MONTANA.-Home worth $2,500, and Personal Property. - A homestead not exceeding in value $2,500; in a city or village not to exceed one-quarter of an acre, or farm land not exceeding 160 acres, the debtor taking his choice and selecting either, with all improvements thereon included in the valuation. The lien of a mechanic, laborer, or mortgage lawfully obtained upon the same, is not affected by such exemption. In addition to the homestead, personal property to the value of about $1,400, according to value of articles enumerated by statute, is allowed to the householder occupying the same.

NEBRASKA. - Home worth $2,000, and Personal Property $500. - A homestead not exceeding in value $2,000, consisting of the dwelling-house in which the claimant resides and its appurtenances, and the land on which the same is situated, not exceeding 160 acres, to be selected by the owner thereof, not in any city or incorporated village; or, instead thereof, at the option of the claimant, contiguous land, not exceeding two lots in any such city or village, owned and occupied by the head of a family. All heads of families who have no lands, town lots or houses, have exempt from forced sale the sum of $500 in personal property. Other personal property is exempted, which is enumerated by statute.

NEVADA. - Home worth $5,000, and Personal Property. - The husband, wife, or other head of the family, is entitled to a homestead not exceeding in value $5,000, and a debtor has exempted from attachment personal property not exceeding in value $1,500, enumerated in the statute.

NEW HAMPSHIRE. - Home worth $500, and Personal Property. - Homestead to the value of $500; necessary apparel and bedding and household furniture to the value of $100; Bibles and school-books in use in the family; library to the value of $200; one cow, one hog and one pig, and pork of same when slaughtered; tools of occupation to the value of $100; six sheep and heir fleeces; one cooking stove and its furniture; provisions and fuel to the value of $50, and one sewing-machine; beasts of the plow, not exceeding one yoke of oxen, or a horse; military arms and equipments. Domestic fowls, $50.

NEW JERSEY.- Home worth $1,000, and Personal Property $200. - A householder with a family may own, exempt, a house and lot worth $1,000, with all wearing apparel, and other personal property of the value of $200.

NEW MEXICO. - Home worth $1,000; Provisions, $25; Furniture, $10; Tools, $20. - Real estate to the value of $1,000 is exempt in farms if the heads of families reside on the same; also the clothing, beds and bed-clothing necessary for the use of the family, and fire-wood sufficient for thirty days, when actually provided and intended therefor; all Bibles, hymn-books, Testaments, and school-books, used by the family, and family and religious pictures; provisions actually provided to the amount of $25, and kitchen furniture to the amount of $10, both to be selected by the debtor; also tools and instruments belonging to the debtor that may be necessary to enable him to carry on his trade or business, whether agricultural or mechanical, to be selected by him, and not to exceed $20 in value. Real estate, when sold, must be first appraised by two freeholders of the vicinity, and must bring two-thirds of the appraised value.

NEW YORK. - Home worth $1,000, and Personal Property. - The homestead, consisting of a house and lot, is exempt to the value of $1,000, if properly recorded as such. This exemption extends to married women, widows and minor children of deceased householders. The necessary furniture of the household, working tools and teams, professional instruments, furniture and library worth not more than $250, ninety days' food for team, and debtor's earnings for sixty days, if necessary to support the family.

NORTH CAROLINA. - Home worth $1,000, Personal Property $500. - Every homestead, and dwellings and building used therewith, not exceeding in value $1,000, to be selected by the owner thereof; or, in lieu thereof, at the option of the owner, any lot in a city, town or village, with the dwellings used thereon, owned and occupied by any resident of the State, and not exceeding the value of $1,000. Personal property to the value of $500, selected by the debtor.

OHIO. - Home worth $1,000, and Personal Property. - There is exempted by law the family homestead, not exceeding in value $1,000; the wearing apparel of such family; beds, bedsteads, bedding necessary for the use of the family; two stoves and fuel necessary for sixty days; domestic animals and their food for sixty days, to the value of $65, or, instead, household furniture of equal value; other necessary household furniture worth $50; family provisions to the value of $50; mechanical or agricultural tools worth $100, if in use in business. In case the debtor is not the owner of a homestead, he is entitled to hold, exempt from levy and sale, personal property not exceeding $500, in addition to the chattel property as aforesaid.

ONTARIO, CANADA. - Grants that are Free, and Homesteads that are in the possession of actual settlers, in the Algoma and Nippissing Districts, and certain lands between the river Ottawa and Georgian Bay, are exempt from seizure, while in personal property, beds, bedding, and wearing apparel of the debtor and his family, household furniture, provisions, farm stock, tools and implements, to the value of $60, are exempt from seizure.

OREGON. - Personal Property. - Books, pictures, and musical instruments to the value of $75; wearing apparel to the value of $100, and, if a householder, to the value of $50 for each member of the family; tools, implements, apparatus, team, vehicle, harness, or library, when necessary in the occupation or profession of a judgment-debtor, to the amount of $400; if the judgment-debtor be a householder, ten sheep with one year's fleece, two cows, five swine, household goods, furniture, and utensils, to the value of $300. No article of property is exempt from execution issued upon a judgment for the purchase-price.