AMONG the duties of the projector of a public meeting will be the writing of the "Call," which should be clear, distinct, and brief, yet sufficiently explicit to enable people to know when, where, and for what object they meet.

The following, which may be varied according to circumstances, will sufficiently illustrate the general form :

Democratic Rally!

At the Court Room, Monday Evening, Nov. 7, at 8 o'clock. The DEMOCRATS OF PAXTON, Working Men, Business Men, and Citizens generally, are cordially invited to be present. The meeting will be addressed by the Hon. JOSIAH ADAMS, Hon. T. M. BAXTER, AND OTHER ABLE SPEAKERS.

School Meeting

The Friends of Education are requested to meet at the house of Solomon Biggs, in Walnut Grove, Saturday evening, Sep. 1st, at 7 o'clock, to take action relative to opening a public school in this vicinity. The meeting will consider the selection of directors, the location of the school building, and the propriety of opening a school this fall, before the building is complete.

Old Settlers' Reunion

All persons in Adams and adjoining counties, who settled here prior to 1860, are requested to meet at the Court House, in Clinton, Saturday afternoon, June 10, at two o'clock, to make arrangements for an Old Settlers' Reunion, to be held at such place and time as the meeting shall determine.

Firemen's Review

The entire Fire Department of this city is hereby notified to appear on dress parade, Saturday afternoon, at 1.30, on Broadway, between Green and Spruce streets, provided the weather is pleasant, and the streets dry. If the weather does not permit, due notice of postponement will be given.


Fire Marshal.

Woman Suffrage Convention

The Friends of Woman Suffrage are invited to meet in mass convention, at Dixon's Hall, in Chester, June 14, at ten o'clock, a.m., at which time the session will commence, and continue two days, closing on Friday evening. Hon. Asa Cushing, Rev. H. W. Cooper, Mrs. Gardner, Mrs. Chas. Fuller, and other distinguished speakers will be present, and participate in the proceedings of the convention.

Hot For Horse Thieves!

All Citizens of Jonesville and surrounding country, favorable to protecting their stock from the depredations of thieves, are expected to be present at the Eagle School House, in District No. 10, on Saturday evening, July 12, at 8 o'clock, sharp, to aid in forming an association that will give horse and cattle thieves their just dues.

Railroad Meeting

The Midland and Great Western Railroad Company are about locating their railway through this county, having surveyed three routes, one through Hastings, one by way of Brownsville, and the other through this village, passing up the river just east of Fuller's mill. The Company propose to take this route on one condition, namely: that we furnish depot grounds and right of way through this village.

Citizens of Pikeville! what action shall we take in this matter? Shall we have a railroad at our own doors, or be compelled henceforth to go ten miles to the nearest depot? Every citizen interested in the growth of our beautiful village is requested to be present at the Town Hall, next Tuesday evening, May 7, at half past seven o'clock, to consider this subject. Let there be a full expression from all the people at this meeting.

Railroad Meeting 504

Fourth Of July

The liberty-loving citizens of Eagleville, who desire to participate this year at home in a genuine, old-fashioned Fourth of July celebration, such as will make the American Eagle proud of the village that bears his name, will meet at Allen's Hall next Saturday evening, at 8 o'clock, to consider the advisability of holding such celebration.

Shall We Have An Agricultural Fair?

Agriculturists, Horticulturists, Mechanics, Artists and others, favorable to the establishment of an Agricultural and Mechanics' Fair, are desired to meet at the Town Hall, next Monday evening, June 20, at 8 o'clock, to take the necessary steps towards perfecting such organization.

Eight Hour Meeting

All mechanics, artisans, laborers, and others, who favor making eight hours a legal day's work, that they may occasionally see their wives and children during the winter months, in the day time, are requested to meet in Boyd's Hall, Monday evening, June 14, at 8 o'clock, on which occasion the meeting will be addressed by that distinguished advocate of the rights of the working man, Hon. Archibald P. Green.

Temperance Convention

The Friends of Temperance, independent of party or sect, are invited to meet in convention at Fullerton Hall in Fairbury, Wednesday, Oct. 9, at 10 a.m., to consider and discuss the means by which we may arrest the present increasing tide of intemperance in this vicinity, by which our youth are corrupted, our Sabbaths desecrated, and our homes impoverished and desolated.

Come up and help us, sons, husbands, fathers 1 Come up and aid us, daughters, wives, mothers 1 We want the influence of your presence.

Dr. Carr, the eloquent champion of temperance, will be with us. Mrs. Arnold, Mrs. John Berryman- Rev. Dr. Williams, and others will participate in the discussions of the conection, and Prof. Carter, the world-renowned musician, will add interest at the occasion by leading in the singing.

The convention will continue in session two ways, being addressed Wednesday evening by Rev. H. D. Williams, and on Thursday evening, in the closing address, by Mrs. John Berryman.

Vermonters, Attention!

All Vermonters, resident in this city and vicinity, who are favorable to holding a Vermonters' pic nic sometime during July or August, are requested to meet next Wednesday afternoon, June 15, at Judge Miller's office in Canton, to arrange time, place, and programme of exercises for that occasion.