Only the bridegroom is congratulated at the wedding; it is he who is supposed to have won the prize. Acquaintances of both should speak to the bride first; but if acquainted with but one, they will address that one first, when introductions will take place.

At the wedding breakfast or supper the bride sits by the side of her husband, in the center of the table, at the side; her father and mother occupy the foot and head of the table, and do the honors of the occasion, as at the dinner-party.

The festivities of the occasion being over, and the hour of departure having arrived, the guests disperse, it being etiquette for them to make a formal call on the mother of the bride in the succeeding two weeks.

Etiquette Between Husbands And Wives

Let the rebuke be preceded by a kiss.

Do not require a request to be repeated.

N ever should both be angry at the same time.

Never neglect the other, for all the world beside.

Let each strive to always accommodate the other.

Let the angry word be answered only with a kiss.

Bestow your warmest sympathies in each other's trials.

Make your criticism in the most loving manner possible.

Make no display of the sacrifices you make for each other.

Never make a remark calculated to bring ridicule upon the other.

Never deceive; confidence, once lost, can never be wholly regained.

Always use the most gentle and loving words when addressing each other.

Let each study what pleasure can be bestowed upon the other during the day.

Always leave home with a tender good-bye and loving words. They may be the last

Consult and advise together in all that comes within the experience and sphere of each individually.

Never reproach the other for an error which was done with a good motive and with the best judgment at the time.