North Park, Colo. - This park, esteemed an excellent resort for sportsmen, is located a little west of the central-northern part of the State, and has an elevation of nearly 8,000 feet above the ocean. It embraces an area of about 2,500 square miles, and abounds with antelopes, bears, deer, wolves and fish.

Oak Bluffs (Martha's Vineyard), Mass. - This religious summer resort is controlled by Baptists, whose Tabernacle will seat 5,000 persons. The surrounding grounds have been attractively improved, and it is estimated that 25,000 visitors arrive and depart during the season. Martha's Vineyard is an island 21 miles long by 6 miles wide, between which and the main land flows Vineyard Sound, 4 miles wide.

Ocean Beach, X. J. - Eight miles south of Long Branch, near Shark River, and half a mile from the ocean, is located this recent acquisition to the watering-places of New Jersey, which is principally remarkable for good fishing facilities.

Ocean City, N. J. - Not many years ago, near Great Egg Harbor, opposite Somers Point, the Methodists established a pleasant religious resort, bearing the above name. It has a beach 7 miles long, smooth and hard, and handsome residences, abundant flowers and local celebrities, for attractions.

Ocean Grove, N. J. - See " Asbury Park."

Old Orchard Beach, Saco Bay, Me.-Fifteen miles west from Portland, Me., Old Orchard Beach, the summer resort, extends from the Dunstan River, on the north, to the Saco River, on the south, a distance of 6 miles, with a solid sand-beach. In Saco Bay, in that vicinity, are the following islands, which add to the pictur-esqueness of the scenery : Stratten's Island, about half a mile long and containing a few houses, but no trees; close by is Bluff Island, about 450 feet long, with a cluster of trees near the center; Wood Island, off the mouth of the Saco River, is nearly half a mile long, covered with trees, and contains a lighthouse and fog-bell; Stage Island is nearly 1/4 mile long, and has no trees, but a graystone monument 40 feet high; Basket Island is about 450 feet in diameter; Ram Island is oval-shaped and about 450 feet long; Eagle Island is about 450 feet across, with foliage, but no trees. There are 8 hotels.

Old Point Comfort, Va. - This favorite Southern bathing and pleasure resort is three miles each from Hampton and Fortress Monroe, near the mouth of the James River as it empties into Chesapeake Bay. Near by is the Government Home for Soldiers. Surf-bathing, steamboat excursions, etc., enter largely into the recreations of visitors.

Petrified Forest, Cal. - About 80 miles from San Francisco, in the Napa Valley, in the vicinity of Calistoga, is situated the Petrified Forest, one of the most remarkable of wonders in California. "Within a tract of 3 or 4 square miles, the tourist finds portions of nearly 100 trees turned to stone. Some project from the sides of the mountains, while others are found upon the surface. Their condition is attributed to the action of silica held in solution in the hot alkaline waters discharged by the neighboring Mount St. Helena.

Pictured Rocks, Mich. - On the shores of Lake Superior, 20 miles from White-Fish Point, on the steamboat route to Point Au Sable, Michigan, the traveler is shown the famous Pictured Rocks. For about 5 miles along the coast these rooks rise, often abruptly, from the water's edge to a height varying from 50 to 200 feet. They present numerous marks and figures in colors upon their surface; which the fancy may weave into representations of numerous things, creating much wonder. It has been decided, however, that they have been formed by the action of water and the stains imparted by certain minerals.

Rangeley Lakes, Me. - This group of 6 lakes, in the western part of the State, is connected by streams passing from one to the other, until an unbroken water-route of about 60 miles is formed. Their names are Umbagog, Lower Richardson, Molechunkamunk, Mooselucmagun-tic, Cupsuptic and Rangeley. The surrounding scenery is extremely picturesque and grand, and the entire resort presents many attractions for artists, tourists, hunters and fishermen. Indian Rock is a favorite camping ground for sportsmen. Near by is Dixville Notch, from one point of which portions of Canada, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine may be seen.

Rawley Springs, Va. - Nestled in the midst of delightful scenery, in Rockingham County, 11 miles from Harrisburg, not far from the Luray Caverns, these 5 fine mineral springs, at an elevation of 2,000 feet above tide-water, invite the tourist to a pleasant retreat. The waters - strong chalybeate - possess tonic properties, which, with the bracing mountain air, invigorates the visitor.

Bed Sulphur Springs, W. Va. - These mineral waters, found in Monroe County, are recommended for the relief of sufferers from bronchitis, asthma, chronic pneumonia, congestion and phthisis. They occupy a space of 1,400 acres in a verdant glen of the Alleghany Mountains, 1,300 feet above the sea, and are surrounded on all sides by rugged mountains, with every variety of scenery.

Richmond, Va. - Like ancient Rome, the beautiful capital of Virginia lays claim to seven hills. The city, besides all its natural and architectural advantages, possesses numerous objects of especial interest to visitors, including the grave of President Monroe, the famous Libby war-prison, the equestrian statue of Washington by the sculptor Crawford, as well as Houdon's statue of Washington in Revolutionary uniform, the elegant State House, and St. John's Church, where Patrick Henry delivered his memorable and eloquent speech on the eve of the Revolutionary War, in which he said with fervent patriotism: "There is no retreat but in suomission and slavery!"

Roanoke Bed Springs, Va. - The water of these springs differs little from that of the Red Sulphur Springs of W. Virginia, noted above, and the place is made attractive, also, by the neighboring forests, streams, mountain scenery, pure air and genial society.