Consonantal Diphthongs 244

Br, as in brow.

Pr, as in prow.

Gr, as in grow. Cr, as in crow.

Dr, as in draw. Tr, as in try.

Vr, as in over. Fr, as in free.

Zhr, as in measure.

Shr, as in shred. Thr, as in other. Thr, as in three. Nr, as in owner.

Bl, as in blow.

Pl, as in plow. Gl, as in glow. Cl, as in clay.

Consonantal Diphthongs 245

Dl, as in meddle. Tl, as in settle.

VI, as in evil. Fl, as in fly.

Zhl, as in ambrosial. Shl, as in special. Nl, as in kennel.

Sp, as in spy. Sk, as in sky.

St, as in stay. Sf, as in sphere. Sm, as in smith.

Sn, as in snow. SI, as in slat.

Sw, as in sweet.

Consonantal Diphthongs 246

Bz, as in hubs. Ps, as in hopes.

also Gz, Ks, Dz, Ts, etc

Vz, as in loaves.

Fs, as in roofs.

Zz, as in mazes. Sz, as in masses.

also Thz, Ths, etc.

Consonantal Diphthongs 247

Mz, as in hems.

Nz, Ns, as in hens, hence. Ngz, as in brings.

Lz, Ls, as in owls, else. Rz, Rs, as in wars, horse. Wh, as in when.

These signs, it will be observed, are not new ones, but modifications of those already learned. They should be used only where no vowel sound occurs between the consonant sounds. A few examples will explain their use quite fully.

Consonantal Diphthongs 248

Blow, glow, meddle, evil, brow, upper, gray, meeker, draw, utter, over, free, measure, shred, other, owner, spy, stay, sphere, smith, snow, sleep, sweet, when, special, kennel.

Where the final consonant of a word is either s or z, preceded by a consonant, a circle is used for the s or z, thus :

Consonantal Diphthongs 249

Hope, hopes, lad, lads, owl, owls, war, wars. When preceded by a vowel, use the alphabetic form for s and z.

The circle is also used between two consonants, and is then written on the outside of the angle formed by the consonants - when both are straight lines, as

Consonantal Diphthongs 250

on the inside of the curve, where one is a curve and the other a straight line, as

Consonantal Diphthongs 251

and on the inside of both curves, when possible, as in

Consonantal Diphthongs 252

It is sometimes necessary to write the circle on the inside of one curve and outside of the other, as in

Consonantal Diphthongs 253

Two or more words, closely allied in sense, may be joined into a phrase, where the signs composing the words unite readily, thus adding to both the speed and legibility of the writing. Example;

Consonantal Diphthongs 254

Of the, with it, it is, in such a way, I will be, I have.

The first inclined or perpendicular consonant sign should rest upon the line - the other signs following in their proper direction. Example:

Consonantal Diphthongs 255

Seek always to form a free, flowing, graceful outline. The most easily written forms are the most beautiful, and vice versa.

We have given, of this system, only a synopsis of the fully written Common Style, but sufficient, however, to explain the merits and principles of Tachygraphy. Those who wish to fit themselves for verbatim writing are referred to the work entitled, "The Note Taker. A Treatise on the Second Style of Lindsley's Brief Writing, for the use of Lawyers, Editors, Reporters, Students, and all persons desirous of taking full notes in Courts of Record, Professional Schools, Seminaries, and Public Assemblies." Published by the firm to which we have before alluded.

The following Extracts are from Pope's Essay on Man.

Consonantal Diphthongs 256

Pope's Essay on Man. - Second Epistle.

Consonantal Diphthongs 257