Who May Copyright. - Copyrights may be secured by any person domiciled in Canada, or any part of the British possessions, or being a cit-izen of any country having an international copyright treaty with the United Kingdom, who is the author of any book, map, chart, musical composition, or of any original painting, drawing, design, etc., upon the following conditions: The books, maps, etc., must be published in Canada; and in the case of a work of art, it must be produced in Canada, either prior to or simultaneously with its production elsewhere. Two copies of books, maps, etc., must be sent to the minister of agriculture; and in the case of paintings, statuary, etc., a written description of the same must be furnished.

Fee for Copyright. - The fee for registering a copyright is one dollar, and it runs for twenty-eight years. It may also be renewed for a further term of fourteen years upon the same conditions.

Period of Copyright. - An interim copyright may be obtained, pending the publication of any literary, scientific or artistic work, by depositing in the office of the minister of agriculture a copy of the title, or a description of such work. The interim copyright runs for one month, and the fee is fifty cents. The work, however, must be published inside the time specified, or the author incurs a penalty not exceeding one hundred dollars.

Penalty for Infringement. - The penalty for infringing a copyright is the forfeiture of every copy of the work to the owner of the copyright, and the payment of a fine of not less than ten cents, nor more than one dollar, for every copy found in possession.


THE QUEEN - VICTORIA, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Queen, Empress of India, Defender of the Faith. Her majesty was born at Kensington Palace, May 24,1819: succeeded to the throne June 20, 1837, on the death of her uncle, King William IV.; was crowned June 28,1838; and married February 10, 1840, to his Royal Highness Prince Albert. Her majesty is the only child of his late Royal Highness Edward, Duke of Kent, son of King George III. The children of her majesty are:

Her Royal Highness VICTORIA ADELAIDE MARY LOUISA, Princess Royal of England and Prussia, born November 21, 1840, and married to his Royal Highness William, the Crown Prince of Germany, January 25, 1858, and has had issue four sons and four daughters.

His Royal Highness ALBERT EDWARD, Prince of Wales, born November 9, 1841; married March 10, 1863, Alexandra of Denmark (Princess of Wales), born December 1, 1844, and has had issue, Prince Albert Victor, born January 8, 1864; George Frederick Ernest Albert, born June 3, 1865; Louisa Victoria Alexandra Dagmar, born February 20, 1867; Victoria Alexandra Olga Mary, born July 6, 1868; and Maude Charlotte Mary Victoria, born November 26' 1869.

Her Royal Highness ALICE MAUD HART, born April 25,1843; married to His Royal Highness Prince Frederick Louis of Hesse, July 1, 1862, and has issue five daughters and one son: second son killed by accident May, 1873. Died December 14, 1878.

His Royal Highness ALFRED ERNEST ALBERT, Duke of Edinburgh, born Aug. 6, 1844; married Her Imperial Highness the Grand Duchess Marie of Russia, January 23, 1874, and has issue one son.

Her Royal Highness HELENA AUGUSTA VICTORIA, born May 25, 1846; married to His Royal Highness Prince Frederick Christian Charles Augustus of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg, July 5, 1866, and has issue two sons and two daughters.

Her Royal Highness LOUISA CAROLINA ALBERTA, born March 18, 1848; married to the Marquis of Lorne, eldest son of the Duke of Argyle, March, 1871.

His Royal Highness ARTHUR WILLIAM PATRICK ALBERT, bom May 1, 1850.

His Royal Highness LEOPOLD GEORGE DUNCAN ALBERT, born April 7. 1853; married April 27,1882, to Princess Helen of Waldeck. Died March 28,1884.

Her Royal Highness BEATRICE MARY VICTORIA FEODORE, bora April 14,1857.

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