AMP. - Camp, champ, cramp, damp, stamp, vamp, lamp, clamp, decamp, encamp, etc.

AX. - Ban, can, Dan, man, Nan, pan, ran, tan, van, bran, plan, scan, span, than, unman, fore-ran. began, trepan, courtesan, partisan, artisan, pelican, caravan, etc. Allowable rhymes, bane, cane, plain, mane, etc., bean, lean, wan, swan, etc., gone, upon, etc.

ANCE - Chance, dance, glance, lance, trance, prance, entrance, romance, advance, mischance, complaisance, circumstance, countenance, deliverance, consonance, dissonance, extravagance, ignorance, inheritance, maintenance, temperance, intemperance, exorbitance, ordinance, concordance, sufferance, sustenance, utterance, arrogance, vigilance, expanse, enhance.

ANCH.-Branch, stanch, blanch, ranch, hanch. Perfect rhymes, launch, paunch.

AND.-Aml. band, hand, land, rand, sand, brand, bland, grand, gland, stand, strand, command, demand, countermand, disband, expand, withstand . understand, reprimand, contraband, etc. Allowable rhymes, wand, fond, bond, etc., and the preterits and participles of verbs in ain and ean, as remained, leaned, etc.

ANE, see AIN.

ANG.-Bang, fang, gang, hang, pang, tang, twang, sang, rang, har angue, clang. Allowable rhymes, song, long, etc.

ANGE. - Change, grange, range, strange, estrange, arrange, exchange, interchange. Allowable rhymes, revenge, avenge, etc.

ANK.-Bank, blank, shank, clank, dank, drank, slank, frank, spank, stank, lank, plank, prank, rank, thank, disrank, mountebank, etc.


ANT.-Ant, cant, chant, grant, pant, plant, rant, slant, aslant, complaisant, displant, enchant, gallant, implant, recant, supplant, transplant, absonant, adamant, arrogant, combatant, consonant, cormorant, protestant, significant, visitant, covenant, dissonant, disputant, elegant, elephant, exorbitant, conversant, extravagant, ignorant, insignificant, inhabitant, militant, predominant, sycophant, vigilant.petulant, etc. Allowable rhymes, faint, paint, etc. See AINT and ENT.

AP.-Cap, gap, hap, lap, map, nap, pap, rap, sap, tap, chap, clap, trap, flap, knap, slap, snap, wrap, scrap, strap, enwrap, entrap, mishap, etc. Allowable rhymes, cape, tape, etc., cheap, heap and swap.

APE.-Ape, cape, chape, grape, rape, scrape, shape, escape, mape, crape, tape, etc. Allowable rhymes, heap, keep, etc.

APR, see AFF.

APSE. - Lapse, elapse, relapse, perhaps, and the plurals of nouns and third persons singular of the present tense in ap, as caps, maps, etc., he raps, he laps, etc. Allowable rhymes, the plurals of nouns and third persons singular of verbs in ape and eap, as apes, he apes, heaps, he heaps, etc.

APT. - Apt, adapt, etc. Rhymes, the preterits and participles of the verbs in ap, as tapped, slapped, etc. Allowable rhymes, the preterits and participles of the verbs in ape, as aped, escaped, etc.

AR.-Bar, car, far, jar, mar, par, tar, spar, scar, star, chair, afar, debar, unbar, catarrh, particular, perpendicular, secular, angular, regular, popular, singular, titular, vinegar, scimitar, calendar, collender. Perfect rhyme, the plural verb are. Allowable rhymes, bare, prepare, etc., pair, repair, wear, tear, war, etc, and words ending in er or or, having the accent on the last syllable, or last but two.

ARB.-Barb, garb, etc.

ARCE. - Farce, parse, Mars, etc. Allowable rhyme, scarce.

ARCH. - Arch, march, parch, starch, countermarch, etc.

ARD.-Bard, card, guard, hard, lard, nard, shard, yard, bombard, discard, regard, interlard, retard, disregard, etc., and the preterits and participles of verbs in ar, as barred, scarred, etc. Allowable rhymes, cord, reward, etc.

ARD.-Ward, award, reward, etc. Allowable rhymes, hard, card, see the last article, hoard, lord, bird, curd, and the preterits and participles of the verbs in ar, or, and ur, as barred, abhorred, incurred, etc.

ARE. - Bare, care, dare, fare, hare, mare, pare, tare, rare, ware, flare, glare, scare, share, snare, spare, square, stare, sware, prepare, aware, beware, compare, declare, ensnare. Perfect rhymes, air, hair, fair, lair, pair, chair, stair, affair, debonnair, despair, impair, repair, etc., bear, pear, swear, tear, wear, forbear, forswear, etc., there, were, where, ere, e'er, ne'er, elsewhere, whate'er, howe'er, howsoe'er, whene'er, where'er, etc., heir, co-heir, their. Allowable rhymes, bar, car, etc., err, prefer, and hear, here, etc., regular, singular, war, etc.

ARES. - Unawares. Rhymes, their's, and the plurals of nouns and third persons singular of verbs in are, air, eir, ear, as care, he cares, pair, he pairs, heirs, bear, he bears, etc. The allowable rhymes are the plurals of nouns and the third persons singular of verbs which are allowed to rhyme with the termination ars, as bars, cars, errs, prefers, etc.

ARE. - Scarf. Allowable rhymes, dwarf, wharf.

ARGE. - Barge, charge, large, targe, discharge, o'ercharge, surcharge, enlarge. Allowable rhymes, verge, emerge, gorge, forge, urge, etc.

ARK. - Bark," cark, Clark, dark, lark, mark, park, shark, spark, stark, embark, remark, etc. Allowable rhymes, cork, fork, etc. ARL. - Snarl, marl, parl. Allowable rhymes, curl, furl, etc.

ARM. - Arm, barm, charm, farm, harm, alarm, disarm. Allowable rhymes, warm, swarm, storm, etc.

ARN.-Barn, yarn, etc. Allowable rhymes, warn, forewarn, etc., horn, morn, etc.

ARN. - Warn, forewarn. Perfect rhymes, horn, morn, etc. Allowable rhymes, barn, yarn, etc.

ARP. - Carp, harp, sharp, counterscarp. Allowable rhyme, warp.

ARSH. - Harsh, marsh, etc.

ART. - Art, cart, dart, hart, mart, part, smart, tart, start, apart, depart, impart, dispart, counterpart. Perfect rhymes, heart, etc. Allowable rhymes, wart, thwart, etc., hurt, etc., dirt, flirt, etc., pert, etc.

ART (sounded ORT ). - Wart, thwart, etc. Perfect rhymes, short, retort, etc. Allowable rhymes, art, sport, court, etc.


ARVE. - Carve, starve, etc. Allowable rhymes, nerve, deserve, etc.