Duties Of Principal Federal Officers

IN ORDER to become acquainted with the general government of the country, the reader should first carefully study the Constitution of the United States, which is herewith given, with headings, displayed in a manner such as to make it easily understood.

To become familiar with the State, county, town and municipal government, and the duties of persons in the several State, county, town and city offices, the student should acquaint himself or herself with the Constitution of the State in which he or she may be a resident, and follow with a reading of the statutes of that particular State.

The object of this chapter is to give the reader an understanding of the duties of some of the leading federal officers, together with a view of the manner in which Congressional law is made and the country governed.

The article on the duties of Congressmen very fully reveals the method of procedure in the passage of bills that make up the laws of the land, some of which may be only for personal benefit, while others are necessary and are framed for the general good.

Through laws thus passed by Congress, have the general federal offices been created. The succeeding pages quite fully outline the frame work of the general government.

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