AB.-Bab, cab, dab, mab, nab, blab, crab, drab, scab, stab. Allowable rhymes, babe, astrolabe, etc.

ACE.-Ace, dace, pace, face, lace, mace, race, brace, chace, grace, place, space, trace, apace, deface, efface, disgrace, displace, misplace, embrace, grimace, interlace, retrace, populace, etc. Perfect rhymes, base, case, abase, debase, etc. Allowable rhymes, grass, glass, etc., peace, cease, etc., dress, less, etc.

ACH.-Attach, detach, etc. Perfect rhymes, batch, match, etc. Allowable rhymes, fetch, wretch, etc.

ACK.-Back, cack, hack, jack, lack, pack, quack, tack, sack, rack, black, clack, crack, knack, slack, snack, stack, track, wrack, attack, zodiac, demoniac, symposiac, almanac. Allowable rhymes, bake, take, etc., neck, speck, etc.

ACT. - Act, fact, pact, tract, attract, abstract, extract, compact, contract, detract, distract, exact, protract, enact, infract, subtract, transact, cataract, with the preterits and participles of verbs in ack as backed, hacked, etc. Allowable rhymes, the preterits and participles of verbs in ake, as baked, caked, etc.

A D - .Add. bad, dad, gad. had, lad. mad, pad, sad, brad, clad, glad, plad, shad, etc. Allowable rhymes, cade, fade, etc., glede, bead, read, etc.

ADE. - Cade, fade, made, jade, iade, wade, blade, glade, shade, spade, trade, degrade, evade, dissuade, invade, persuade, blockade, brigade, esplanade, cavalcade, masquerade, renegade, retrograde, serenade, ambuscade, cannonade, palisade, etc. Perfect rhymes, aid, maid, braid, afraid, upbraid, etc., and the preterits and participles of verbs in ay. ey, and eigh, as played, obeyed, weighed, etc. Allowable rhymes, ad, bad, etc., bed, dead, etc., bead, mead, etc., heed, need, etc.

APE - Safe, chafe, vouchsafe, etc. Allowable rhymes, leaf, sheaf, etc., deaf. etc., laugh, staff, etc.

AFF.-Gaff, chaff, draff, quaff, staff, engraff, epitaph, cenotaph, paragraph, etc. Perfect rhyme, laugh. Allowable rhymes, safe, chafe, etc.

AFT. - Aft, haft, raft, waft, craft, shaft, abaft, graft, draft, ingraft, handicraft. Perfect rhymes, draught, the preterits and participles of verbs in aff and augh as quaffed, laughed, etc. Allowable rhymes, the preterits and participles of verbs in afe, as chafed, vouchsafed, etc.

AG - Bag, cag, fag, gag, nag, rag, tag, wag, brag, crag, drag, flag, knag, shag, snag, stag, wrag, scrag, Brobdignag.

AGE.-Age, cage, gage, page, rage, sage, wage, stage, swage, assuage, engage, disengage, enrage, presage, appendage, concubinage, heritage, hermitage, parentage, parsonage, personage, pasturage, patronage, pilgrimage, villanage, equipage. Allowable rhymes, edge, wedge, etc., liege, siege, oblige, etc.

AID, see ADE. AIGHT, see ATE. AIGN, see AXE.

All. - Ail, bail, fail, hail, jail, mail, nail, pail, quail, rail, sail, tail, wail, flail, frail, snail, trail, assail, avail, detail, bewail, entail, prevail, retail, countervail, etc. Perfect rhymes, ale, bale, dale, gale, hale, male, pale, sale, tale, vale, wale, scale, "stale, swale, whale, impale, exhale, regale, veil, nightingale, etc. Allowable rhymes, peal, steal, etc., bell, cell, etc.

AIM, see AME.

AIN. - Cain, blain, brain, chain, fain, gain, grain, lain, main. pain, rain, vain, wain, drain, plain, slain, Spain, stain, swain, train, twain, sprain, strain, abstain, amain, attain, complain, contain, constrain, detain, disdain, distrain, enchain, entertain, explain, maintain, ordain, pertain, obtain, refrain, regain, remain, restrain, retain, sustain, appertain. Perfect rhymes, bane, cane, dane, crane, fane, Jane, lane, mane, plane, vane, wane, profane, hurricane, etc. deign, arraign, campaign, etc., feign, reign, etc. vein, rein, etc. Allowable rhymes, lean, mean, etc., queen, seen, etc., ban, can, etc., den, pen, etc.

AINT. - Faint, paint, plaint, quaint, saint, taint, acquaint, attaint, complaint, constraint, restraint, etc. Perfect rhyme, feint. Allowable rhymes, cant, pant, etc., lent, rent, etc.

AIR, see ARE. AISE:, see AZE. AIT, see ATE. AITH, see ATH. AIZE, see AZE.

AKE. - Ake, bake, cake, lake, make, quake, rake, sake, take, wake, brake, drake, flake, shake, snake, stake, strake. spake, awake, betake, forsake, mistake, partake, overtake, undertake, bespake. Perfect rhymes, break, steak, etc. Allowable rhymes, back, rack, etc., beck, deck, etc,, speak, weak, etc.

AL. - Cabal, canal, animal, admiral, cannibal, capital, cardinal, comical, conjugal, corporal, criminal, critical, festival, funeral, general, hospital, interval, liberal, madrigal, literal, magical, mineral, mystical, musical, natural, original, pastoral, pedestal, personal, physical, poetical, political, principal, prodigal, prophetical, rational, satirical, reciprocal, rhetorical, several, temporal, tragical, tyrannical, carnival, schismatical, whimsical, arsenal. Allowable rhymes, all, ball, etc., ail, mail, etc., ale, pale, etc.

ALD.-Bald, scald, emerald, etc. Perfect rhymes, the preterits and participles of verbs in all, aul and awl, as called, mauled, crawled, etc.

ALE, see AIL.

ALF. - Calf, half, behalf, etc. Allowable rhymes, staff, laugh, etc.

ALK.-Balk, chalk, stalk, talk, walk, calk, etc. Perfect rhyme, hawk. Allowable rhymes, sock, clock, etc.

ALL. - All. ball, call, etc. Perfect rhymes, awl, bawl, brawl, crawl, scrawl, sprawl, squall. Allowable rhymes, cabal, equivocal, etc. See AL.

ALM. - Calm, balm, becalm, psalm, palm, embalm, etc., and verbs whose plurals and third persons singular rhyme with alms, as calms, becalms, etc.

ALT. - Halt. malt, exalt, salt, vault, assault, default and fault, the last of which is, by Pope, rhymed with thought, bought, etc.

ALVE. - Calve, halve, salve, valve.

AM. - Am, dam. Ham, pam. ram, cram, dram, flam. sham, swam, epigram, anagram, etc. Perfect rhyme, lamb. Allowable rhymes, dame, lame, etc.

AME. - Blame, came, dame, same, flame, fame, frame, game, lame, name, tame, shame, inflame, became, defame, misname, misbecame, overcame, etc. Perfect rhymes, aim, claim, maim, acclaim, declaim, exclaim, proclaim, reclaim. Allowable rhymes, dam, ham, etc., hem, them, etc., theme, scheme, etc., dream, gleam, etc.