No.--------------St., Dec. 12, 18 - .

Dear Hattie :

I have issued but few invitations for our Aggie's wedding, as we desire to be almost entirely private; but the presence of a few dear friends will give us all pleasure. Can we count you among those few? The ceremony will be at seven, on Tuesday evening next, December 18th, and at eight we will receive the other invited guests. Hoping to see you early, I am,

Yours Affectionately,


Answer Accepting The Invitation

No.--------------St., Dec. 13, 18 - .

My Dear Bertha :

I accept with great pleasure your kind invitation to Aggie's wedding, and will be punctual. I most earnestly pray that she may be very happy in her new life and home. Please give her my kindest love and best wishes. Your Friend,


Answer Declining The Invitation

No.--------------St., Dec. 13, 18 - .

My Dear Bertha :

My recent great bereavement must plead my excuse for not attending the wedding of your dear daughter Aggie. I would not cloud the festal scene by my heavy weeds of mourning, and I could not lay them aside, even for an hour, while the wound in my heart is so fresh with grief.

Deeply regretting that I cannot attend, I can only wish Aggie, in her new relations, the joyous life of happiness she so richly deserves.

Your Sincere Friend,


The following exhibits the size of paper, and the wording of a Funeral Notice, in common use in the metropolitan cities, where it is impossible, frequently, for all the friends to know of the death.

Answer Declining The Invitation 319

Invitation to a Picnic.

Answer Declining The Invitation 320

Invitation to a Ball.

Answer Declining The Invitation 321

Invitation to a Festival.

Answer Declining The Invitation 322

The above cards may be displayed in this manner, but for actual use should be about four times larger.