Dictionary Of Synonymous Words. Several Thousand Synonymous Words. For The Use Of Writers And Speakers

QUITE a common fault is that of using, when writing, the same word several times in a sentence. To avoid this inelegant repetition, the writer should give careful attention to the selection of different words having a similar meaning. Observe the following:


He is accurate in figures, accurate in grammar, accurate in spelling, accurate in writing.


He is accurate in figures, correct in grammar, exact in spelling, precise in writing.

See the word accurate in the dictionary, accompanied by synonymous words.


He made an excellent address in the morning, and his colleague made an excellent address in the evening.


He made an excellent address in the morning, and his colleague entertained the assemblage with an eloquent speech in the evening.


The patient suffered untold agony for years; during which time he suffered not only agony of body, but agony of mind.


The patient suffered untold agony for years; during which time he endurednot only torture of body, but anguish of mind.


Abase - humble, lower, degrade, depress, disgrace.

Abate - lessen, reduce, subside, decrease, diminish.

Abbreviate - abridge, curtail, condense, compress, empitomize, lessen, reduce, shorten.

Abhor - abominate, detest, hate, loathe.

Ability - capacity, power, skill, means, talent.

Able - capable, competent.

Abode - dwelling, habitation, residence.

Abominate - abhor, detest, hate, loathe.

Abridge - contract, diminish, lessen, shorten.

Absent - abstracted, inattentive, heedless.

Absorb - engross, engulf, imbibe, swallow.

Abstain - forbear, refrain, withhold.

Abstruse - hidden, obscure, difficult.

Absurd - foolish, unreasonable, preposterous, ridiculous, silly. Abundant - ample, copious, plen-

Abuslve - insolent, offensive, scurrilous, disgraceful.

Accede - acquiesce, agree, consent, assent, comply, yield.

Accept - admit, receive, take.

Acceptable - agreeable, grateful, welcome.

Accession - addition, augmentation, increase.

Accommodate - adjust, adapt, serve, suit, fit.

Accomplice - abettor, ally, assistant, accessory, associate.

Accomplish - complete, effect, achieve, fulfill, execute, realize, finish.

Account - explanation, narration, description, recital.

Accumulate - heap, collect, gather, amass.

Accurate - precise, exact, correct.

Accuse - asperse, arraign, censure, impeach, defame, calumniate, detract, vilify.

Achieve - execute, complete, fulfill, realize, accomplish, effect.

Acknowledgment - confession, concession.

Acknowledge - confess, own, avow, grant.

Acquaint - inform, communicate, disclose, make known.

Acquiesce - comply, yield, consent, agree, assent.

Acquire - gain, attain, procure, win, obtain.

Acquirement - attainment, gain.

Acquit - free, pardon, forgive, discharge, clear.

Active - quick, nimble, agile, alert, prompt, industrious, busy, brisk, vigorous.

Actual - real, certain, positive.

Actuate - impel, induce, move.

Acute - sharp, keen, subtle, piercing, shrewd, pointed, penetrating.

Adapt - suit, fit, adjust, accommodate.

Add - join to, put to, increase.

Address - speech, utterance, ability, courtship, skill, direction.

Addition - augmentation, accession, increase.

Adhere - stick, cleave, hold, attach.

Adept - apt, quick, skillful, expert.

Adherent - disciple, follower, partisan.

Adhesion - sticking, attachment, adherence.

Adjacent - close, near, adjoining, contiguous.

Adjourn - postpone, defer, delay.

Adjust - settle, fix, suit, adapt, accommodate.

Administer - give, execute, dispense, manage, supply, serve.

Admiration - regard. esteem, wonder, snrprise, amazement.

Admission - entrance, access, admittance.

Admit - allow, permit, tolerate, concede, grant.

Admonition - warning, advice, counsel, reproof.

Adorn - deck, embellish, beautify.

Adroit - agile, dexterous, clever, skillful.

Adulterate - corrupt, pollute, debase, defile.

Advancement - progression, improvement.

Advantage - profit, benefit, use, good.

Adventure - chance, casualty, contingency, incident, occurrence.

Adversary - opponent, antagonist, enemy.

Adverse - unfortunate, hostile, contrary, repugnant, opposed.

Advert - notice, turn, regard, allude.

Advise - consult, consider, deliberate, admonish.

Advocate - plead, argue, defend, support.

Affability - civility, courteous-ness, urbanity.

Affable - civil, courteous, urbane, pleasing.

Affair - business, concern, matter, transaction.

Affect - aim, assume, move, pretend, arrogate

Affecting: - feeling, touching, pathetic.

Affection - love, fondness, attachment, kindness, tenderness.

Affiliate - adopt, receive, initiate, associate.

Affinity - relationship, kindred, alliance, conformity, attraction.

Affirm - assure, assert, aver, declare, protest.

Affliction - pain, trouble, distress, grief, sadness, sorrow, tribulation, bereavement, calamity.

Affluence - plenty, abundance, riches, opulence, wealth, concourse, influx.

Afford - yield, grant, give, impart, spare.

Affright - alarm, dismay, shock, terrify, appall, frighten, dishearten, intimidate.

Affront - provoke, outrage, insult, offend.

Afraid - fearful, terrified, timid, timorous.

Aged - elderly, old, senile, advanced in years.

Agent - representative, deputy.

Aggregate - mass, collect, accumulate.

Agile - alert, active, lively, quick, sprightly, nimble, brisk.

Agitate - shake, disturb, move, discuss.