Ad captandum, For the purpose of captivating.

Ad infinitum, To an unlimited extent.

Ad libitum, At pleasure.

Alias, Otherwise.

Alibi, Elsewhere.

Alma mater, Gentle mother; often applied to the institution where one is educated.

Amor patriot, Love of country.

Anglice, In English.

Annus mirabilis, A year of wonders.

Apriori, Beforehand; from previous knowledge.

Bona fide, In good faith; genuine.

Beataememoriae,Of blessed memory.

Cocoaethes scribendi, A ridiculous fondness for writing.

Casus belli, A case for war.

Caveat, Let him beware.

Contra, On the other hand; against.

Be facto, In fact.

Be jure, By right.

Dramatis persona, Characters of the play. Ergo, Therefore.

Et id genusomne,And all of that sort. Ex officio, By virtue of the office. Exit, He (or she) goes out. Exeunt omnes, They all go out. Ex parte, On one side only. Ex tempore, On the moment. Facetiae, Witty sayings. Fac simile, An exact copy. Fiat, Let it be done; a command. Fiat justitia ruat caelum, Let justice be done though the heavens crash. Finis, The end.

Genius loci, The genius of the place. In propria persona, In person. In transitu, On the way. Imprimis, In the first place. Impromptu, Off-hand. Interim, In the mean time. Item, Also.

Lapsus lingua;, A slip of the tongue. Magna charta, The great charter.

Maximum, The greatest quantity. Mens sana in corpore sano, A sound mind in a healthy body. Meum et tuum, Mine and thine. Minimum, The least quantity. Ne plus ultra, The greatest extent attainable. Nil desperandum, Never despair. Nolens volens, Willing or not. Non compos mentis, Not of sound mind. Non est inventus, Not to be found. Non sequitur, It does not follow. Nota bene, Mark well. Omnia vincit amor, Love conquers all things. Onus probandi, Burden of proving Orator fit, poeta nascitur, The orator is made, but the poet is born. Otium cum dignitate, Ease with dignity. Par nobile fratrum, A noble pair of brothers; two alike.

Passim, Everywhere.

Paterfamilias, Father of a family.

Per capita, By the head.

Per diem, By the day.

Per fas et nefas, Through right or wrong. Per se, By itself. Prima facie, On the first view. Pro et con, For and against. Pro forma, For form's sake. Pro tempore, For the time being. Quondam, Former. Quid nunc? What now? Bus in urbe, The country in town. Semper idem, Always the same. Sub rosa, Privately. Sui generi8,Of its own kind; unique. Tempus fugit, Time flies. Vale, Farewell. Veni, vidi, vici, I came, I saw, I conquered. Verbum sat, A word is enough. Viva voce, By the living voice. Vice versa, The case being reversed.