ICH, see ITCH.

ICK. - Brick, sick, chick, kick, lick, nick, pick, quick, stick, thick, trick, arithmetic, asthmatic, choleric, catholic, phlegmatic, heretic, rhetoric, schismatic, splenetic, lunatic, politic, empiric. Allowable rhymes, like, pike, etc., weak, speak, etc.

ICT. - Strict, addict, afflict, convict, inflict, contradict, etc. Perfect rhymes, the preterits and participles of verbs in ick, as licked, kicked, etc. Allowable rhymes, the preterits and participles of verbs in ike, eak, as liked, leaked, etc.

ID. - Bid, chid, hid, kid, lid, slid, rid, bestrid, pyramid, forbid. Allowable rhymes, bide, chide, parricide, etc., and the preterits and participles of verbs in y or ie, as died, replied, etc., lead, bead, mead, deed, need, etc., and the preterits and participles of verbs in ee, as freed, agreed, etc.

IDE. - Bide, chide, hide, glide, pride, ride, slide, side, stride, tide, wide, bride, abide, guide, aside, astride, beside, bestride, betide, confide, decide, deride, divide, preside, provide, subside, misguide, subdivide, etc. Perfect rhymes, the preterits and participles of verbs in ie and y, as dyed, replied, etc,, and the participle sighed. Allowable rhymes, bead, mead, etc., bid, hid, etc.

IDES. - Ides, besides. Perfect rhymes, the plurals of nouns and third persons singular of verbs in ide, as tide, he rides, etc. Allowable rhymes, the plurals of nouns and third persons singular of verbs in ead, id, as beads, he leads, etc., kids, he bids, etc.

IDGE. - Bridge, ridge, abridge, etc.

IDST. - Midst, amidst, etc. Perfect rhymes, the second person singular, of the present tense of verbs in id, as thou biddest, thou hiddest, etc. Allowable rhymes, the second persons singular of the present tense of verbs in ide, as thou hidest, thou readest, etc.

IE, or Y. - By, buy, cry, die, dry, eye, fly, fry, fie, hie, lie, pie, ply, Pry, rye, shy, sly, spry, sky, sty, tie, try, vie, why, ally, apply, awry, belie, comply, decry, defy, descry, deny, imply, espy, outvie, outfly, rely, reply, supply, untie, amplify, beautify, certify, crucify, deify, dignify, edify, falsify, fortify, gratify, glorify, indemnify, justify, magnify, modify, mollify, mortify, pacify, petrify, purify, putrefy, qualify, ratify, rectify, sanctify, satisfy, scarify, signify, specify, stupefy, terrify, testify, verify, vilify. vitrify, vivify, prophesy. Perfect rhymes, high, nigh, sigh, thigh. Allowable rhymes, bee, she, tea, sea, etc., pleurisy, chemistry, academy, apostasy, conspiracy, confederacy, ecstasy, democracy, embassy, fallacy, legacy, supremacy, lunacy, privacy, piracy, malady, remedy, tragedy, comedy, cosmography, geography, geometry, etc., elegy, certainty, sovereignty, loyalty, disloyalty, penalty, casualty, ribaldry, chivalry, infamy, constancy, fealty, cavalry, bigamy, polygamy, vacancy, inconstancy, infancy, company, accompany, dittany, tyranny, villainy, anarchy, monarchy, lethargy, incendiary, infirmary, library, salary, sanctuary, votary, auxiliary, con trary, diary, granary, rosemary, urgency, infantry, knavery, livery, recovery, robbery, novelty, antipathy, apathy, sympathy, idolatry, galaxy, husbandry, cruelty, enemy, blasphemy, prophecy, clemency, decency, inclemency, emergency, regency, progeny, energy, poverty, liberty, property, adultery, artery, artillery, battery, beggary, bribery, bravery, delivery, drudgery, flattery, gallery, imagery, lottery, misery, mystery, nursery, raillery, slavery, sorcery, treachery, discovery, tapestry, majesty, modesty, immodesty, honesty, dishonesty, courtesy, heresy, poesy, poetry, secrecy, leprosy, perfidy, subsidy, drapery, symmetry, drollery, prodigy, policy, mutiny, destiny, scrutiny, hypocrisy, family, ability, activity, avidity, assiduity, civility, community, concavity, consanguinity, conformity, con-gruity, diuturnity, facility, falsity, familiarity, formality, generosity, gratuity, humidity, absurdity, adversity, affability, affinity, agility, alacrity, ambiguity, animosity, antiquity, austerity, authority, brevity, calamity, capacity, captivity, charity, chastity, civility, credulity, curiosity, finery, declivity, deformity, duty, dexterity, dignity, disparity, diversity, divinity, enmity, enormity, equality, equanimity, equity, eternity, extremity, fatality, felicity, fertility, fidelity, frugality, futurity, gravity, hostility, humanity, humility, immanity, immaturity, immensity, immorality, immortality, immunity, immutability, impartiality, impossibility, impetuosity, improbity, inanity, incapacity, incivility, incongruity, inequality, indemnity, infinity, inflexibility, instability, invalidity, jollity, lenity, lubricity, magnanimity, majority, mediocrity, minority, mutability, nicety, perversity, perplexity, perspicuity, prosperity, privity, probability, probity, propensity, rarity, rapidity, sagacity, sanctity, sensibility, sensuality, solidity, temerity, timidity, tranquillity, virginity, visibility, university, trumpery, apology, genealogy, etymology, simony, symphony, soliloquy, allegory, armory, factory, pillory, faculty, treasury, usury, augury, importunity, impunity, impurity, inaccuracy, inability, incredulity, indignity, infidelity, infirmity, iniquity, integrity, laity, liberality, malignity, maturity, morality, mortality, nativity, necessity, neutrality, nobility, obscurity, opportunity, partiality, perpetuity, prosperity, priority, prodigality, purity, quality, quantity, scarcity, security, severity, simplicity, sincerity, solemnity, sterility, stupidity, trinity, vacuity, validity, vanity, vivacity, unanimity, uniformity, unity, anxiety, gaiety, impiety, piety, satiety, sobriety, society, variety, customary, melody, philosophy, astronomy, anatomy, colony, gluttony, harmony, agony, gallantry, canopy, history, memory, victory, calumny, injury, luxury, penury, perjury, usury, industry.


IEF. - Grief, chief, fief, thief, brief, belief, relief, etc. Perfect rhymes, reef, beef, etc. Nearly perfect rhymes, leaf, sheaf, etc. IEGE. - Liege, siege, oblige, disoblige, assiege, besiege.