OIST. - Hoist, moist, foist. Perfect rhymes, the preterits and participles of verbs in oice, as rejoiced. Allowable rhymes, the preterits and participles of verbs in ice, as spiced.

OIT. - Coit, exploit, adroit, etc. Allowable rhymes, white, light, might, sight, mite, etc.

OKE. - Broke, coke, smoke, spoke, stroke, yoke, bespoke, invoke, provoke, revoke, etc. Perfect rhymes, choke, cloak, oak, soak. Allowable rhymes, stock, mock. etc., buck, luck, etc., talk, walk, etc., look, book, etc. See OCK and OOK.

OE. - Loll, doll, droll, extol, capitol, etc. Allowable rhymes, all, ball, etc., bawl, etc., hole, mole, etc., dull, mull, etc.

OLD.-Old, bold, cold, gold, hold, mold, scold, sold, told, behold, enfold, unfold, uphold, withhold, foretold, manifold, marigold. Perfect rhymes, preterits and participles of verbs in oil, owl, ole and oal, as rolled, cajoled, foaled, bowled, etc.

OLE. - Bole, dole, jole, hole, mole, pole, sole, stole, whole, shole, cajole, condole, parole, patrol, pistole, etc. Perfect rhymes, coal, foal, goal, sole, bowl, droll, prowl, roll, scroll, toll, troll, control, enroll, etc., soul, etc., to roll, etc. Allowable rhymes, gull, dull, etc., bull, full, etc., loll, doll, etc., tool, cool, etc.

OLEN. - Stolen, swollen.

OLT. - Bolt, colt, jolt, holt, dolt, molt, revolt, thunderbolt. Allowable rhymes, vault, fault, salt, etc.

OLVE. - Solve, absolve, resolve, convolve, involve, devolve, dissolve, revolve.

OH, see EM.

OME. - Loam, dome, home, tome. Perfect rhymes, foam, roam, comb. Allowable rhymes, dum, hum, come, bomb, etc., troublesome, etc. See OOM.

HUH, see OOM. OMPT, see OUNT. ON. see EN.

ON. - Don, on, con, upon, anon, etc. Perfect rhymes, gone, undergone, etc. Allowable rhymes, dun, run, won, etc., own, moan, etc., lone, bone, etc., Amazon, cinnamon, comparison, caparison, garrison, skeleton, union, jupon.

OND. - Pond, bond, fond, beyond, abscond, correspond, despond, diamond, vagabond, etc., and the preterits and participles of verbs in on. as donned, conned, etc. Allowable rhymes, the preterits and participles of verbs in one, oan and un, as stoned, moaned, stunned, etc.


ONE. - Prone, bone, drone, throne, alone, stone, tone, lone, zone, atone, enthrone, dethrone, postpone, etc. Perfect rhymes, grown, flown, disown, thrown, sown, own, loan, shown, overthrown, groan, blown, moan, known. Allowable rhymes, dawn, lawn, etc., on, con, etc., none, bun, dun, etc., moon, boon, etc.

ONG. - Long, prong, song, thong, strong, throng, wrong, along, belong, prolong. Allowable rhymes, bung, among, hung, etc.

ONGUE:. see UNO. ONK, see UNK.

ONSE. - Sconse, ensconce, etc. Allowable rhymes, once, nonce, askance, etc.

ONT. - Font. Perfect rhyme, want. Allowable rhymes, front, affront, etc., confront, punt, runt, etc., the abbreviated negatives, won't, don't, etc.

OO. - Coo, woo. Nearly perfect rhymes, shoe, two, too, who, etc., do, ado, undo, through, you, true, blue, flew, strew, etc. Allowable rhymes, know, blow, go, toe, etc.

OOD.-Brood, mood, food, rood, etc. Nearly perfect rhymes, the preterits and participles of verbs in oo, as eooed, wooed, etc. Allowable rhymes, wood, good, hood, stood, withstood, understood, brotherhood, livelihood, likelihood, neighborhood, widowhood, etc., blood, flood, etc., feud, allude, habitude, etc., the preterits and participles of verbs in ue and ew, as brewed, strewed, etc., imbued, subdued, etc., bud, mud, etc., and the three apostrophized auxiliaries, would, could, should, pronounced wou'd, cou'd, shou'd, etc., ode, code, and the preterits and participles of verbs in ow, as crowed, rowed, etc., also nod, hod, etc.

OOF. - Hoof, proof, roof, woof, aloof, disproof, reproof, behoof. Allowable rhymes, huff, ruff, rough, enough, etc., off, scoff, etc.

OOK. - Book, brook, cook, crook, hook, look, rook, shook, took, mistook, undertook, forsook, betook. Allowable rhymes, puke, fluke, etc., duck, luck, etc., broke, spoke, etc.

OOL.-Cool, fool, pool, school, stool, tool, befool. Allowable rhymes, pule, rule, etc.,dull, gull, etc., bull, pull, etc., pole, hole, etc.

OOM.-Gloom, groom, loom, room, spoom. bloom, doom, etc. Perfect rhymes, tomb, entomb, and the city Rome. Nearly perfect rhymes, whom, womb, etc. Allowable rhymes, come, drum, etc., bomb, thumb, clomb, etc., plume, spume, etc., and from, home, comb, etc.

OON. - Boon, soon, moon, noon, spoon, swoon, buffoon, lampoon, poltroon. Allowable rhymes, tune, prune, etc., bun, dun, etc., gone, done, etc., bone, alone, etc., moan, roan, etc. See ONE.

OOP*. - Loop, poop, scoop, stoop, troop, droop, whoop, coop, hoop, etc. Perfect rhymes, soup, group, etc. Allowable rhymes, dupe, up, sup, tup, etc., cop, top, etc., cope, hope, etc.

OOR. - Boor, poor, moor, etc. Perfect rhymes, tour, amour, paramour, contour. Allowable rhymes, bore, pore, etc., pure, sure, etc., your, pour, etc., door, floor, etc., bur, cur, etc., sir, stir, etc.

OOSE. - Goose, loose, etc. Nearly perfect rhymes, the nouns deuce, use, etc., profuse, seduce. Allowable rhymes, dose, jocose, globose, etc., moss, toss, etc., us, pus, thus, etc.

OOT. - Root, boot, coot, hoot, shoot. Nearly perfect rhymes, suit, fruit, etc., lute, impute, etc. Allowable rhymes, rote, vote, etc., goat, coat, etc., but, hut, soot, etc., foot, put, etc., hot, got, etc.

OOTH. - Booth, sooth, smooth. Allowable rhymes, tooth, youth, uncouth, forsooth, etc. Though these are frequent, they are very improper rhymes, the th in one class being flat, and in the other sharp.

OOZE. - Ooze, noose. Perfect rhymes, whose, choose, lose. Nearly perfect rhymes, the verbs to use, abuse, etc. Allowable rhymes, doze, hose, etc., buzz and does, the third persons singular of do, with the plurals of nouns and third persons singular, present tense, of verbs in ow, o, oe, ew, ue, as foes, goes, throws, views, imbues, flues, etc.