LETTERS of Excuse should be written as promptly as may be.

Any damage that may have been caused by yourself, you should, if possible, repair immediately, with interest.

In apologizing for misconduct, failing to meet an engagement, or for lack of punctuality, always state the reason why.

By fulfilling every engagement promptly, discharging every obligation when due, and always being punctual, you thereby entirely avoid the necessity for an excuse.

Any article borrowed by measure, be certain to return in larger quantity and better quality, to make up the interest. To fail to make good that which has been borrowed is the certain loss of credit and business reputation in the neighborhood where you live. No letter of apology can make amends for neglecting to pay your debts.

Apologizing For A Broken Engagement

Frederick, Md., July 13,18 - . My Dear Miss Merton:

I fear that you will feel injured at my failure to keep my appointment this evening. You will, however, I know, forgive me when I explain. When about to proceed to your residence, my horse, being very restive, became so frightened at an object by the roadside as to cause his runaway, throwing me violently to the ground, breaking an arm, and completely demolishing my carriage. Regretting my failure to keep my engagement, I am yet rejoiced that the accident occurred before you had entered the carriage. Trusting that my excuse is a sufficient apology, I remain,

Your Faithful Friend,


Apologizing For Failure To Pay Money Promptly

Danby, N. Y., July 11,18 - . Mr. D. B. Frisbie.

Bear Sir:

I very much regret that the failure of H. Cole & Son will prevent my payment of your note on the 20th instant, without serious inconvenience to myself. I shall be able to pay it, however, promptly on the 25th. Should the five days' delay seriously incommode you, please write me at once, and I will aim to procure the money from another source.

Your Obedient Servant,


Excuse To A Teacher For Non-Attendance Of Child At School

Wednesday Morning, Sept. 4, 18 - . MISS Blake :

You will please excuse Gertrude for non-attendance at school yesterday afternoon, she being detained in consequence of a severe headache.

Very Respectfully,


Apology For Breaking A Business Engagement

Monticello, ILL., Oct. 15,18 - . Mr. Paul D. Warren,


Dear Sir:

I very much regret being compelled to apologize for not meeting you at the railroad meeting in Salem last Saturday, as I agreed to do. The cause of my detention was the sudden and severe illness of my youngest child, whose life for a time we despaired of. Please write me the result of the meeting. Hoping that the arrangements we anticipated were perfected, I am,

Yours Truly,


Apology For Delay In Returning A Book

Kentland, Ind., Nov. 19,18 - . My Dear Amy:

You must excuse my long delay in returning your book. The truth is, it has been the rounds for several to read, though it has not been out of our house. When I had nearly finished its reading, Aunt Mary became interested in its contents and read it through. Her glowing description of the character of the work caused mother to peruse it; so that we have kept it from you several weeks. We feel very grateful to you, however, for furnishing us such an intellectual feast, and hope to have the pleasure of doing you a like favor.

Truly Your Friend,