PENNSYLVANIA. - Real or Personal, $300. - Property, either real or personal, to the value of $300, besides wearing apparel, Bibles and school-books. Homesteads are not exempt.

QUEBEC, CANADA. - Personal Property enumerated as follows is exempt from forced sale, being used and owned by the debtor: Bed, bedding, and bedstead; necessary apparel for himself and family; set of table and stove furniture; all spinning-wheels and weavers' looms in use in the family; one ax, one gun, one saw, six traps, fish-nets in common use, and ten volumes of books; fuel and food for thirty days, worth $20; one cow, four sheep, two hogs, with necessary food for thirty days; tools and instruments used in his trade to the value of $30; fifteen hives of bees, and wages and salaries not yet due; besides certain other properties granted by the courts.

RHODE ISLAND. - No Home exempted, but Personal Property. - The law exempts from sale on execution the household furniture, and family stores of a housekeeper, provided the same do not exceed in value $300; all the necessary wearing apparel of a debtor and his family; one cow, one hog, and the tools or implements of a debtor's profession to the value of $200. There is no homestead exemption.

SOUTH CAROLINA. - Home worth $1,000, Personal Property $500. - There is exempt from sale and execution in the State a homestead not exceeding in value $1,000, and personal property, in the household of a family, worth $500. The products of the homestead are, however, not exempt. The homestead cannot be sold, except for the purchase of another, nor can the homestead right be alienated or waived.

TENNESSEE. - Home worth $1,000, and Personal Property. - The homestead, consisting of the dwelling-house, outbuildings, and land appurtenant, to the value of $1,000; also a generous allowance of household goods and utensils, with working tools and agricultural implements, amounting to several hundred dollars.

TEXAS. - Home worth $5,000, and Personal

Property. - To every citizen, householder, or head of a family, two hundred acres of real estate, including homestead, in the country, or any lot or lots in a town or city, used as a homestead, not to exceed $5,000 in value at the time of their designation as a homestead (subsequent increase in value by improvements or otherwise does not subject it to forced sale); household and kitchen furniture, $500. To every citizen not the head of a family, one horse, saddle and bridle; all wearing apparel, and tools, books, and apparatus of his trade or profession. To the family, all household and kitchen furniture, cemetery lots, books, family portraits and pictures, five milch-cows, twenty hogs, working animals, twenty sheep and family provisions.

UTAH. - Home worth $1,000, and Personal Property. To each member of the family $250 - To the head of a family is allowed a homestead not exceeding in value $1,000, to be selected by the debtor, and personal property to the value of $700 or more, according to the value of articles exempt by statute; aside from the homestead, each member of the family is allowed $250. No property shall be exempt from sale on a judgment received for its price, on a mechanic's lien, or a mortgage thereon.

VERMONT. - Home worth $500, and Personal Property. - Homestead to the value of $500, and products; suitable apparel, bedding, tools, and articles of furniture as may be necessary for upholding life; one sewing-machine kept for use; one cow, the best swine, or the meat of one swine; ten sheep, one year's product of said sheep in wool, yarn or cloth; forage sufficient for keeping ten sheep and one cow through one winter; ten cords of firewood, or five tons of coal; twenty bushels of potatoes; such military arms and accoutrements as the debtor is by law required to furnish; all growing crops, ten bushels of grain, one barrel of flour, three swarms of bees and hives, together with their produce in honey; 200 pounds of sugar, and all lettered gravestones; the Bibles and all other books used in a family; one pew in church; live poultry not exceeding in value $10; the professional books and instruments of physicians; professional books of clergymen and attorneys, to the value of $200; one yoke of oxen or steers, or two horses, used for work, as the debtor may select, in lieu of oxen or steers, but not exceeding in value the sum of $200, with sufficient forage for the keeping of the same through the winter; also one two-horse wagon with whiffletrees and neckyoke, or one ox-cart, as the debtor may choose; one sled, or one set of traverse sleds, either for oxen or horses, as the debtor may select; two harnesses, two halters, two chains, one plow and one ox-yoke, which, with the oxen, or steers, or horses which the debtor may select for team-work shall not exceed in value $250.

