IN the transaction of business, it becomes necessary for all persons to occasionally write various business forms. Among those in most frequent use are Receipts, Orders, Bills of Articles Purchased, Promissory Notes, Checks, Drafts, etc.

To better understand these, it is well to be acquainted with the meaning of the various commercial terms to be constantly seen in our general reading.

Definition Of Commercial Terms

$-------means dollars, being a contraction of

U. S., which was formerly placed before any denomination of money, and meant, as it means now, United States Currency.

-------means pounds, English money.

@ stands for at or to. lb for pound, and bbl. for barrel; market as much as possible, in order that he may buy and fill his contract at a profit. Hence the " shorts " are termed "bears."

Buying long, is to contract to purchase a certain amount of grain or shares of stock at a fixed price, deliverable within a stipulated time, expecting to make a profit by the rise of prices. The "longs "are termed "bulls," as it is for their interest to " operate " so as to " toss " the prices upward as much as possible.