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Illustrated with Hundreds of Portraits and Embellished

Throughout with Elegant Engravings Descriptive of

Science and Art.

Large Quarto, Elegantly Bound in Cloth and Gold,

Half and Full Morocco; Sprinkled and

Gilt Edges.



THE PURPOSE of Hill's Album has been to present in a condensed form the leading and essential facts concerning the lives of the most noted persons who have ever lived.

The plan has been followed of arranging distinct classes together. Thus the great Religious Founders, including Moses, Buddha, Confucius, Zoroaster, Christ, Mohammed and others, accompanied by fine illustrations, biographies, History and Beliefs of Denominations, Dictionary of Religious Terms, etc., are included in one chapter. The Great Military Heroes at all times, including Wellington, Bonaparte, Washington, Grant and many others, together with a list of memorable battles fought, a Dictionary of Military Terms, etc., form another chapter, and so through the volume.

The Lessons drawn from these biographies as they are presented, are of themselves a peculiar feature of this work. In the histories of the Rothschilds, the Astors, Vanderbilt, Girard, Peabody, A. T. Stewart, Jay Gould, Longworth, Mackey, Flood and others, the secret of their success in money-getting is very clearly stated, so that the reader desirous of making money may greatly profit by the reading. And thus throughout the volume the causes that led to success, in whatever direction, are very clearly pointed out. Much light under this head is given in the chapter devoted to phrenology.

The Examples presented through the struggles of inventors, including Howe, Goodyear, Stephenson, Watt, and multitudes of others celebrated for triumphs in war, finance, exploration, science, literature and art, are worthy of careful study and imitation by the young who aspire to supremacy.

General Matter. The chapters relating to the History and Beliefs of the Great Denominations; the Illustrated Darwinian Philosophy, showing the world's progress at different epochs of time; the department devoted to Astronomy, presenting the subject in simple language, clearly illustrated; the chapter relating to Phrenology, accompanied by views and diagrams of heads; the portion concerning Household Decoration and that treating of Landscape Gardening, all profusely illustrated, are each intensely interesting and instructive.

The Scope of the work it is impossible to enumerate here; suffice it to say eleven pages are devoted to giving the table of contents. The range of the work includes the men who have formed the religious beliefs, that have been brilliant lights in the commercial world, that have wrought great improvements, that have discovered new continents, that have opened the book of science, that have made the people happy through laughter, that have written our sweetest songs, that have produced the most thrilling tales, that have presented the world the most truthful portraitures with the brush and chisel, and that have stirred the hearts of the people through powerful oratory.

The Typographic Display of the Album is a distinguishing feature of the book. In elegant, artistic finish it is without a rival, the secret of its superior embellishment lying in the fact that the power to produce the book mechanically rests with the author, who, by his knowledge of the artistic, is able to produce the matter in such attractive form.


THE book is published by the Hill Standard Book Co., in Chicago, Ill., on heavy tinted super-calendered paper, in various styles of elegant binding. Full information concerning terms to agents, territory in which they may sell the book, etc., can be learned by addressing


103 State Street, CHICAGO, ILL.


What They Say of the "Album."

Brief Extracts From Hundreds of Similar Testimonials.

The following are from papers published at Aurora, 111., where the author of the Album resided twelve years, during the last of which he was Mayor of the city.

From the Aurora Beacon.

THE business career of Mr. Thos. E. Hill, who was at one time a resident of Aurora, and mayor of the city, has been very successful, and some have been inclined to think it the result of good luck. Every enterprise of which he took hold seemed to turn him money, and schemes which would have been abortive in the hands of ordinary men blossomed into rare success under his management. The same good fortune follows him and his enterprises to this day. There is no "luck" in it at all. It grows first from his intense industry, energy and application; second from his enthusiasm; and third from his keen appreciation of what the public desires, drawn from long contact with it and close study. In his youth he was eminently successful as a canvasser, as a teacher of writing and lecturer on penmanship. In Aurora, for a number of years he published and edited the Herald with great success. When he sold his newspaper, and established the system of city messenger, which has since become so popular between minor cities and Chicago, he exploited new ground which was for a time very profitable; and it was during the hours when he was passing between Aurora and Chicago, that he conceived and did the first work upon the "Manual,"' that splendid product of the brain, of the compiler, the printer and the book-binder, which has made Thos. E. Hill's name familiar from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans, and from Minnesota to Florida.