County of...,

To wit : I,....., (the bargainee) in the foregoing bill of sale named, make oath and say: That the sale therein made is real, and for good consideration, namely: ...and not for the purpose of holding or enabling me, this deponent, to hold the goods mentioned therein against the creditors of the said bargainor.

Sworn before at..., in the county of..., this .. day of

...A. D., 18.. ......, a Commissioner.

Gift Of Personal Property

This Indenture, made...between A., of...., of the one part, and B., of..., of the other part.

Whereas, (getting out the reason and reality of the gift).

Now, this indenture witnesseth, that in pursuance of his said desire, and in consideration of his natural love and affection for the said B., he, the said A., doth hereby give and assign unto the said B.,

All and every the goods, chattels and effects in the schedule hereunto annexed, marked A.,

Together with full power and authority for the said B., and his assigns to enter into and upon any dwelling-house, lands and hereditaments, for the time being, belonging to or occupied by the said A., in or upon which any property comprised in or assigned by this indenture shall be, or be supposed to be, and stay therein or upon, and return therefrom to inspect and take an inventory or inventories of the properties and effects hereby assigned, and to remove the same at his or their pleasure.

And the said A., doth hereby, for himself and his heirs, covenant with the said B , that he, the said A., hath full power to assign and give the said goods and chattels hereby assigned in manner aforesaid,

And that it shall be lawful for the said B., and his assigns to take, hold and enjoy the same, free from any disturbance or hindrance whatever, and that free from any encumbrance.

In witness, etc.

Incorporation. - Declaration Of Incorporation

We (setting out the names of at least Jive of the intended corporators) do solemnly declare that it is our intention to become incorporated under the Act Respecting Benevolent, Provident and other Societies, Revised Statutes of Ontario, chaptered 167.

1. That the intended corporate name of our society (or institution, etc., as the case may be) is.......

2. That the objects of the said society are as follows:

3. That the manner in which our first trustees or managing officers are to be appointed is as follows:

In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands at...., in the county of..., this-----day of...188..

Declared before me. ......, Witness.

A. B. C. D. E. F. G H. I. J.

Certificate On The Foregoing For The Judge To Sign

The within declaration having been presented to me after execution by the parties thereto, as appears by the affidavit of...., thereunto attached, I certify that the said declaration appears to me to be in conformity with the provisions of the Act Respecting Benevolent, Provident and other Societies, R. S. O. chap. 167.

Justice of the High Court of Justice,...Division; or Judge of the County Court of the County of....

LEASE. - General Form of Lease.

This Indenture, made the___day of___, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and___, in pursuance of the act respecting short forms of leases, between......, of the first part, and......, of the second part:

Witnesseth, that in consideration of the rents, covenants and agreements hereinafter reserved and contained on the part of the said party of the second part, his executors, administrators and assigns to be paid - observed and performed - the said party of the first part ha. demised and leased, and-by these presents do. demise and lease unto the said party of the second part ...., executors, administrators and assigns, all that messuage or tenement situate

......... To have and to hold the said demised premises for and during the term of...., to be computed from the ...

day of..., one thousand eight hundred and .., and from thenceforth next ensuing and fully to be complete and ended.

Yielding and paying therefor, yearly, and every year during the said term hereby granted unto the the said party of the first part,

.. heirs, executors, administrators or assigns, the sum of..., to be payable on the following days and times, that is to say, on, etc.; the first of such payments to become due and to be made on the

And the said party of the second part covenants with the said party of the first part to pay rent; and to pay taxes; and to repair; and to keep up fences, and not to cut down timber; and that the said party of the first part may enter and view state of repair; and that the said party of the second part will repair according to notice; and will not assign or sub-let without leave; and that....will leave the premises in good repair.

