Comparative Diagram Showing Highest Buildings And Objects On Earth

Comparative Diagram Showing Highest Buildings And  396

Description Of Monuments, Pyramids, Cathedrals, Etc

1. Central Spire of Cathedral, Lichfield, Eng., 250 ft.

Erected in 1784.

2. Bartholdi's Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World,

341 Ft. Located on Bedloe's Island, near New York City. Designed by Signor Bartholdi, an Italian artist in France, and erected in 1886.

3. Porcelain Tower at Nankin, China, 200 ft. Erected 1413-32. Destroyed by the Taiping rebels, 1853.

4. Temple of the Giants, Thebes, Egypt, l16 ft. Of very ancient architecture; its origin and purpose are unknown.

5. Bell-Tower at Florence, Italy, Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, 366 ft. Designed by Giotto, the Italian artist. Its erection began in 1334.

6. Salisbury Cathedral, Salisbury, Eng., 404 ft. Erected by the Bishop and Canons of Old Sarum, between 1220 and 1260.

7. Taj. Mahal, Agra, British India, 200 ft. Mausoleum, erected by Shah Jehan, who flourished between 1627 and 1668.

8. Norwich Cathedral, Norwich, Eng., 309 ft. Founded in 1094. Restored in 1858.

9. The Monument, London, Eng., 202 ft. Erected by Sir Chris-topher Wren, between 1671 and 1677, to commemorate the Great Fire of 1666.


10. Cathedral at Mechlin, Belgium, 310 ft. Date of erection unknown.

11. Temple of the Sun, Cuzco, Peru, S. A., 120 ft. The city was founded in the 11th century, and the temple is possibly as old.

12. Pyramid of Mycerinus, Gheezeh, Egypt, 218 ft. Third of the Gheezeh Pyramids. Built by Emperor Mycerinus, in honor of his daughter, whose tomb it was.

13. Royal Albert Hall, London, Eng., 154 ft. Devoted to exhibitions of art, music and industry. Opened in 1871.

14. Cathedral of St. Bartholomew, Frankfort-on-the-Main, Germany, 367 ft. Founded in 1315; completed in 1512, and destroyed by fire in 1867.

15. Notre Dame Cathedral at Rouen, France, 470 ft.

Erected chiefly in the thirteenth and sixteenth centuries.

16. Pompey's Pillar, near Alexandria, Egypt, 94 ft. Nothing is certainly known respecting its origin, name, use or age.

17. Cathedral at Strasburg, Germany, 468 ft. Founded by Clovis in 1015; present spire designed by Erwin, and completed in 1439.

18. St. Paul's Cathedral, London, Eng., 360 ft. Erection begun by Sir Christopher Wren, 1675; completed in 1710.

19. Washington Monument, Washington, B. C, 555 ft.

Corner-stone laid in 1848; completed, 1884. Commemorates the career of General George Washington.

30. Second Pyramid of Gheezeh, Egypt, 447 ft. Founded by King Cephren, about 3390 B. C.

31. Trajan Column at Borne, Italy, 134 ft. Erected in honor of the Dacian victories of Trajan, who died A. D. 117.

S3. Cathedral at Florence, Italy, 376 ft. Begun in 1298; com-pleted about 1444. Several architects were employed, among them Giotto.

33. Cathedral at Cologne, Germany, 510 ft. Begun about 1250; completed about 1863; original architect unknown.

24. Pantheon at Borne, Italy, 143 ft. Built by Agrippa, 27 B. C, in honor of the heathen gods.

25. St. Peter's Church, Vienna, Austria, 390 ft. Modeled after St. Peter's Church at Rome.

26. Board of Trade Edifice, Chicago, Ill., 320 ft. Begun in 1883; completed in 1885. Built by the Board of Trade.

37. Hotel des Invalides, Paris, France, 310 ft. This asylum for veteran soldiers was founded under Louis XIV., of France, in 1670; it covers nearly 16 acres.

28. Tower of Ivan Veliki, Moscow, Russia, 360 ft. Built in honor of the Czar " Ivan the Great," who flourished in the 16th century.

39. Leaning Tower at Pisa, Italy, 188 ft. Founded by Bonanus, of Pisa, and William, of Innspruck, in 1174; it is 13 feet out of perpendicular.

3©. Temple of Jupiter Stator, at Borne, Italy, 98 ft. In the

Forum; very ancient; origin obscure.

31. Cathedral at Freiberg, Germany, 385 ft. Begun in 1122; completed, 1513. Gothic and elegant.

32. The Baptistery at Pisa, Italy, 190 ft. Built by Diotisalvi, and completed in 1161. It is also known as the Church of St. John.

33. Cathedral at Chichester, Eng., 271 ft. Begun in 1108; completed in the 13th century; the original spire, built in the 14th century, fell down in 1862, and was replaced in 1866.

34. Niagara Falls, New York and Canada, 164 ft. Between Lakes Erie and Ontario. Father Hennepin visited them in 1678.

Comparative Diagram Showing Height Of Various Elevated Objects

Comparative Diagram Showing Height Of Various Elev 397