"Two spoonsful of tea," should be "Two spoonfuls of tea."

"I'll give you fits," should be

"I will attend to you."

"A new pair of boots," should be "A pair of new boots."

"The best of the two," should be "The better of the two."

"I have lit the fire," should be

"I have lighted the fire."

"I belong to the church," should be "I am a churchmember."

"He climbed up the hill," should be

"He climbed the hill."

"What beautiful sauce," should be "What excellent sauce."

"I had rather ride," should be

"I would rather ride."

"Very warmish weather," should be

"Very warm weather."

"There is a great many," should be "There are a great many."

"I only want five dollars," should be " I want only five dollars."

"You hadn't ought to go." should be

"You ought not to go."

"There's lots of them," should be

"There are many of them."

"I have rode with him," should be

"I have ridden with him."

"I saw the Miss Browns," should be "I saw the Misses Brown."

"Peaches were plenty," should be

"Peaches were plentiful."

"Continue on in this way," should be

"Continue in this way."

"Don't give him no more," should be

"Give him no more."

"Walter and me went down," should be "Walter and I went down."

"Who does this belong to," should be

"Whom does this belong to."

"As far as I am concerned," should be "So far as I am concerned."

"He had near ten dollars," should be "He had nearly ten dollars. "

"We had an awful nice time," should be "We had a delightful time."

"He rose up from his seat," should be

"He rose from his seat."

"He came ladened with honor," should be "He came laden with honor."

"I expected to have seen him," should be

"I expected to see him."

"Give me a little bit of piece," should be

"Give me a small piece."

"They despised one another," should be "They despised each other."

"I was tickled to see him " should be "I was pleased to see him."

"He is heavier than I be," should be "He is heavier than I am."

"When we was living here," should be "When we were living here."

"He is better than you be," should be "He is better than you are."

"Similarity with each other," should be "Similarity to each other."

"When I get off from a car," should be

" When I get off a car."

" Do you mean to do that!" should be

"Do you intend to do that!"

" Either of them are rich," should be

" Each of them is rich."

" I have a couple of dollars," should be " I have two dollars."

" It spread all over the town," should be " It spread over all the town."

" If I was him I would do it," should be " If I were he I would do it."

"I'll be blamed if I can tell," should be

" I cannot tell."

" Who is there!" " It is me," should be " Who is there?" " It is I."

" I took you for another," should be

" I mistook you for another."

" His faith has been shook," should be " His faith has been shaken."

" He died with consumption," should be " He died of consumption."

" You are stronger than me," should be " You are stronger than J."

" I reckon I'll go to-morrow," should be " I intend to go to-morrow."

" I guess I'll go to-morrow," should be " I think of going to-morrow."

" He has a tarnal lot of potatoes, " should be

" He has a large quantity of potatoes."

"Make haste and dress you," should be " Make haste and dress yourself."

" The two first men are the strongest," should be "The first two men are the strongest."

" She sang to the Baptist church," should be " She sang at the Baptist church."

" Them is large enough for you," should be " Those are large enough for you."

"We won't say one single word," should be " We will not say one word."

" He is down in the basement," should be "He is in the basement."

"His manner admits of no excuse," should be

" His manner admits no excuse. "

" Received of John Brown five dollars," should be "Received from John Brown five dollars."

" No other means but this was left," should be " No other means than this was left."

" They will go from thence next week," should be "They will go thence next week."

" From now till Christmas," should be " From this time till Christmas. "

"He has got over his trouble," should be " He has recovered from his trouble."

" I know better; that ain't so," should be "Pardon me, I understand differently."

" I know little or nothing of it," should be " I know little, if anything, of it."

" He has four brother-in-laws," should be

" He has four brothers-in-law. "

"I know Mr. and Mrs. Dr.

Brown," should be " I know Dr. and Mrs.


" It's funny how long she stays sick," should be "It is singular that she should remain sick so long."

"You lie; he got tight," should be " You are mistaken; he was drunk."

" I'll be goll darned if I know where it is," should be " I do not know where it is."

"Somehow or another I'm a failure," should be " For some reason I am always a failure."

" Henry and John is coining," should be "Henry and John are coming. "

"He dropped down into the water," should be " He dropped into the water."

"They differ among one another, " should be

"They differ among themselves. "

" Take three-fourths; give me the the balance," should be "Take three-fourths; give me the remainder."

" I see him every now and then," should be " I see him occasionally."

" I never play if I can help it," should be " I never play if I can avoid it."

" Look out or you'll get hurt," should be " Be careful or you'll get hurt."

"Should have gloves like

Henry has," should be " Should have gloves like


" I'd like for you to go," should be "I would be pleased to have you go."

"May be I mought or I moughtn't," should be " I may or I may not."

" I never see such a slew of people before," should be " I never saw such a large number of people before."

"His works are approved of by many," should be " His works are approved by many."

" I don't know nothing about it," should be " I know nothing about it."

"He has a heap of cattle," should be "He has a large number of cattle."

" He had a right smart crop of corn last year," should be " He had a large crop of corn last year."

"He has a good bit of money," should be "He has a good deal of money."

"I went to New York, you know, and when I came back, you see, I commenced attending, school," should be

"I went to New York, and when I returned I commenced attending school."