Orders Receipts Orders For Money 382

For Merchandise

Austin, Texas, Dec. 1, 18 - . Mb. J. M. Hunter:

Please pay John Wilkins, Seventy-five Dollars in merchandise, and charge to


For Merchandise Not Exceeding in Value a Specified Sum.

Sandusky, O., Aug. 9, 18 - . Messrs. Brown, Jones & Co. :

Please deliver to the bearer, W. H. Wing, such goods as he may desire from your store, not exceeding in value the sum of Fifty Dollars, and charge the same to my account.


For Goods Stored

Hannibal, Mo., April 11, 18 - . Messrs. Stevens, Cobb & Co. :

Please Deliver to B. Hooper, or order, One Hundred Barrels of Flour, stored by me in your warehouse.



For Money On Account

For Money On Account 383

In Full Of All Demands

In Full Of All Demands 384

In Full Of All Accounts

In Full Of All Accounts 385

For Money Advanced On A Contract

$1,000. Henderson, KY., July 16, 18 - .

Received of Harvey Maynard, One Thousand Dollars in advance, on a contract to build for him a brick house at No. 1171 Walnut street, St. Louis.


For Rent

$25. Richmond, Va., May 1, 18 - .

Received of Walter B. Haskins, Twenty-five Dollars, for rent of dwelling at No. 784 Washington street, for month of May, 18 - .


For A Note

$500. Charleston, S. C., Dec. 31, 18 - .

Received of Goldwin Hubbard, his note at sixty days for Five Hundred Dollars, in full of account.


For A Note Of Another Person

$200. Pensacola, Fla., May 2, 18 - .

Received of Herbert Spencer, a note of

Robt. Hatfield, for the sum of Two Hundred Dollars, which, when paid, will be in full of all demands to date.


Bills Of Purchase

A Bill of Purchase is a statement of goods or wares bought at one time, embracing both the quantity and price of each article and the amount of the whole. If paid at the time of purchase, it should be receipted by the seller, as in the first of the following examples; if settled "by note " as in the second example, or if "charged on acc't," it may be so stated.

Forms Of Bills Of Purchase

Forms Of Bills Of Purchase 386