LETTERS of Congratulation are very properly written upon receiving intelligence of the sudden prosperity of a near and intimate friend.

They should be written as soon as possible after the occasion that calls them forth.

These letters will admit of an abundance of good-natured merriment.

Do not indulge in over-praise, or too much flowery exaggeration, lest your friend may doubt your sincerity.

No envy or discontent should show itself in such a letter. Nor should the same be marred by advice, bad news, the expression of any doubt, or any unfavorable prediction calculated to throw a cloud over the happiness of your friend.

Form Of Letter Congratulating A Friend Upon Election To Office

Form Of Letter Congratulating A Friend Upon Electi 285

Congratulating A Friend Upon Receiving A Legacy

Appleton, Wis., Jan. 1,18 - . Friend George:

I have learned to-day, through our friend Charlie

Goodwin, of your good fortune in receiving a very material addition to your worldly possessions. Good! I congratulate you. I know of no one who more justly deserves good fortune, and of no person who will use it more worthily. You would be ever the same to me, whether good or ill success should attend your pathway. As it is, I take a friend's delight in congratulating you upon your fortune.

Your Friend,


Congratulating A Gentleman Upon His Marriage

Kingston, Canada, April 4,18 - . Dear Will:

I have just received a little missive, which informs me of two happy hearts made one. I wish you much joy. You have my earnest congratulations on the event, and good wishes for a long and serenely happy married life. May each succeeding year find you happier than the one before.

God bless you and yours, and surround you ever with his choicest blessings.

Your Friend,


Congratulating A Friend Upon The Birth Of A Son

Graceland, Fla., Jan. 3,18 - . Dear Clark:

Accept my warmest congratulations upon the birth of your son. May his years be long in the land which the Lord giveth him. May he honor his father and his mother, and be the blessing and support of their declining years. I anticipate holding the young gentleman on my knee, and will be over to see you in a few days.

My kindest regards to Mrs. Henry. I remain,

Faithfully Your Friend,


Congratulating A Friend Upon The Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Of His Wedding Day

Dartmouth, N. H., March 5,18 - . My Dear Mr. Bancroft :

I acknowledge the receipt of a kind invitation to be present at the celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of your marriage. I have since learned that large numbers of your friends were present on the occasion, presenting you with an abundant and varied collection of silver, and other elegant and appropriate gifts.

I congratulate you and your good wife upon passing the signal-station indicating a quarter of a century of blissful wedded life. That you may both live to allow your friends to celebrate your golden and diamond weddings, is the hope of,

Your Sincere Friend,


Congratulating A Lady Upon Her Approaching Marriage

Bangor, Me., Dec. 2,18 - . Dear Catherine:

Two beautiful cards on my table advise me of your approaching nuptials. Allow me to congratulate you upon the choice of such a noble man, to whom you are to entrust your life's happiness.

That the mid-day and evening of your married life may be as cloudless and beautiful as the morning, is the earnest wish of,

Your Loving Friend,


Congratulating A Friend On Passing A Successful School Examination

Utica, N. Y., April 6,18 - . Dear Helen:

I was greatly pleased to hear, through our friend Mary, that you had, through diligent application, passed through the prescribed course of study in the Aurora public schools, and had graduated with honors. Knowing how deeply interested your parents and relatives have been in your success, it is particularly gratifying to have you reward them by the achievement of such rapid progress. Accept my best wishes for your future success.

Your Friend,


Congratulating An Author Upon The Success Of His Book

Marengo, Va., May 7,18 - . Friend Kemple:

I have just finished an attentive examination of your most valuable book, and cannot wonder, after a careful reading, that it is meeting so large a sale. The world is greatly indebted to you for presenting in such an attractive form the amount of useful information you have collected within its pages.

Thanking you for the benefit I have obtained from its perusal, I remain, Yours Truly,


Congratulating A Friend Upon Obtaining A Business Situation

Ashbury, Pa., June 8,18 - . Friend John:

I am greatly pleased to learn that, notwithstanding the general dullness of business, you have succeeded in obtaining a clerkship. I doubt not your firm will regard themselves fortunate in securing your services. In the meantime, accept my congratulations upon your success. Hoping that your stay may be permanent and prosperous, I am,

Yours Truly,