This cave was discovered in 1809. Several smaller caves have been found in the same vicinity.

Manitou Springs, Colo. - Among the attractions here are five mineral springs. Pike's Peak, in this locality, is2 2/3 miles high. The horseback road leading to its top is 12 miles long, and the Pike's Peak railway is 30 miles long.

Martha's Vineyard, Mass. - See "Oak Bluffs."

Mariposa Trees - See "California Big Trees."

Middle Park, Colo. - Forests and meadow land, to the extent of about 3,000 square miles, and situated 7,500 feet above the ocean level, constitute this fine resort. Around its ample grounds are tall mountains, whose peaks reach an altitude of from 13,000 to 14,500 feet. Fish and game abound. Hot Sulphur Springs, Grand Lake, Gray's Peak, Mount Lincoln and Long's Peak are also features of the Middle Park.

Monument Park, Colo. - About eight miles from Colorado Springs is a group of sandstone columns which have the appearance of having been worn by the action of water or time, and from these the place derives its name. They are quite irregular in form and size, generally resembling sugar-loaves, and ranging from 6 to 50 feet in height, and each is crowned with a dark-colored flat stone. They are strangely grouped along the sides of the park, upon the low hills and occasionally are found standing upon little knolls.

Mt. Desert Island, Me. - In Frenchman's Bay, on the coast, 40 miles southeast of Bangor, is Mount Desert, an island 14 miles long and 8 miles wide, connected with the main land by a bridge. The island is partly covered with mountains, exhibiting 13 peaks, the highest of which (Green Mountains) rises 2,000 feet. Among other peculiarities of this resort is Somes' Inlet, running up into the island 7 miles; stupendous cliffs, several mountain lakes and streams, abounding in trout, three harbors and numerous hotels. " The Ovens " are a series of cavities worn into the cliffs by the sea, and used for picnics; Eagle Cliff rises perpendicularly 1,000 feet, and the scenery generally is rugged and picturesque.

Mount Washington, X. H. - This celebrated peak of the White Mountains has an elevation of 6,293 feet, and may be ascended in various ways - by carriage, horseback, on foot, or by the Mt. Washington Railroad, which climbs (by cog-wheels) an upward grade of 3,695 feet within 3 miles. The air is very bracing and very cold at this lofty summer resort.

Narragansett Pier, R. I. - This pleasant and quiet resort is 8 miles southwesterly from Newport, on the western shore of Narragansett Bay. Excursions to the numerous islands in the bay, to Providence and Newport, with other social amusements, maintain the popularity of the place.

Statural Bridge of Virginia - The fissure crossed by the bridge (which is a rock, covered with earth) is estimated at a depth of from 205 to 290 feet. This fissure is about 45 feet wide at the bottom and about 90 feet at the top. The length of the bridge is about 90 feet; its breadth, in the middle (or thinnest part) is about 60 feet; and at the summit, about 40 feet thick. A portion of this thickness is composed of soil, on which large trees have grown. The view from the top of the bridge is quite extensive and very pleasant, including North Mountain and the Blue Ridge. The stream passing under the bridge is a branch of the James River, called Cedar Creek.

New Paltz, N. Y. - Little Lake Minnewaska, in Ulster County, only 1/2 mile long and 1/8 mile wide, is so eligibly situated amidst fresh mountain breezes and delightful scenery, that it offers great advantages to summer tourists. At an elevation of 1,200 feet is a hotel, from which can be seen the Hudson Highlands of New York, the Orange Mountains of New Jersey, the Green Mountains of Vermont, and the Berkshire Hills and Housatonic Mountains of Massachusetts.

Newport, R. I. - This well-known watering place was settled in 1637, and is intimately connected with stirring events in old Colonial and Revolutionary times. The beauty of the city and its surroundings render it highly esteemed as a pleasure resort, and its reliques of former ages invest it with great interest. Here is the mysterious Old Stone Mill, whose origin and design are utterly unknown; a Baptist church built in 1638; the Hanging Rocks, Purgatory and Touro Park. Good taste and lavish expenditure have made Newport a gem.

Newport News, Va. - Situated on Hampton Roads, 12 miles from Norfolk, this favorite resort invites visitors, who enjoy its sandy beach, surf-bathing and pleasant drives.

Niagara Falls, N. Y. - By act of Congress, in 1885, this great cataract became a national public park. The river is 33 miles long. Lake Erie is 334 feet higher than Lake Ontario, into which the river empties. Within a mile above the falls the descent is 52 feet. The total width of the river at Goat Island is 4,750 feet. The height of the waterfall on the American side is 164 feet, and on the Canadian side about 150 feet. The new Niagara Suspension Bridge is 1,300 feet long, and 190 feet above the river. Its towers are each 100 feet high. The stairway beside the inclined railway has 290 steps. Goat Island was so named from goats placed there about the year 1790 by Mr. John Stedman, who left them so uncar-ed for during one winter that they died of exposure. There are 17 islands in the river, near each other, above the Falls, all owned by the estate of Peter B. Porter, to whom the property was ceded by the State of New York in 1818. The height of the river-bank at the Biddle Staircase is 185 feet. The old Suspension Bridge, 2 miles below the Falls, has a floor for the railway 60 feet wide, and the track is 258 feet above the river. The length of the bridge from the center of the towers at each end is 822 feet. The height of the towers on the American side is 88 feet, and on the Canadian side, 78 feet. The width of the river at the whirlpool is 300 feet, and its estimated depth is 250 feet.