VIRGINIA. - Home and Personal Property $2,000. - Every householder or head of a family shall be entitled to hold exempt from levy his real and personal property, or either, including money or debts due him, to a value not exceeding $2,000, to be selected by him. The personal property exempted is defined by the statute of the State.


Home worth $1,000, and Personal Property. - To each householder, being the head of a family, a homestead worth $1,000, while occupied by such family. All wearing apparel, private libraries, family pictures and keepsakes; to each householder, one bed and bedding, and one additional bed and bedding for every two additional members of the family, and other household goods of the coin value of $500; two cows and their calves, five swine, two stands of bees, twenty-five domestic fowls, and provisions and fuel for six months. To a farmer, one span of horses and harness, or two yoke of oxen, and one wagon, with farming utensils not exceeding $500, coin value. To attorneys, physicians and clergymen, their libraries valued at not to exceed 81,000, with office furniture and fuel. Small boats and firearms kept for use, not exceeding 850 in coin value; parties engaged in lightering, two lighters and a small boat, valued at 8250; the team of a drayman. To a mechanic, the tools and implements of his trade and materials not exceeding in value $500. To a person engaged in logging, three yoke of cattle and yokes, chains, and tools to the value of $300.

"WEST VIRGINIA.-Home worth $1,000. and Personal Property. - The head of a family, or the infant children of deceased parents, may possess, exempt from execution, a homestead valued at $1,000, if it is properly recorded in the public land records, before debt is contracted, and may also select personal property, which shall be exempt, worth $200.' Working tools to the value of $50, belonging to mechanics, artisans or labor-el's, are also exempt.

WISCONSIN. - Farm of Forty Acres, or House and Lot in Village or City, and Personal Property. - A homestead, of land not exceeding forty acres, used for agricultural purposes, and the dwelling-house thereon and its appurtenances, and not included in any town, city or village, or instead thereof, land not exceeding in amount one-fourth of an acre within an organized town, city or village, and the dwelling-house thereon, and its appurtenances, owned and occupied by any resident of the State, is not subject to forced sale on execution or any other final process from a court. All private property is exempt from execution against any county, town, city, village or school district in the State. This is according to the National Constitution. Other exemptions are as follows: Family pictures, Bibles, school-books, library books, and other household furniture valued at $200; two cows, ten swine one voke of oxen and one horse, or a span of horses or mules; ten sheep and the wool from same, either raw or manufactured; the necessary food for above stock for a year's support; one wagon, cart or dray, one sleigh, one plow, one drag and other farming utensils, including tackle for teams, not exceeding $50 in value; provisions and fuel for one year; tools and implements or stock in trade of a mechanic or miner, or other person, not exceeding $200 in value; library or implements of any professional man, not exceeding $200 in value; all moneys from insurance of exempt property; earnings of all persons for sixty days next preceding the issue of any process; all sewing-machines kept for use; any swords, plate, books, or other articles, presented by Congress or the members thereof. WYOMING. - Home worth $1,500, and Personal Property. - A homestead consisting of a house and lot in a village or city, or land not exceeding one hundred and sixty acres, the value not in either case exceeding $1,500, is allowed to a householder occupying the same. Also the following property of a householder, being the head of a family, is exempt: Wearing-apparel, family Bibles, pictures, school-books, cemetery lots, bedding, furniture, provisions, and such other articles as the debtor may select, not exceeding in value $500. Tools, team of stock in trade of a mechanic, minor, or other person, kept and used for the purpose of carrying on his business or trade, not exceeding $300, are exempt. Library, instruments and implements of any professional man, worth not more than $300. The person claiming exempt tion must be a resident of the territory.