The Index

Marks Directing Attention 258

is used to call special attention to an important line or clause in the writing or printing , as:

Marks Directing Attention 259

Five per cent discount for cash."

The Asterism or Stars (***) is used to designate a general reference ; as

" *** The teacher should make frequent use of the blackboard."

The Brace { is employed to unite two or more parts of speech or names that are brought into juxtaposition as


Marks Directing Attention 260

Masculine, Feminine, Neuter.


Marks Directing Attention 261

Wm. Smith. John Brown.

A Paragraph (¶) is used by the author frequently to designate, in the middle of a sentence, when he re-reads his manuscript, those words that he wishes to have commence a paragraph. It shows where something new begins.

A Section (§) usually designates the smaller distinct parts of a book.

As references they are frequently used with numbers; thus:

"¶ 87. Wedding Ceremonies in Different Countries." " § 172. The Law of Usury in Different States."

Leaders (-----) are employed to lead the eye from one portion of the page to another across blank space; as



New York....................304


Words and sentences that the writer desires should be emphatic, are designated by lines drawn beneath the words that are to be emphasized. Thus one line indicates italics; two lines, small capitals ; three lines, LARGE CAPITALS; four lines, ITALIC CAPITALS. The words

Underscoring 262

Underscored will appear in print thus -

" To arms! to arms!! TO ARMS!!! they cry." "Upward and upward we went! gradually the scene grew more and more entrancing! until at length, faster, richer, WILDER, GRANDER the weird objects came and went, fading away at last in the long dim distance."