Whereas, there are certain sums of money due me, upon mortgages, bills, and otherwise, from persons hereafter named (naming them), it is my will that such indebtedness, immediately after my death, shall be cancelled by my executors. And I do hereby release-those persons aforesaid from the payment of all debts due.

Desiring That Difference Of Opinion About Provisions Of The Will Be Settled By Arbitrators

It is my desire, that if any dispute, question or controversy shall happen concerning any bequest or other matter in this my will, such question shall be referred to the arbitration of my friends, A. D. and C. L., with provision for them to choose an umpire; but should they not be able to act in the matter, then I desire that my wife and eldest son each appoint an arbitrator or arbitrators, with the power of choosing a third arbitrator; and what a majority of them shall determine therein shall be binding upon all and every person or persons therein concerned.

Providing That The Wife Shall Have The Custody Of The Children, And Appointing A Guardian In Case Of Her Death

And in case I shall leave any child or children at the time of my death, my will is that my wife shall have the guardianship of them during their minority; and in the case of her death, during the minority of said children, then I desire that my friend, D. M., shall have the guardianship of them during their minority; should he refuse, I will that A. J. shall take such supervision and guardianship.