EER. - Beer, deer, fleer, geer, jeer, peer, meer. leer, sheer, steer, sneer, cheer, veer, pickeer, domineer, cannoneer, compeer, engineer, mutineer, pioneer, privateer, charioteer, chanticleer, career, mountaineer. Perfect rhymes, here, sphere, adhere, cohere, interfere, persevere, revere, austere, severe, sincere, hemisphere, etc., ear, clear, dear, fear, hear, near, sear, smear, spear, tear, year, appear, besmear, disappear, endear, auctioneer. Allowable rhymes, hare, dare, etc., preter, deter, character, etc.

EESE, see EEZE. EET, see EAT. EETH, see EATH. EEVE, see EAVE.

EEZE. - Breeze, freeze, wheeze, sneeze, squeeze, and the plurals of nouns and third persons singular, present tense, of verbs in ee, as bees, he sees. Perfect rhymes, cheese, these, etc. Nearly perfect rhymes, ease, appease, disease, displease, tease, seize, etc. and the plurals of nouns in ea, as teas, pleas, etc. and the polysyllables ending in es, having the accent on the antepenultimate, as images, monarchies, etc.

EFT. - Cleft, left, theft, weft, bereft, etc. Allowable rhymes, lift, sift, etc., and the third person singular, present tense, of verbs in afe, aff, augh, and iff, as chafed, quaffed, laughed, whiffed, etc.

EG. - Egg, leg, beg, peg. Allowable rhymes, vague, plague, etc., league, Teague, etc.

EIGH, see AY. EIGHT, see ATE. EIGX, see AIN. EIL, see AIL. EIN, see AIN. EINT, see AINT. EIR see ARE. EIT, see EAT. EIVE, see EAVE. EIZE, see EEZE.

ELL. - Ell, dwell, fell, hell, knell, quell, sell, bell, cell, dispel, foretell, excel, compel, befell, yell, well, tell, swell, spell, smell, shell, parallel, sentinel, infidel, citadel, refel, repel, rebel, impel, expel. Allowable rhymes, bale, sail, etc., heal, peal, etc., eel, steel, etc.

ELD. - Held, geld, withheld, upheld, beheld, etc. Perfect rhymes, the preterits and participles of verbs in ell, as swelled, felled, etc. Allowable rhymes, the preterits and participles of verbs in ale, ail, etc.,heal, seal, etc., as impaled, waled, etc., healed, sealed, etc.

ELF. - Elf. pelf, self, shelf, himself, etc.

ELK. - Elk, whelk, etc.

ELM. - Elm, helm, realm, whelm, overwhelm, etc. Allowable rhymes, palm, film, etc.

ELP. - Help, whelp, yelp, etc.

ELT. - Belt, gelt, melt, felt, welt, smelt, pelt, dwelt. Perfect rhyme, dealt.

ELVE. - Delve, helve, twelve, etc.

ELVES. - Elves, themselves, etc. Perfect rhymes, the plurals of nouns and third persons singular of verbs in elf and elve, as twelves, delves, shelves, etc.

EM. - Gem, hem, stem, them, diadem, stratagem, etc. Perfect rhymes, condemn, contemn, etc. Allowable rhymes, lame, tame, etc., team, seam, theme, etc.

EME, see EAM.

EMN. - Condemn, contemn, etc. Perfect rhymes, gem, hem, etc. Allowable rhymes, lame, tame, etc., team, seam, etc.

EMPT. - Tempt, exempt, attempt, contempt.

EN. - Den, hen, fen, ken, men, pen, ten, then, when, wren, denizen. Allowable rhymes, bane, fane, etc., mean, bean, etc.

ENCE. - Fence, hence, dense, pence, thence, whence, defense, expense, offense, pretense, commence, abstinence, circumference, conference, confidence, consequence, continence, benevolence, concupiscence, difference, diffidence, diligence, eloquence, eminence, evidence, excellence, impenitence, impertinence, impotence, impudence, improvidence, incontinence, indifference, indigence, indolence, inference, intelligence, innocence, magnificence, munificence, negligence, omnipotence, penitence, preference, providence, recompense, reference, residence, reverence, vehemence, violence. Perfect rhymes, sense, dense, cense, condense, immense, intense, propense, dispense, suspense, prepense, incense, frankincense.

ENCH. - Bench, drench, retrench, quench, clench, stench, fench, trench, wench, wrench, intrench.

END. - Bend, mend, blend, end, fend, lend, rend, send, spend, tend, vend, amend, attend, ascend, commend, contend, defend, depend, descend, distend, expend, extend, forefend, impend, misspend, obtend, offend, portend, pretend, protend, suspend, transcend, unbend, apprehend, comprehend, condescend, discommend, recommend, reprehend, dividend, reverend. Perfect rhymes, friend, befriend, and the preterits and participles of verbs in en, as penned, kenned, etc. Allowable rhymes, the preterits and participles of verbs in ean, as gleaned, yeaned, etc.

ENDS. - Amends. Perfect rhymes, the plurals of nouns and third persons singular, present tense, of verbs in end, as friends, he mends, etc.

ENE, see EAN.

ENGE. - Avenge, revenge, etc.

ENGTH. - Length, strength, etc.

ENSE (sounded ENZE). - Cleanse. Perfect rhymes, the plurals of nouns and third persons singular, present tense, of verbs in en, as hens, fens, he pens, he kens, etc.

ENT. - Bent, lent, rent, pent, scent, sent, shent, spent, tent, vent, went, absent, meant, ascent, assent, attent, augment, cement, content, consent, descent, dissent, event, extent, foment, frequent, indent, intent, invent, lament, misspent, o'erspent. present, prevent, relent, repent, resent, ostent, ferment, outwent, underwent, discontent, unbent, circumvent, represent, abstinent, accident, accomplishment, admonishment, acknowledgment, aliment, arbitrament, argument, banishment, battlement, blandishment, astonishment, armipotent, bellipotent, benevolent, chastisement, competent, compliment, complement, confident, continent, corpulent, detriment, different, diffident, diligent, disparagement, document, element, eloquent, eminent, equivalent, establishment, evident, excellent, excrement, exigent, experiment, firmament, fraudulent, government, embellishment, imminent, impenitent, impertinent, implement, impotent, imprisonment, improvident, impudent, incident, incompetent, incontinent, indifferent, indigent, innocent, insolent, instrument, irreverent, languishment, ligament, lineament, magnificent, management, medicament, malcontent, monument, negligent, nourishment, nutriment, Occident, omnipotent, opulent, ornament, parliament, penitent, permanent, pertinent, president, precedent, prevalent, provident, punishment, ravishment, regiment, resident, redolent, rudiment, sacrament, sediment, sentiment, settlement, subsequent, supplement, intelligent, tenement, temperament, testament, tournament, turbulent, vehement, violent, virulent, reverent. Allowable rhymes, paint, saint, etc.