Sweden. K.S.A. - Knight of St. Anne, in

Russia. K.S.E. - Knight of St Esprit, in

France. K.S.F. - Knight of St. Fernando, in

Spain. K.S.G. - Knight of St. George, in

Russia. K.S.H. - Knight of St. Hubert, in

Bavaria. K.S. J. - Knight of St. Janaurius of

Naples. K.S.L. - Knight of the Sun and

Lion, in Persia. K.S.M. & S.G. - Knight of St.

Michael and St. George, in the

Ionian Islands. K.S.P. - Knight of St. Stanislaus, in

Poland. K.S.S. - Knight of the Southern

Star, in Brazil; Knight of the

Sword, in Sweden. K.S.W. - Knight of St. Wladimir, in Russia. K.T. - Knight of the Thistle; Knight


Kt. - Knight.

K.T.S. - Knight of the Tower and Sword, in Portugal.

K.W. - Knight of William, in the Netherlands.

K. W. E. - Knight of the White Eagle, in Poland.

Ky. - Kentucky.

L. - Fifty or fiftieth. Liber, book. Latin.

L, , or 1. - Libra or Libra, pound or pounds sterling.

L, or , s. d. - Librae, solidi, denarii, Pounds, shillings, pence.

La. - Louisiana.

Lam. - Lamentations.

Lat. - Latitude; Latin.

Lb. or lb. - Libra or Libra;, Pound or pounds in weight.

L.C. - Lord Chancellor; Lord Chamberlain; Lower Canada.

1. c. - Lower-case.

L. C. B. - Lord Chief Baron.

L.C. J. - Lord Chief-Justice.

L.D. - Lady-Day.

Ld. - Lord.

Ldp. - Lordship.

Leg. - Legate.

Legis. - Legislature.

Lev. - Leviticus.

Lex - Lexicon.

L.I. - Long Island.

Lib. - Liber, book.

Lieut. - Lieutenant.

Lieut. -Col. - Lieutenant-Colonel.

Lieut.-Gen. - Lieutenant-General.

Lieut. -Gov. - Lieutenant-Governor.

Linn. - Linnean.

Liq. - Liquidation.

Lit. - Literally; Literature.

Liv. - Livre, book.

LL. B. - Legum Baccalaureus, Bachelor of Laws.

LL. D. - Legum Doctor, Doctor of Laws.

loc. cit. - Loco citato, in the place cited.

Lon. - Longitude.

Lond. - London.

L.S. - Locus sigilli, place of the seal.

Lt. - Lieutenant.

LX. - Sixty or sixtieth.

LXX. - Seventy or seventieth; The Septuagint (Version of the Old Testament).

LXXX. - Eighty or eightieth.

M. - Meridies, noon.

M. - Mille, a thousand.

M. or Mons. - Monsieur, Sir.

M. A. - Master of Arts.

Mace. - Maccabees.

Mad. - Madam.

Mad. Univ. - Madison University.

Maj. - Major.

Maj. -Gen. - Major-General.

Mal. - Malachi.

Man. - Manasses.

Mar. - March.

March. - Marchioness.

Marg. - Margin.

Marg. Tran. - Marginal Translation.

Marq. - Marquis.

Masc. - Masculine.

Mass. - Massachusetts.

Math. - Mathematics; Mathematician.

Matt. - Matthew.

Max. - Maxim.

M. B. - Medicinal Baccalaureus, Bachelor of Medicine.

M. B. - Musical Baccalaureus, Bachelor of Music.

M.B.G. et H. - Magna Britannia, Gallia et Hibernia, Great Britain, France, and Ireland.

M.C. - Member of Congress.

Mch. - March.

M. D. - Medicinae Doctor, Doctor of Medicine.

Md. - Maryland.

Mdlle. - Mademoiselle.

Mdse. - Merchandise.

M.E. - Methodist Episcopal; Military or Mechanical Engineer.

Me. - Maine.

Mech. - Mechanics, or Mechanical.

Med. - Medicine.

Mem. - Memorandum. Memento, remember.

Merc. - Mercury.

Messrs. or MM. - Messieurs, Gentlemen.

Met. - Metaphysics.

Metal. - Metallurgy.

Meteor. - Meteorology.

Meth. - Methodist.

Mex. - Mexico, or Mexican.

M. -Goth. - Moeso-Gothic.

M.H.S. - Massachusetts Historical Society; Member of the Historical Society.

Mie. - Micah.

Mich. - Michigan.

Mil.- Military.

Mil Acad. - Military Academy.

Min. - Mineralogy; Minute.

Minn. - Minnesota.

Min. Plen. - Minister Plenipotentiary.

Miss. - Mississippi.

M.L. A. - Mercantile-Library Association.

MM. - Their Majesties. Messieurs, Gentlemen, Two thousand.

M.M. S. - Moravian Missionary Society.

M. M. S. S. - Massachusettensis Medicinal Societatis Socius, Fellow of the Massachusetts Medical Society.

Mo. - Missouri; Month.

Mod. - Modern.

Mon. - Monday.

Mons. - Monsieur, Sir.

Mos. - Months.

Mont. Ter. - Montana Territory.

M. P. - Member of Parliament; Member of Police.

M.P.P. - Member of Provincial Parliament.

M.R. - Master of the Rolls.

Mr. - Mister.

M.R. A. S. - Member of the Royal Asiatic Society; Member of the Royal Academy of Science.

M. R. C. C. - Member of the Royal College of Chemistry.

M.R.C.S. - Member of the Royal College of Surgeons.

M.R.G.S. - Member of the Royal Geographical Society.

M.R.I. - Member of the Royal Institute.

M.R.I.A. - Member of the Royal Irish Academy.

Mrs. - Mistress.

M. R. S. L. - Member of the Royal Society of Literature.

M.S. - Memoriae sacrum, Sacred to the Memory; Master of the Sciences.

MS. - Manuscriptum, manuscript.

MSS. - Manuscripts.

Mt. - Mount, or Mountain.

Mus. B. - Bachelor of Music.

Mus. D. - Doctor of Music.

M.W. - Most Worthy; Most Worshipful.

Myth. - Mythology.

N. - North; Number; Noun; Neuter.

n. - Note.

N. A. - North America.

Nah. - Nahum.

Nat. - Natural.

Nat. Hist. - Natural History.

Nath. - Nathanael, or Nathaniel.

N.B. - New Brunswick; North British. Nota Bena, mark well; take notice.

N. C - North Carolina; New Church.

N.E. - New England; Northeast.

Neb. - Nebraska.

Neh. - Nehemiah.

n.e.i. - Non est inventus, He is not found.

nem. con. or nem. diss. - Nemine contradicente, No one opposing; unanimously.

Neut. - Neuter (gender).

Nev. - Nevada.

New Test. or N.T. - New Testament.

N. F. - Newfoundland.