USUALLY, in sending gifts, it is customary to accompany the same with a prettily written note. Such letters, with their answers, are very brief, and are usually written in the third person, unless among relatives or very intimate friends.

Though a reply should be given immediately, no haste need be made in repaying the gift, else it would seem that you feel the obligation, and will experience relief by paying the debt.

Accompanying A Betrothal Gift Of A Ring

No. 84 Eldridge Court, Jan. 1,18 - . Dear Annie:

Will you accept the accompanying ring, and wear it as a pledge of the undying affection of,

Yours Constantly,


Reply To The Foregoing

No. 8----------St., Jan. 2,18 - .

Dear William:

Your beautiful gift is on my finger, where it will be ever worn as a token of your love. Yours Truly,


Form Of Letter Accompanying Photographs

Form Of Letter Accompanying Photographs 288

Answer To The Foregoing

Jackson, Miss., Oct. 25,18 - . Dear Emily:

I regret that we are not to have the anticipated visit from you this spring. We are very thankful for the photographs, however, if we can do no better. We regard them very life-like in expression, and truthful in representation. When baby is a few weeks older, we will group ourselves together, and you shall see us as we are. Our love to all your family, and remember me as,

Your Constant Friend,


Accompanying A Book Sent By The Author

SPRINGDALE, N. J., June 1,18 - .

Miss Harmon will please accept the accompanying volume as a token of the high esteem and regard of the Author,


Answer To The Foregoing

No. 9----------St., Aug. 2,18 - .

Miss Harmon presents her regards to Mr. Wells, and accepts with much gratification his highly esteemed and valuable gift. Arthur Wells, Esq.

Accompanying A Bouquet To A Lady

Will Miss Beveridge honor Mr. Haines by carrying the accompanying flowers to the concert this evening?

Answer To The Foregoing

Miss Beveridge's compliments and thanks to Mr. Haines. His beautiful and fragrant gift will be a welcome addition to her toilet for this evening.

Accompanying A Birthday Gift

Belvidere, ILL., Dec. 10,18 - . Friend David:

Sixty years ago, to-day, you and I exchanged birthday greetings, then in our twentieth year. How the years have flown by since then, sprinkling our heads with snow, and finally covering them with white! You will please accept this staff as an evidence that time cannot dim the unchanging friendship of,

Your Friend,


Answer To The Foregoing

Freeport, ILL., Dec. 10, 18 - . My Friend Joseph:

Your very valuable and welcome gift came to-day. I lean on it, and look back. The noonday of our life has passed. Gradually we are descending the slope towards the going-down of our life's sun. It is appointed for all to reach life's meridian, stand there for a little while, and go down on the other side. Youth may not be recovered here, but I doubt not that we may be young again, in that bourne towards which we are fast passing. During my remaining years I will cherish your gift. Accept my warmest thanks, and remember me as,

Your Constant Friend,


Accompanying A Donation To A Clergyman

To The Rev. Washington Smith, Pastor of the - th St. M. E. Church. Dear Sir:

Will you confer upon us the great pleasure of appropriating to your own use the accompanying check ? It is presented by your many friends in your congregation, as a slight token of the very high esteem in which you are held by the people, as a Christian gentleman and a most eloquent and instructive preacher.

Trusting that its acceptance will afford you as much pleasure as is given us in the presentation, we are, Very Respectfully,

Martin Fuller, Wm. B. King, Chas. H. Snow.

Com. of Presentation.

Answer To The Foregoing

St. Louis, Mo., Jan. 1,18 - . Messrs. Martin Fuller, Wm. B. King, and Chas. H. Snow. Gentlemen:

Your very kind and courteous letter, accompanied by your valuable testimonial, is received, for which please accept my grateful acknowledgments. The gift itself, however, is not more valued than the golden words of sympathy and encouragement that accompany its presentation. Trusting that, through God's blessing, I may be able to serve the generous donors as acceptably in the future as your testimonial leads me to suppose I have in the past, I am,

Your Very Obedient Servant,


Accompanying A Gift To A Superintendent Upon Retirement

Chicago, ILL., Feb. 2,18 - . Mr. Arthur P. Stephens. Dear Sir:

The undersigned, employes of the Northwestern Sheet Lead and Zinc Works, deeply regretting your departure from among us, desire your acceptance of the accompanying memorial, in testimony of our affection and respect for you as a gentleman and a mechanic, and as a faint expression of our appeciation of your kindly efforts to render our connection with this manufactory not only pleasant and agreeable to ourselves, but profitable to the company.

Deeply regretting that our connection must be severed, we shall gratefully remember our association in the past, and hope always to be held in pleasurable remembrance by you.

(Signed by the Employes.)

Answer To The Foregoing

Chicago, ILL., Feb. 3,18 - . To the Employes of the Northwestern Sheet Lead and Zinc Works. Gentlemen:

I am in receipt of your kind letter and testimonial. Wherever fortune may cast my lot, I shall never cea6e to remember the pleasant associations of the past few years, and the many kind attentions I have received at your hands. If our relations and labors have been pleasant, I do not forget that they were largely made so by your always generous efforts and willing cooperation.

I will ever cherish your beautiful gift as a memorial of our pleasant years together, and can only wish that each of you, when occupying positions of trust, may be as warmly supported and as ably assisted by those in your charge as I have been since my connection with yourselves. Thanking you for this testimonial and your generous words of approval, I remain,

Your Friend,