IT is to be hoped that you will not often be compelled to write a letter asking a favor.

Do not urge your claims too strongly. Should you be refused, you will feel the more deeply humiliated.

In conferring a favor, avoid conveying the impression that the recipient is greatly under obligation to you. Rather imply that the granting and accepting of the favor is mutually a pleasure.

Letters refusing a favor should be very kindly worded, and, while expressing regret at your inability to comply with the request, state the reason why.

Requesting The Loan Of A Book

Wednesday Morning, Jan. 1,18 - . Dear Bertha:

Will you he so kind as to loan me, for a few days, " How I Found Livingstone ?" By so doing, you will greatly oblige,

Your Friend,


Reply Granting The Favor

Wednesday Morning, Jan. 1, 18 - . Dear Nannie:

I send you the hook with pleasure, and hope you will enjoy its perusal as much as I did. I shall be over to see you next Thursday afternoon.

Affectionately Yours,


Requesting A Loan Of Money

Lisbon, ILL., Feb. 2,18 - . Friend Baker:

Will you do me the kindness to loan me one hundred dollars until Wednesday of next week. Having several large collections to make during the next three days, I may return the loan before then. Yours Truly,


Answer Refusing The Request

Lisbon, ILL., Feb. 2,18 - . Friend Haskins:

I regret that all the money I have at liberty I am compelled to use this afternoon; else I would comply with your request with pleasure. Respectfully,


Requesting A Letter Of Introduction

Springfield, Mass., March 4, 18 - . Friend Rich:

I start for Boston to-morrow, to make arrangements for our excursion. I shall arrange to have the journey extend as far as the Holy Land. Be so kind, if you please, as to give me a letter of introduction to Prof. Wm. Kidder, whom I hope, also, to enlist in the scheme.

With warmest regards to your family, I remain,

Very Truly Yours,


Reply Granting The Request

Sparta, R. I., March 6, 18 - . Dear French:

I enclose, with pleasure, the letter to Prof. Kidder, who, I think, will be pleased to join us. Wishing you much success,

I am, Yours Truly,


Requesting The Loan Of An Opera Glass

Thursday Afternoon, April 7,18 - . Dear Mabel:

Accompanied by cousin Fred and Jennie Masters, I am going to the theater to-night, and in behalf of Fred I wish you would loan me your opera-glass for the evening.


Answer Refusing The Request

Thursday, April 7,18 - . Dear Beckie:

Charlie Hackney called and borrowed my glass about an hour since; otherwise, I would take the greatest pleasure in granting your request. Wishing you a delightful evening, I am,

Your Devoted Friend,


Requesting The Loan Of A Pistol

Friday Morn., May 8,18 - . Friend Godard:

Please loan me your pistol this forenoon, and oblige


Reply Granting The Request

Friday, May 8,18 - . Friend John:

Accept the pistol. Beware that you do not get hurt. I shall want it to-morrow. Truly Yours,