Undaunted - courageous, bold, fearless, intrepid.

Undeniable - indisputable, incontrovertible, unquestionable.

Under - subordinate, lower, beneath, below, inferior, subject, subjacent.

Understanding - conception, intelligence, comprehension, sense, perception, faculty, reason, intellect.

Undetermined - uncertain, irresolute, hesitating, wavering, unsteady, doubtful, vacillating, fluctuating.

Unfaithful - untruthful, faithless, dishonest, disloyal, treacherous, perfidious.

Unfold - explain, divulge, reveal, unravel, develop, expand, open, display.

Unhandy - ungainly, awkward, uncouth. clumsy.

Unhappy - distressed, miserable, unfortunate, afflicted, wretched.

Uniform - even, alike, equal, same.

Unimportant - trivial, trifling, immaterial, insignificant, petty, inconsiderable.

Unlearned - uninformed, unlettered, ignorant, illiterate.

Unlike - distinct, dissimilar, different.

Unlimited - infinite, boundless, unbounded, illimitable.

Unquestionable - indubitable, undeniable, indisputable, incontrovertible.

Unravel - unfold, disentangle, extricate, reveal.

Unrelenting - unforgiving, hard-hearted, inexorable, relentless.

Unruly - unmanageable, uncontrollable, refractory, ungovernable.

Unseasonable - ill-timed, unfit, untimely, unsuitable, late.

Unsettled - doubtful, wavering, undetermined, unsteady, vacillating.

Unspeakable - unutterable, inexpressible.

Unstable - inconstant, mutable, vacillating, changeable, wavering.

Untimely - inopportune, premature, unseasonable, unsuitable.

Unwilling - loth, backward, disinclined, disliking, averse, reluctant.

Upbraid - reprove, censure, reproach, blame.

Uproar - noise, confusion, bustle, tumult,' disturbance.

Urbanity - courtesy, affability, suavity, civility.

Urge - press, incite, impel, instigate, stimulate, encourage, animate.

Urgent - importunate, pressing, earnest.

Usage - habit, fashion, custom, treatment, prescription.

Use - practice, custom, habit, service, usage, advantage, utility. Usually - generally, commonly.

Utility - use, service, benefit, advantage, convenience, usefulness.

Utterly - perfectly, completely, fully.


Vacant - void, empty, devoid, unused.

Vague - unsettled, indefinite.

Vain - conceited, useless, fruitless, idle, ineffectual.

Valedictory - farewell, taking leave.

Valuable - expensive, costly, precious, useful, worthy, estimable.

Value - price, worth, rate, appreciation, estimation, account, ap-praise, assess, compute, regard, respect.

Vanity - pride, haughtiness, conceit, arrogance.

Vanquish - subdue, overcome, slay, conquer, confute, subjugate.

Variable - transitory, capricious, fickle, unsteady, changeable, versatile, wavering.

Variation - deviation, change, variety, vicissitude.

Variety - diversion, change, difference.

Various - sundry, different, diverse.

Vehement - hot, eager, ardent, fiery, passionate, violent, impetuous.

Velocity - speed, celerity, swiftness, fleetness, rapidity, quickness.

Venerate - worship, reverence, respect, adore.

Veracity - honesty, truth, integrity. Verbal - oral, vocal.

Vestige - evidence, mark, trace, track.

Vexation - chagrin, uneasiness, trouble, sorrow, mortification.

Vicinity - locality, neighborhood, nearness, section.

View - picture, prospect, survey, landscape, see, look, behold.

Vigorous - robust, active, energetic, powerful, agile, forcible, potent.

Violent - turbulent, boisterous, impetuous, furious.

Virtue - chastity, purity, efficacy, goodness.

Visible - apparent, discernible, evident, plain, distinct, manifest, doubtless, obvious.

Visionary - fanatic, enthusiast, dreamer, imaginary, fanatical.

Volatility - lightness, flightiness, levity, giddiness, sprightliness, liveliness.

Vouch - assure, warrant, affirm, aver, protest, attest.

Vulgar - ordinary, common, low, mean.


Wages - stipulation, hire, salary, pay, allowance.

Wakeful - vigilant, attentive, observant, watchful.

Wander - roam, stroll, ramble, rove, range, journey.

"Want - indigence, need, poverty, lack.

Ware - goods, merchandise, commodity.

Warlike - military, martial.

Warmth - fervor, ardor, cordiality, animation, heat, fervency, vigor, glow, zeal, vehemence.

Warning - notice, advice, monition, caution.

Wary - discreet, guarded, watchful, cautious, circumspect.

Waste - loose, dissipate, spend, expend, consume, lavish, squander.

Wasteful - profuse, extravagant, lavish, prodigal.

Watchful - cautious, observant, vigilant, careful, circumspect, attentive, wakeful.

Waver - hesitate, vacillate. fluctuate, scruple, to be undetermined.

"Way - plan, method, course, man ner, system, means, fashion, road, route.

Weak - infirm, feeble, enfeebled, debilitated, enervated.

Wealth - opulence, riches, affluence.

Weakness - debility, feebleness, frailty, infirmity, languor, failing, imbecility, silliness, folly.

Weariness - languor, lassitude, tediousness, fatigue.

Weary - annoy, distress, harass, jade, tire, vex, perplex, subdue.

Wedding - marriage, nuptials.

Weight - load, burden, heaviness, gravity, importance, signification.

Welcome - desirable, agreeable, grateful, acceptable.

Wherefore - consequently, accordingly, so, then, therefore, thence, hence.

Whiten - blanch, fade, bleach.

Whole - undivided, complete, entire, perfect, total, uninjured, sum.

Wicked - sinful, guilty, unjust, flagrant, impious, atrocious, villainous, criminal, depraved, outrageous.

Wily - cunning, artful, subtle, crafty.

Wisdom - foresight, prudence, knowledge, understanding.

Withdraw - retreat, recede, go back, retire, take back, retrograde.

Withhold - forbear, refrain, refuse, hinder, keep back.

"Wonder - astonishment, marvel, surprise, admiration, amazement.

Wonderful - strange, curious, astonishing, surprising, marvelous, admirable.

Worthy - estimable, deserving, meritorious.

Wretched - unhappy, miserable.

Writer - author, scribe.


Yearly - annually.

Yet - but, however, notwithstanding, still, nevertheless.

Yield - comply, conform, concede, allow, produce, permit, resign, surrender.


Zeal - warmth, ardor, fervor, enthusiasm.

Zealous - concerned, earnest, ardent, fervent, anxious, warm, enthusiastic.