Harvard College, Mass., May 18,18 - . Dear Father:

I am happy to inform you that I passed my examination with credit, if I am to believe the commendation bestowed upon me by Dr. H-----.

I was very agreeably surprised, soon after my arrival, to meet my former schoolmate, Hartley Montague, who is one of the most respected and influential in his class, with whom I am, as formerly, on quite intimate terms. Many things are quite new to me here. The society is very much mixed, and I cannot tell just where my level is; but I trust I shall be able to follow the good advice of my parents, and always do credit to myself and my relatives, who have labored so assiduously to advance me to this position.

I thank you for the check you so kindly sent me, which was fully adequate to cover all expenses of entrance, and leave me a surplus sufficient for the rest of the term.

Love to dear mother and sisters. Hoping to meet you all at our forthcoming commencement, I am,

Your Affectionate Son,