Abbreviations Alphabetically Arranged For use in Writing.

a. - In commerce, to.

@. - In commerce, at.

A.A.G. - Assistant Adjutant-General.

A. A. P. S. - American Association for the Promotion of Science.

A. A.S. - Academics Americanae So-cius, Fellow of the American Academy (of Arts and Sciences).

A.A.S. S. - Americanae Antiquarianae Societatis Socius, Member of the American Antiquarian Society.

A.B. - Artium Baccalaureus, Bachelor of Arts.

A.B.C.F. M. - American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions.

Abp. - Archbishop.

Abr. - Abridgment.

Abbr. - Abbreviation.

A.B.S. - American Bible Society.

A. C. - Ante Christum, before Christ; Arch-Chancellor.

Acad. - Academy.

Acct. - Account; Accent.

A.C.S. - American Colonization Society.

A.D. - Anno Domini, in the year of our Lord.

A. D. C. - Aid-de-camp.

Ad. - Advertisement.

Adj. - Adjective.

Adjt. - Adjutant.

Adjt.-Gen. - Adjutant-General.

Ad lib. - Ad libitum, at pleasure.

Adm. - Admiral; Admiralty.

Adm. Ct. - Admiralty Court.

Admr. - Administrator.

Admx. - Administratrix.

Ad v. - Ad valorem, at (or on) the value.

Adv. - Adverb; Advent; Advertisement.

AEt. - AEtatis, of age, Aged.

A. F. & A. M. - Ancient Free and Accepted Masons.

A. F. B. S. - American and Foreign Bible Society.

A. G. - Adjutant-General.

Alaska - Alaska Territory.

Agr. - Agriculture.

A. G. S. S. - American Geographical and Statistical Society.

Agt. - Agent.

A. H. - Anno Hegirae, in the year of the Hegira.

A. H. M. S - American Home Missionary Society.

Ala. - Alabama.

Ald. - Alderman.

A.L. of H. - American Legion of Honor.

Alex. - Alexander.

Alg. - Algebra.

Alt. - Altitude.

A.M. - Anno Mundi, in the year of the world. Artium Magister, Mas-ter of Arts. Ante meridiem, before noon; morning.

Amb. - Ambassador. (Sec Emb.)

Amer. - American.

AMM. - Amalgama, amalgamation.

Amt. - Amount.

An. - Anno, in the year.

An. A. C. - .Anno ante Christum, in the year before Christ.

Anat. - Anatomy.

Anc - Ancient; Anciently.

And. - Andrew.

Ang. -Sax. - Anglo-Saxon.

Anon. - Anonymous.

Ans. - Answer.

Ant. - Antiquity.

Anth. - Anthony.

Aor. or aor. - Aorist.

A. 0.S. S. - Americanae Orientalis So-cietatis Socius, Member of the American Oriental Society.

A. O. U. W. - Ancient Order of United Workmen.

Ap. - Apostle; Appius.

Ap. - Apud, in the writings of; as quoted by.

Apo. - Apogee.

Apoc. - Apocalypse.

App. - Appendix.

Apr. - April.

A. Q. M. G. - Assistant Quartermaster-General.

A. R. - Anna Regina, Queen Anne. Anno regni, year of the reign.

A.R.A. - Associate of the Royal Academy.

Arab. - Arabic, or Arabia.

Ariz. Ter. - Arizona Territory.

Arg. - Argumento, by an argument drawn from such a law.

Arith. - Arithmetic.

Ark. - Arkansas.

A. R. R. - Anno regni regis, in the year of the reign of the king.

Arr. - Arrived. Arrs., Arrivals.

A. R. S. S. - Antiquariorum Regiae So-cietatis Socius, Fellow of the Royal Society of Antiquaries.

Art. - Article.

A.S. or Assist. Sec - Assistant Secretary.

A. S. A. - American Statistical Association.

A. S. S. U. - American Sunday-School Union.

Astrol. - Astrology.

Astron. - Astronomy.

A. T. - Arch-Treasurer.

A. T.S. - American Tract Society.

Ats. - At suit of.

Atty. - Attorney.

Atty. -Gen. - Attorney-General.

A.U.A. - American Unitarian Association.

Aub. Theol. Sem. - Auburn Theological Seminary.

A.U.C. - Anno urbis conditae, or ab urbe condita, in the year from the building of the city (Rome).

Aug. - August.

Aur. - Aurum, gold.

Auth. Ver. - Authorized Version (of the Bible.)

Av. - Average; Avenue.

Avoir. - Avoirdupois.

A. Y. M. - Ancient York Masons. b. - Born.

B. A. - Bachelor of Arte. Bal. - Balance.

Balt. - Baltimore.

Bar. - Baruch.

Bart. or Bt. - Baronet.

Bbl. - Barrel.

B.C. - Before Christ.

B. C. L. - Bachelor of Civil Law.

B. D. - Baccalaureus Divinitatis, Bachelor of Divinity.

Bds. or bds. - Boards (bound in).

Benj. - Benjamin.


B. LL. - Baccalaureus Legum, Bachelor of Laws.

B. M. - Baccalaureus Medicinae, Bachelor of Medicine.

B.R. - Bills Receivable.

B.P. - Bills Payable.

Bost. - Boston.

Bot. - Botany.

Bp. - Bishop.

B.R. - Banco Regis or Reginae, the King's or Queen's Bench.

Brig. - Brigade; Brigadier.

Brig. -Gen. - Brigadier-General.

Brit. Mus. - British Museum.

Bro. - Brother.

Br. Univ. - Brown University.

B. 8. - Bachelor in the Sciences. B.V. - Beata Virgo, Blessed Virgin.

Bene vale, farewell. B.V.M. - Blessed Virgin Mary. C., Ch. or Chap. - Chapter.

C. or Cent. - Centum, a hundred. caet. par. - Caeteris paribus, other things being equal.

Cal. - California; Calends.

Can. - Canon.

Cant. - Canticles.

Cap. or c. - Caput, capitulum, chapter.

Caps. - Capitals.

Capt. - Captain.

Capt. -Gen. - Captain-General.

Cash. - Cashier.

ca. resp. - Capias ad respondendum, a legal writ.

ca. sa. - Capias ad satisfaciendum, a legal writ.

Cath. - Catherine.

C. B. - Companion of the Bath. Communis Bancus, Common Bench.

C.C. - Caius College; Account Current; Chancellor Commander; County Commissioner.

C.C.C. - Corpus Christi College.

C.C.P. - Court of Common Pleas.

C.E. - Canada East; Civil Engineer.

Cel. or Celt. - Celtic.

Cf. or cf. - Confer, compare.

C.G. - Commissary-General; Consul-General.

C. H. - Court-house.