My object in writing you at present is to learn your best terms for a residence containing not less than ten rooms, having from six to ten acres of land attached, situated not over a mile from the postoffice. An immediate answer will oblige,

Your Obedient Servant,


Superintendent's Resignation

Galesburg, ILL., Sept. 1, 1878. To the General Superintendent of the C, B. & Q. R. R.,

Chicago, Ill., Dear Sir :

I herewith tender my resignation as local superintendent of the railroad repair works in this city, my labors in behalf of your company to cease October 1, 1878.

Respectfully Yours,


Short Form Of Resignation

Pittsburgh, Pa., Dec. 2, 1879. To the Directors of the Pittsburgh Glass Works,

Pittsburgh, Pa., Dear Sirs :

Please accept my immediate resignation as business manager of your manufactory.

Yours Respectfully,


Clergyman's Resignation

To the Trustees of First Baptist Church,

Pittsfield, Mass., Gentlemen :

It has now been seven years since the commencement of my pastoral connection with the First Baptist Church of this city. During this time the church society has grown in numbers, the sabbath school has been continually blessed by a large attendance, and the relations between pastor and congregation have always been of a most pleasant character. For these and other reasons it would be agreeable to continue my connection with the society longer; but other fields of labor affording wider and better opportunities, I feel it but just that I accept the privileges offered.

Thanking the congregation to whom I have ministered for their kind and unwavering support, and praying for your continued prosperity, I desire you to accept my resignation as pastor of your society, to take effect January 15, 1878. Yours Very Respectfully,


Letter Complaining Of Error In A Bill

Troy, N. Y., June 10, 18 - . Messrs. H. B. Claflin & Co.,

New York, Dear Sirs :

Upon examining bill accompanying your last lot of goods, I find that I am charged with four dozen pairs of cotton hose which I never ordered nor received. I enclose the bill and copy of the invoice of goods, that the error may be corrected. I am, gentlemen,

Yours Very Respectfully,


Answer To The Foregoing

New York, June 11, 18 - . Mr. H. B. Moore,

Troy, N. Y.,

Dear Sir :

We regret that you were put to any trouble by the carelessness of a clerk, who, having proved himself incompetent, has left our service. We enclose the correct bill to you, and offer apologies for the error. Truly Yours,


An Application For A Situation On A Railway

Davenport, Ia., Jan. 15, 18 - . Hon. B. C. Smith,

Dear Sir;

Understanding that you are a shareholder in some of the principal railways, and on intimate terms with several of the directors, I venture to solicit your kind interest in behalf of my eldest son, William, now in his twentieth year. His education has been varied and useful, and his character, so far as I know, is above reproach.

For several years he has expressed a desire to enter the employ of a railroad company, and under the circumstances I venture to write to you, in the hope that, should you have it in your power to oblige me, you will kindly intercede in his favor. By doing so you will confer a lasting obligation both on him and me. I remain, sir,

Your Ob'd't Servant,

Recommending A Successor In Business

Milwaukee, Wis., Dec. 24, 18 - . Messrs. Bell & Hardy,

Dear Sirs :

We flatter ourselves that there are many friends among our connection who will regret that we are on the point of relinquishing business. In doing so our premises and stock of goods will be transferred to the hands of Messrs. Williams & Co., who will in future carry on the business on the same approved system and extensive scale as ourselves, provided they can rely upon receiving the patronage of our connection; in the hope of which, it is our pleasure and duty to present these gentlemen to your notice. We cannot speak too highly of the confidence we feel in their liberal mode of conducting mercantile transactions; and, in the hope that they may be honored with the same countenance received by ourselves from your respected firm, we beg to sign ourselves

Your Most Obedient Servants,


Notice Of Having Forwarded Goods

South Haven, Mich., Sept. 1, 18-. Messrs. Hager, Spies & Co.,

Chicago, Ill., Dear Sirs :

According to your order, I have shipped you this day, per Steamer Morning Star,


baskets Peaches,

(Marked H., S. & Co.)


bbls. Sweet Potatoes,

" " "


" Apples,

" " "

Trusting that these will prove as satisfactory as those heretofore sent, and bring as good a price, I am

Respectfully Yours,


Requesting A Friend To Make Purchases

Kankakee, ILL., Jan. 1, 18 - . Dear Mary :

I am going to trespass on your kindness by asking you to make a few purchases for me. Enclosed find twenty dollars and a memorandum of what I want.

My household duties, combined with the objection I have to leaving my children at this season of the year in the care of servants, very closely confine me to my home, and are my excuse for troubling you.

We are in usual health, and I hope this note will find your family all well. With kind regards to Mr. Webster and love to children, I remain,

Your Sincere Friend,

HELEN D. WELLS. To Mrs. Mat Benson,

- Michigan Ave., Chicago.

Requesting Settlement Of Account

Memphis, Tenn., Oct. 9, 18 - Hiram Baxter, Esq.,

Nashville, Tenn.


I enclose your account. I shall feel obliged by your settlement at an early date, as I have several heavy payments to make.

. Trusting that you will excuse my troubling you, I am,

Yours Respectfully,


Reply To The Preceding

NA8HVTLLE, Tenn., Oct. 12, 18 - . Delos Hartwell, Esq.,

Memphis, Tenn.


As I am unable to send you the money for settlement of our account, without inconvenience, I enclose my acceptance for thirty days, which I trust you will be able to use.

Yours Truly,


Urging Payment Of Rent

Columbus, O., March 11,18 - . Mr. D. P. Hoyt.

Bear Sir:

I have waited patiently for your convenience in the payment of rent for the house you are at present occupying. As, however, you have now been my tenant for four months without meeting any of the payments, which were to be made monthly, I feel obliged to remind you of the fact that there are now $80 due to me. Trusting that you will give the subject your immediate attention, I am,

Yours Truly,


Letter To A Pioneer Settler In The West

Toledo, Ohio, July 9,18 - . Mr. Martin Fuller.

Bear Sir:

I take the liberty, though a stranger, of addressing you a few lines relative to the inducements for new settlers in your section of the country, having been recommended to do so through our mutual friend, Artemas Carter.

As I have sold out my business in this city for ten thousand dollars, I am anxious to invest the proceeds in a large farm in a young

State, feeling satisfied that a new country, like that you are now in, offers attractions for young and energetic men not found in the old cities.

You will much oblige me by giving information concerning climate, soil, water, timber, and other inducements for settling in your vicinity. Trusting that doing so will not seriously trouble you, and that I may hear from you soon, I remain,

Yours, Very Respectfully,