Ch. - Church; Chapter.

Chanc. - Chancellor.

Chap. - Chapter.

Chas. - Charles.

Chem. - Chemistry.

Chic. - Chicago.

Chr. - Christopher.

Chron. - Chronicles.

Cin. - Cincinnati.

C.J. - Chief-Justice.

Clk. - Clerk.

C. M. - Common Meter.

C.M.G. - Companion of the Order of St. Michael and St. George.

Co. - Company; County.

C.O.D. - Cash (or collect) on delivery.

Cochl. - A spoonful.

Col. - Colonel; Colossians.

Coll. - Collector; Colloquial; College; Collection.

Colo. - Colorado.

Com. - Commerce; Committee; Commentary; Commissioner; Commodore.

Com. Arr. - Committee of Arrangements.

Comdg. - Commanding.

Comm. - Commentary.

Comp. - Compare; Compound; Com-positor.

Com. Ver. - Common version (of the Bible).

Con. - Contra, against; in opposition.

Con. Cr. - Contra, credit.

Conch. - Conchology.

Cong. - Congress.

Conj. or conj. - Conjunction.

Conn, or Ct. - Connecticut.

Const. - Constable; Constitution.

Cont. - Continent; Contract; Continued.

Cor. - Corinthians.

Corol. - Corollary.

Cor. Sec. - Corresponding Secretary.

C.P. - Common Pleas; Court of Pro-bate.

C.P.S. - Custos Privati Sigilli, Keeper of the Privy Seal.

C.R. - King (Rex) Charles.

C.R. - Custos Rotulorum, Keeper of the Rolls.

Cr. - Creditor; Credit.

Crim. Con. - Criminal conversation; Adultery.

C.S. - Court of Sessions. Custos Si-gilli, Keeper of the Seal.

Ct., cts. - Cent; Cents.

C. Theod. - Codice Theodosiano, in the Theodosian Code.

C.W. - Canada West.

Cwt. - Hundredweight.

Cyc - Cyclopedia.

d. - Denarius or Denarii, penny or pence; Died.

D. - Five hundred.

Dak. - Dakota.

Dan. - Daniel; Danish.

D.C. - Da Capo, again; District of Columbia.

D.C.L. - Doctor of Civil Law.

D.D. - Divinitatis Doctor, Doctor of Divinity.

Dea. - Deacon.

Dec - December; Declaration; Declination.

Deg. - Degree or degrees.

Del. - Delaware: Delegate.

Del. or del. - Delineavit, he (or she) drew it.

Dep. - Deputy.

Dept. - Department.

Deut. - Deuteronomy.

D.F. - Dean of the Faculty.

Dft. or Deft. - Defendant.

D.G. - Dei gratia, by the grace of

God. D.G. - Deo gratias, thanks to God. Diam. - Diameter. Dict. - Dictator; Dictionary. Dim. - Diminutive. Disc. - Discount. Diss. - Dissertation. Dist. - District.

Dist. -Atty. - District-Attorney. Div. - Division; Dividend. D.M. - Doctor of Music. Do. - Ditto, the same. Dols. - Dollars. D.O.M. - Deo optimo maximo, to

God, the best, the greatest. Doz. - Dozen.

D.P. - Doctor of Philosophy. Dr. - Debtor; Doctor; Drachm. D.S. - Dal segmo, from the sign. d.s.b. - Debit sans breve. D.T. - Doctor Theologias, Doctor of

Theology D.V. - Deo volente, God willing. Dwt. - Pennyweight.

E. - East.

ea. - Each.

E. by S. - East by South.

Eben. - Ebenezer.

Eccl. - Ecclesiastes.

Ecclus. - Ecclesiasticus.

Ed. - Editor- Edition.

Edm. - Edmund.

Edw. - Edward.

E.E. - Errors excepted.

e.g. - Exempli gratia, for example.

Ex grege, from the flock; Among the rest. E.I. - East Indies, or East India. E.I.C. - East India Company. Elec. - Electric; Electricity. Eliz. - Elizabeth.

E. Ion. - East longitude. Emb. - Embassador. Encyc - Encyclopedia. E.N.E. - East-Northeast. Eng. - England; English. Ent. - Entomology.

Env. Ext. - Envoy Extraordinary.

Ep. - Epistle.

Eph. - Ephesians; Ephraim.

Esd. - Esdras.

E.S.E. - East Southeast.

Esq. - Esquire.

Esth. - Esther.

et al. - Et alii, and others.

et seq. - Et sequentia, and what follows.

etc. or etc. - Et caeteri, et caeterae, et caetera, and others; and so forth.

Ex. - Example; Exodus.

Exc. - Excellency; Exception.

Exch. - Exchequer.

Exec. Com. - Executive Committee.

Execx. - Executrix.

Exr. or Exec. - Executor.

Ez. - Ezra.

Ezek. - Ezekiel.

E.&O.E. - Errors and omissions excepted.

Fahr. - Fahrenheit.

F. A. M. - Free and Accepted Masons. Far. - Farthing.

F. A. S. - Fellow of the Antiquarian

Society. fcap. or fcp. - Foolscap. F. D. - Fidei Defensor or Defensatrix, Defender of the Faith.

Fe. - Ferrum, iron.

Feb. - February.

Fec - Fecit, he did it.

Fern. - Feminine.

F.E.S. - Fellow of the Entomological Society; of the Ethnological Society.

Ff. - The Pandects.

F.G.S. - Fellow of the Geological Society.

F.H.S. - Fellow of the Horticultural Society.

fi. fa. - Fieri facias, cause it to be done.

Fid. Def. - Defender of the Faith.

Fig. - Figure.

Fir. - Firkin.

Fla. - Florida.

F.L.S. - Fellow of the Linnaean Society.

F.O.B. - Free on Board.

Fol. - Folio.

For. - Foreign.

Fort. - Fortification.

F. P. S. - Fellow of the Philological Society.

Fr. - Franc; francs; French. Frag-mentum, fragment. Francis.

F. R. A. S. - Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society.

F.R.C.S.L. - Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, London.

Fred. - Frederick.

F.R.G.S. - Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

Fri. - Friday.

F. R. S. - Fellow of the Royal Society.

Frs. - Frisian.

F.R.S.E. - Fellow of the Royal Society, Edinburgh.

F.R.S.L. - Fellow of the Royal Society, London; Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature.

F.S.A. - Fellow of the Society of Arts.

F. S. A. E. - Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, Edinburgh.

Ft. - Foot; feet; Fort. Fur - Furlong.

F.Z.S. - Fellow of the Zoological Society.

G. or g. - Guineas. G.A. - General Assembly. Ga. - Georgia.

Gal. - Galatians; Gallon.

G. B. - Great Britain.

G. C. - Grand Chancellor; Grand