Chapter. G. C. B. - Grand Cross of the Bath. G. C. H. - Grand Cross of Hanover. G. C. L. H. - Grand Cross of the

Legion of Honor. G.E. - Grand Encampment. Gen. - Genesis; General. Gent. - Gentleman. Geo. - George; Georgia. Geog. - Geography. Geol. - Geology. Geom. - Geometry-Ger. - Germany; German. G. L. - Grand Lodge. Gl. - Glossa, a gloss. G.M. - Grand Master. G.O. - General Order. Goth. - Gothic. Gov. - Governor. Gov. -Gen. - Governor-General. G.R. - Georgius Rex, King George. Gr. - Greek; Gross; Grains.

Gram. - Grammar.

Gro. - Gross.

Grot. - Grotius.

h.a. - Hoc anno, this year.

Hab. - Habakkuk.

Hab. corp. - Habeas corpus, you may have the body. Hab. fa. poss. - Habere facias possessionem. Hab. fa. seis. - Habere facias seisinam. Hag. - Haggai.

Ham. Coll. - Hamilton College. H.B.C. - Hudson's Bay Company. H.B.M. - His (or Her) Britannic

Majesty. H.C. - House of Commons. Hdkf. - Handkerchief. h.e. - Hoc est, that is, or this is. Heb. - Hebrews. Her. - Heraldry. Hf.-bd. - Half-bound. Hg. - Hydrargyrum, mercury. Hhd. - Hogshead. H.U.S. - Fellow of the Historical

Society. Hist. - History. H.J.S. - Hic jacet sepultus, Here lies buried. H. L. - House of Lords. H.M. - His (or Her) Majesty; Hill's

Manual. H.M.P. - Hoc monumentum posuit,

Erected this monument. H.M.S. - His (or Her) Majesty's Ship. Hon. - Honorable. Hon'd. - Honored. Hort. - Horticulture. Hos. - Hosea. h.p. - half-pay.

H.R. - House of Representatives. H. R. E. - Holy Roman Emperor. H.R.H. - His Royal Highness. H.R.I.P. - Hic requiescat in pace,

Here rests in peace. H. S. - Hic situs, Here lies. H. S. B. Co. - Hill Standard Book

Company. H.S. H. - His Serene Highness. h.t. - Hic titulus, this title, hoc titulo, in or under this title. h.v. - Hoc verbum, this word; hit verbis, in these words. Hund. - Hundred.

I, II, III. - One, two, three, or first, first, second, third.

la. - Iowa.

lb. or ibid. - Ibidem, in the same place.

Ich. - Ichthyology.

Ictus. - Jurisconsultus, Counselor at Law.

Id. - Idem, the same.

Idaho. - Idaho Territory.

i.e. - Id est, That is.

I.H.S. - Jesus hominum Salvator, Jesus the Saviour of men.

ij. - Two (medical).

Ill. - Illinois, Illustrious; Illustrated.

Imp. - Imperial.

In. - Inch; inches.

incog. - Incognito, unknown.

Incor. - Incorporated.

Ind. - Indiana, Index.

Ind. Ter. - Indian Territory.

Indef. - Indefinite.

Inf. - Infra, beneath or below.

in f. - In fine, at the end of the title, law, or paragraph quoted.

in lim. - In limine, at the outset.

in loc. - In loco, in the place; on the passage.

in pr. - In principio, in the beginning and before the first paragraph of a law.

I. N. R. I. - Jesus Nazarenus, Rex Judaeorum, Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.

Inst. - Instant, of this month; Institutes.

In sum. - In summa, in the summary.

Int. - Interest.

Interj. - Interjection.

In trans. - In transitu, on the passage.

Introd. - Introduction.

I.O.G.T. - Independent Order of Good Templars.

I.O.F. - Independent Order of Forresters.

I.O.O.F. - Independent Order of Odd-Fellows.

I.O. U. - I owe you.

I. q. - Idem quod, the same as.

Isa. - Isaiah.

Isl. - Island.

I.S.M. - Jesus Salvator mundi, Jesus the Saviour of the world.

Ital. - Italic; Italian.

Itin. - Itinerant, or Itinerary.

IV. - Four or fourth.

IX. - Nine or ninth.

J. - Justice or Judge. JJ. - Justices.

j. - One (medical).

J. A. - Judge-Advocate.

Jac. - Jacob.

Jam. - Jamaica.

Jan. - January.

Jas. - James.

J.CD. - Juris Civilis Doctor, Doctor of Civil Law. J.D. - Jurum Doctor, Doctor of

Laws. Jer. - Jeremiah. Jno. - John. Jona. - Jonathan. Jos. - Joseph. Josh. - Joshua. J. P. - Justice of the Peace. J. Prob. - Judge of Probate. J. R. - Jacobus Rex, King James. Jr. or Jun. - Junior. J.U.D. or J. V.D. - Juris utriusque

Doctor, Doctor of both Laws (of the Canon and the Civil Law). Jud. - Judith. Judg. - Judges. Judge-Adv. - Judge- Advocate. Jul. - July; Julius. Jul. Per. - Julian Period. Jun. - June; Junius: Junior. Jus. P. - Justice of the Peace. Just. - Justinian. J. W. - Junior Warden. K. - King. K.A. - Knight of St. Andrew, in

Russia. K.A.N. - Knight of St. Alexander

Nevskoj, in Russia. Kas. - Kansas. KB. - King's Bench; Knight of the

Bath. K. B. A. - Knight of St. Bento d'Avis, in Portugal. K.B.E. - Knight of the Black Eagle, in Russia. K.C. - King's Council; Knight of the

Crescent, in Turkey. K.C.B. - Knight Commander of the

Bath. K. C. H. - Knight Commander of

Hanover. K.C.S. - Knight of Charles III. of

Spain. K.E. - Knight of the Elephant, in

Denmark. K. F. - Knight of Ferdinand of Spain. K.F.M. - Knight of St. Ferdinand and Merit, in Sicily. K.G. - Knight of the Garter. K. G. C - Knight of the Grand Cross. K.G.C.B. - Knight of the Grand

Cross of the Bath. K.G.F. - Knight of the Golden

Fleece, in Spain. K.G.H.-Knight of the Guelphs of

Hanover. K.G.V. - Knight of Gustavus Vasa, in Sweden. K.H. - Knight of Hanover; Knights of Honor. Ki. - Kings.

Kil. or kil. - Kilderkin. Kingd. - Kingdom. K. J. - Knight of St. Joachim. K.L. or K.L.A. - Knight of Leopold of Austria. K.L.H. - Knight of the Legion of

Honor; Knights and Ladies of

Honor. K.M. - Knight of Malta. K. Mess. - King's Messenger. K.M.H. - Knight of Merit, in Holstein. K.M.J. - Knight of Maximilian

Joseph, in Bavaria. K. M. T. - Knight of Maria Theresa, in Austria. K. N. - Know-Nothing. Knick. - Knickerbocker. K.N.S. - Knight of the Royal North

Star, in Sweden. Knt. - Knight. K.P. - Knight of St. Patrick; Knight of Pythias. K.R.C. - Knight of the Red Cross.

K.R.E. - Knight of the Red Eagle, in Prussia. K.S. - Knight of the Sword, in