Clause as to renewal may be as follows:

And also, that immediately after the expiration of the said term of .. years, he, the said party of the first part, his heirs and assigns, shall and will grant another lease of the said hereby demised premises, with the appurtenances, containing the like covenants, conditions, provisos and agreements as are in this lease contained and expressed, and at and under a yearly rent, payable in quarterly payments, the amount to be ascertained in manner following, that is to say: To be fixed on, and determined upon, and declared by two appraisers, to be named and appointed, one of them by the said party of the first part, his heirs and assigns, the other by the said party of the second part, .... executors, administrators and assigns, with power to them, the said appraisers, to name and call in a third if they cannot agree; such appraisement to be made within fourteen days after the end of the term hereby granted; such rent to be payable in quarterly payments as aforesaid, and to commence from and immediately after the termination of the first term.

Notice To Quit By Landlord

To A. B., or whom else it may concern:

I hereby give you notice to quit and deliver up to me, on or before of...., 18., the peaceable and quiet possession of the premises you now hold of me, with the appurtenances, situate at......, in the...of......

Dated of...., A. D. 18..

......, Witness. Yours, etc.,

........, Lessor.

Notice To Quit By Tenant

To A. B., Esq. :

I hereby give you notice that it is my intention to determine the said lease, and to quit and deliver up, on or before of....., 18., the possession of the premises now held by me, with the appurtenances, situate at......, in the township of

......, in the county of......

Dated of....., A. D. 18.

......, Witness. Yours, etc.,

........, Lessee.

Notice To Claim Double Rent

To A. B. :

I give you notice that if you do not deliver up possession of the house and premises situate, in the...

....of......, on of...., according to my notice to quit, dated the ... day of...., I shall claim from you double the yearly value of the premises for so long as you shall keep possession of them after the expiration of the said notice, according to the statute in such case made and provided.

Distress Warrant Upon Goods When Tenant Does Not Pay Rent

To A. B., my bailiff,......greeting:

Distrain the goods and chattels of......, the tenant in the house he now dwells in or upon the premises in his possession, situated ...., for the sum of ...., being the amount of due to me on the same, on of....,

18., and for your so doing, this shall be your sufficient warrant and authority.

Dated of...., A. D. 18.

Oath Of Appraisers Of Goods Attached

You, and each of you, shall well and truly appraise the goods and chattels mentioned in this inventory, according to the best of your judgment. So help you God.

Inventory Of Goods Attached

An inventory of the several goods and chattels distrained by me ...., of..., in the year 18., in the house, outhouses and lands of....., situate....., by authority and on behalf of......your landlord, for the sum of......., due to the said.......on the...

day of.......18..

In the dwelling-house:

On the premises:

Mr.........: Take notice, that as the bailiff to.....

your landlord, I have this day distrained on the premises above-mentioned, the several goods and chattels specified in the above inventory for the sum of......, due to the said___ of...., 18., for the said premises; and that unless you pay the said rent, with the charges of distraining for the same, or replevy within five days from the date hereof, the said goods and chattels will be appraised and sold according to law.

Given under my hand, of...., A. D. 18.

......, Witness.

Appraisement Of Goods Attached

Memorandum: That on of...., in the year of our Lord 18.,...., of...., sworn appraisers, were sworn upon the Holy Evangelists, by me,....., of...., well and truly to appraise the goods and chattels mentioned in the inventory, according to the best of their judgment.

Present at the swearing of the said.....and witness thereto.

........, Constable.

Memorandum To Be Endorsed On The Inventory

Memorandum: That on of...., in the year of our Lord 18.,......, of......, and ......, of

......were sworn on the Holy Evangelists by me,.....

of......, constable, truly to appraise the goods and chattels mentioned in this inventory, according to the best of their judgment. As witness my hand.

[Signatures, etc., as above. ]

Bailiff's Sale of Goods Attached.

Notice is hereby given, that the cattle, goods and chattels, distrained for rent on of...., 18., by me,...., as bailiff to......, the landlord of the precises of....., the tenant, will be sold by public auction, on of...,

18., at___o'clock, which cattle, goods and chattels are as follows, that is to say:

[Describe the property. ] of...., 18.