Mistakes In Grammar Which Are Often Heard. Superfluous Words, Improper Phrases, And Errors Of Grammar

MANY of the following expressions may be heard in the ordinary conversation of every day life. They indicate a lack of knowledge or want of care in the use of words which those who have been trained to the use of correct language immediately observe.

In this connection it may be said that one of the most important studies is that of Grammar, which should be vigorously pursued until the student can properly construct sentences. On that qualification, in many positions of life, hangs success. Without this training the individual is liable at any time to use those expressions which indicate deficiency in this branch of a primary education.

These phrases are especially common in the language of those who are unskilled in knowledge of grammar. The corrections will aid the student somewhat in the acquisition of a better method of expression, but while they do this it is not pretended that they teach this art. They simply direct attention to the importance of this subject as a branch of education, and point out by example those phrases which are often used incorrectly.

" It is me," should be "It is I."

"I done that," should be "I did that."

" I seen him," should be " I saw him."

"We enter in," should be

" We enter."

" This 'ere one," should be

" This one."

"Is that him!" should be "Is that he!"

"Call upon him," should be

" Call ore him."

" Do like I do," should be " Do as I do."

" Onec't or twice," should be " Once or twice."

" If I was him," should be "If I were he."

" In case I win," should be

"If I win."

" Let you and I," should be " Let you and me."

" That there one," should be

"That one."

" Be you cold!" should be "Are you cold!"

" Better than me," should be " Better than I."

"How fur is it," should be "How far is it."

" I love beefsteak," should be " like beefsteak."

" Was you there!" should be " Were you there!"

" Who done that!" should be " Who did that!"

" I don't think so," should be " I think not."

" How do you do!" should be

" How are you!"

" Give me me hat," should be " Give me my hat."

" A summer's day," should be "A summer day."

" I have got back," should be " I have returned."

"Not as I know of," should be " Not that I know."

" I am very dry," should be

" I am very thirsty."

" I have saw him," should be " I have seen him."

"Both of these men," should be

" Both these men."

" Who do you wish!" should be

' 'Whom do you wish!"

" I had rather do it," should be

" I would rather do it."

"He had laid down," should be "He had lain down."

" What are the news!" should be "What is the news!"

" Set down and rest," should be " Sit down and rest."

"See that 'ere bird," should be

" See that bird."

" I had ought to go," should be " I ought to go."

" They was talking," should be " They were talking."

" Me and John saw it," should be " John and I saw it."

" Who did you say!" should be " Whom did you say!"

" I swapped horses," should be " I traded horses."

" Are you uns going!" should be

" Are you going! "

" Such another error," should be " Another such error."

"I can't stand it," should be

" I cannot endure it."

" He was. to Henry's," should be " He was at Henry's."

" He travels rapid," should be " He travels rapidly."

" As soon as ever I can," should be

" As soon as I can."

" The crops look finely," should be

" The crops look fine."

"Don't never do that," should be

" Never do that."

" Can you learn me!" should be "Can you teach me!"

" I have got the book," should be

"I have the book."

" I enjoy good health," should be " I have good health."

" I'll bet you'll go," should be

" I think you will go."

" Let me dress me," should be

" Let me dress myself."

" The man was beat," should be

" The man was beaten."

" He is as good as him," should be " He is as good as he."

"They returned back," should be

" They returned."

" The cloth was wove," should be "The cloth was woven."

" Between you and I," should be " Between you and me."

"It is three foot long," should be " It is three feet long. "

" She sings beautiful," should be " She sings beautifully."

" He won't never do it," should be " He will never do it."

" He made a dicker," should be " He made a bargain."

" He fell on the floor," should be "He fell to the floor."

" Cover over the well," should be

"Cover the well."

" If I am not mistaken," should be

" If I mistake not."

" He is up on the house," should be

" He is ore the house."

" I cannot by no means," should be " I cannot by any means."

" The stone sinks down," should be

" The stone sinks."

" It was her who called," should be " It was she who called. "

" There was some men," should be " There were some men."

" He must stay to home," should be " He must stay at home."

"First of all let me say," should be

"First, let me say."

"New furnished rooms," should be "Newly furnished rooms."

"Do you see them men?" should be "Do you see those men!"

"Is your hands cold!" should be "Are your hands cold! "

"Above a year since," should be

"More than a year since."

"These kind of apples," should be

"These kinds of apples," or

"This kind of apples."

"He is in under the wall," should be

"He is under the wall."

"I toted him across," should be

"I carried him across."

"I came from over yer," should be "I came from yonder."

"Lay down or set down," should be "Lie down or sit down."