A bas (ah-bah), Down with.

A bon marche (ah-bong-mar-shai), Cheap.

A cheval (ah-sheh-val). On horseback.

Affaire d amour (ah-faire-dah-moor), A love affair.

Affaire d'honneur (af-faire-don-ai-ur), An affair of honor.

A la mode (ah-lah-mod), In the fashion.

A l'improviste (ah-lam-pro-vist), Unawares.

Amateur (ah-ma-tair), An admirer of and unprofessional practitioner in any art.

Amour (ah-moor). Love.

A l'outrance (ah-loo-trangsse), To the utmost.

A propos (ah-pro-poe), By the way; to the purpose.

A tout prix (au-too-pree), At any cost.

A contraire (o-kong-trayre), On the contrary.

Au fait (o-fay), All right; instructed.

Au revoir (o-ruh-voo-ar), Till we meet again.

Avant coureur (ah-vang-koo-rayre), Fore-runner.

A votre sante (au-vottr-sang-tai), To your health.

Bas bleu (bah-bluhe), Blue-stocking.

Beau monde (bo-mongde), The gay world.

Belles-lettres (bell-lay-tr), Polite literature.

Blase (blah-zai), Time-worn, faded.

Bijou (be-joo), a jewel or gem.

Billet-doux (be-yay-doo), A love letter.

Bongre malgre (bon-grai-mai-grai), Willing or not.

Bonhomie (bun-no-mee), Good nature.

Bon jour (bong-joor), Good-day.

Bon-mot Cbong-mo), A witticism.

Bon soir (bong-sooar), Good night.

Bon ton (bong-tong), High fashion.

Bon vivant (bong-vi-vang), A high liver.

Bonne bouche (bun-booshe), A tid-bit.

Bonne foi (bun-foo-ah), Good faith.

Canaille (kan-ayh), The rabble.

Carte blanche (kart-blansh). Full power.

Chacun a son gout, Every one to his taste.

Chateau en Espagne, Air-castles.

Chef d'aeuvre (shay-duhvr), A masterpiece.

Cher ami (shair-ah-me), Dear friend (male.)

Chere amie (shayre-ah-mee), Dear friend, (female.)

Ci-devant (se-duh-vang), Formerly.

Comme il faut (kom-ill-foh), As it should be.

Compagnon de voyage (kong-pang-yong), Traveling companion.

Contretemps (kongtr-tang). Disappointment, accident.

Coup d'etat (koo-daih-tah), A stroke of policy.

Coup de grace (koo-de-grass), The finishing stroke.

Coup d' aeil, A glance.

Coute qu'il come (koot-key-koot), Cost what it may.

Debut (dai-boo), First appearance.

Denouement (dai-noo-mang), Solution; result.

Dieu et mon droit, God and my right.

Dot (doh), A dowry.

Double entendre (doo-bl-ang-tangdr), Double meaning.

Doux yeux (dooz-yuhe), Tender glances.

Eclat (ai-klah), Splendor; brilliancy.

Elite (ai-litt), Choice; select.

Embonpoint (ong-bong-poo-aing), Plumpness, fatness.

En ami (ang-ah-me), As a friend.

Encore (ong-kor), Again.

Enivre (ai-ne-vrai), Intoxicated.

En masse (ong-mass), In a body.

Ennui (ah-noo-e), Weariness.

En revanche (ung-ruh-vanghshe), In return.

Entente cordiale (ong-tangte-kor-dyol), Good understanding.

Entree (ang-traie), Entrance.

Entre nous (angtr-noo), Between ourselves.

Esprit de corps (es-pree-duh-kor), Pride of association.

Faux pas (foe-paw), False step; misconduct.

Fete (fayte), A festival.

Feu de joie (fuh-dh-joo-au), Bonfire; illumination.

Censdarmes (jang-darm), Soldier police.

Haul ton (ho-tong), Highest fashion.

Honi soit qui mal y pense, Shamed be he that evil thinks.

Jeu de mots, A play upon words.

Jeu d'esprit (juh-des-pree), A witticism.

Le bon temps viendra There is a good time coming.

Vhomme propose et Dieu dispose, Man proposes and God disposes.

Matinee (mah-te-naie), A daytime entertainment.

Mise en scene (meeze-ang-seyne), Putting on the stage; getting up.

Nom de plume (nong-du-ploom), Literary nickname.

Nous verrons (noo-vai-rong), We shall see.

On dit (ong-de), It is said.

Outre (oo-tray). Extravagant; outlandish.

Papier mache (pah-pyai-ma-shai), Paper pulp prepared for use and ornament.

Par exemple, For example.

Parvenu, An upstart.

Petit (puh-te), Small, little; (feminine, petite.)

Protege (pro-tai-hjai), One protected by another; (feminine, protegee.)

Qui vive (ke-viv), (On the), On the alert.

Recherche (ruh-sher-sha), Of rare attraction.

Resume (rai-zoo-mai), A summary.

Role (role), Part in a drama or performance.

Sans facon (sang fah song), Without formality.

Sans peur et sans reproche, Without fear and without reproach.

Sans souci (sang-sou-se), Without care.

Savant (sah-vang), A man of science.

Savoir vivre, Good breeding.

Soi-disant (soo-ah-de-zang), Self-styled.

Soiree (soo-ah-raie). An evening entertainment.

Tete a lite (tayte-ah-tayte), Face to face.

Tout a vous (toot-ah-voo), Wholly yours.

Tout ensemble (too-ang-sangbl), The whole together.

Vis avis (vee-zah-vee), Opposite.

Vive le roi (vivv-luh-roo-ah), Long live the king.

Voila tout (voo-ah-lah-too), That is all.


A Bios, Good-bye. Adobe, A sun-baked brick. Alma mia, My dear. Canon, A deep gulch or gorge. Carrai! Zounds!

Chaparral, A thicket of shrub oak.

Corral, An inclosure for horses,etc.

Hacienda, A farm.

Hidalgo, An aristocrat.

Ollapodrida, An incongruous mass.

Poco tempo, In a little while. Poco dinero, Little money. Pronunciamento, A declaration. Quien sabe? Who knows? Senor, Mr. or Master.

Senora, Mrs. or Mistress. Senorita, Miss. Sierra, Chain of mountains. Vamos ! Let us go.


Cantatrice, A singer. Conversazione, Social gathering. Dilettante, A lover of the fine arts.

Dolce far niente, Pleasant idleness. Impresario, A theatrical proprietor or manager.

Prima donna, First lady, or "star," in an opera. Signor. Mr. or Master.

Signora, Mrs. or Mistress. Signorina, Miss. Virtu, Curious or fine.