preserved in oil).

Fish-hooks, nets and seines, and lines and twines, for the use of the fisheries, but not to include sporting fishing-tackle or hooks with flies or trawling-spoons.

Fur-skins of all kinds, not dressed in any manner.

Flint, flints and ground flint-stones.



Grease and grease scrap, the refuse of animal fat.

Guano, and other animal and vegetable manure.

Hair, angola, buffalo and bison, camel, goat, hog, horse and human, cleaned or uncleaned, but not curled or otherwise manufactured.

Hemlock bark.

Hemp, undressed.

Hides, whether dry, salted or pickled.

Horses, cattle, sheep or swine, for the improvement of stock, under regulations to be made by the treasury board and approved by the governor-general in council. Hoofs, horn and horn tips. Iron-hoop, iron and steel scrap Ice. India rubber, manufactured.

Licorice root.

Lemons, and rinds of, in brine, for candying.

Logs, and round unmanufactured timber, not elsewhere provided for.

Lumber and timber, plank and boards, sawn, of boxwood, cherry, walnut, chestnut, mahogany, pitch-pine, rosewood, sandalwood, Spanish cedar, oak, hickory and whitewood, not shaped or otherwise manufactured.

Locomotives and railway passenger, baggage and freight cars, being the property of railway companies in the United States, running upon any line of road crossing the frontier, so long as Canadian locomotives and cars are admitted free under similar circumstances in the United States, under regulations to be prescribed by the minis-ter of customs.

Medals of gold and silver.

Mineralogy, specimens of

Mineral water not bottled.

Models of inventions and other improvements in the arts; but no article or articles shall be deemed a model or improvement which can be fitted for use.

Menageries - horses, cattle, carriages, and harness of, under regulationsprescribed by the mininster of customs.

Newspapers and quarterly, monthly and semi-monthly magazines, unbound.


Oil-cake, cotton-seed cake, palm nut cake and meal.

Oils, cocoanut and palm, in their natural state.

Oranges and rinds of, in brine, for candying.

Ores of metals of all kinds.

Paintings by Canadian artists, In oil or water-colors.

Paintings in oil or water-colors, by well-known artists.

Palm-leaf, unmanufactured.

Pearl, mother of, not manufactured.

Pictorial illustrations of insects, etc., when imported by and for the use of colleges and schools, scientific and literary societies.


Pitch not less than 15 gallons.

Precious stones, all kinds, unpolished.

Pumice and pumice stone.

Rattans and reeds, unmanufactured.

Rhubarb root.

Salt, imported from the United Kingdom or any British possession or imported for the use of the sea or gulf fisheries.


Silk, raw or as reeled from the cocoon, not being doubled, twisted or advanced in manufacture in any way, silk cocoons and silk waste.

Skins, undressed, dried, salted or pickled.

Settlers' effects, viz.: Wearing apparel, household furniture, professional books, implements and tools of trade, occupation or employment which the settler has had in actual use for at least six months before removal to Canada, not to include machinery, or live stock, or articles imported for use in any manufacturing estab-lishment, or for sale; provided that any dutiable article entered as settlers' effects shall not be sold or otherwise disposed of without payment of duty, until after two years' actual use in Canada; provided also that under regulation to be made by the minister of customs.

Silver in sheets.

Shellac, white.

Steel for skates, shovels, etc.

Steel rails for all but street railways.

Tanners' bark.


Tortoise and other shells, unmanufactured.

Turpentine, raw or crude.


Varnish, black and bright for ships' use.

Veneers of wood and ivory, sawn only.

Whalebone, unmanufactured.

Whale-oil, in casks from on shipboard, and in the condition in which it was first landed.

Willow for basket-makers.

Wool, unmanufactured, hair of the alpaca goat and other like animals.