In his annual report to Congress the Secretary shall present: Estimates of the public revenue and public expenditures for the current fiscal year, with plans for improving and increasing the revenues from time to time; a statement of all contracts for supplies or services which have been made by him, or under his direction, during the preceding year; a statement of the expenditure of moneys appropriated for the payment of miscellaneous claims against the government not otherwise provided for; a statement of the rules and regulations made by him, with his reasons for making them, to secure a just and faithful appraisal of all goods, wares, and merchandise imported into the United States, and their amounts and values; a full and complete statement of the sums collected from seamen, and expended for sick and disabled seamen, as a hospital tax for that purpose.

The secretary shall make other reports to Congress, at prescribed times: A statement of the amount of money expended at each custom -house during the preceding fiscal year, with the detailed number, occupation and salaries of all persons employed at each custom-ho u s e during the same period.

A statement showing the results of the information collected during the preceding year by the B u reau of Statistics concerning the condition of the agriculture, manufactures, domestic trade, currency, and banks in the States and Territories.

The reports made to him by the auditors relating to the accounts of the war and navy departments respectively, showing the application of the money appropriated by Congress for those departments for the preceding year.

An abstract, in tabular form, of the separate accounts of moneys received from internal duties or taxes in each of the States, Territories and collection districts, required to be kept at the Treasury.

A copy of each of the accounts kept by the superintendent of the Treasury buildings of all contingent expenses of the several bureaus of the department, and of all amounts paid for furniture, repairs of furniture, or of the sale of old furniture.

Also the number, names, and salaries of persons employed in surveying the lake and sea-coasts, their respective duties, and the amounts expended by the superintendent of this branch of the government service.

Statistics of Commerce. The secretary is also charged with the duty, under prescribed regulations, of printing and presenting to Congress the annual report of the statistics of commerce and navigation, prepared by the Bureau of Statistics; of printing annually a condensed statement of the whole amount of the exports and imports to and from foreign countries during the preceding fiscal year; of publishing in some newspaper at Washington, every three months, a statement of the whole receipts, during the previous quarter-year, showing the amounts received from customs, public lands, and miscellaneous sources, and also the payments made during said quarter to civil officers and employes, the army or the navy, for Indian affairs, fortifications or pensions; of publishing in some newspaper at Washington, on the first day of each month, the last preceding weekly statement of the Treasurer of the United States, showing the amount to his credit in the different banks, in the mints or other depositories, the amounts for which drafts have been given and those unpaid, the amount remaining subject to his draft, and any recent changes in the depositories of the Treasury.

Treasury Building, Washington, D. C.

Treasury Building, Washington, D. C.

Bureau of Statistics. The Bureau of Statistics is superintended by a division clerk, who is appointed for that purpose by the Secretary of the Treasury.

The purpose of the bureau is the collection, arrangement and classification of such statistical information as may be procured, tending to show, each year, the condition of the agriculture, manufactures, domestic trade, currency and banks of the several States and Territories. Under the direction of the Secretary of the Treasury, the chief of the Bureau of Statistics prepares annually a report, containing in detail statements substantially showing: Statistics concerning the commerce and navigation of the United States with foreign countries, to the close of the fiscal year; comprehending all goods, wares and merchandise exported from the United States to foreign countries, and all goods, wares and merchandise imported into the United States from foreign countries, and all navigation employed in the foreign trade of the United States. These statistics exhibit the kinds, qualities and values of the articles exported or imported, minutely stated; also what articles are of foreign or native production. The statistics of navigation show the amount of tonnage of all vessels arriving from foreign countries in the United States, and all vessels departing from the United States to foreign ports; the amount of tonnage of vessels belonging to the United States, and the amount of tonnage of vessels owned in foreign countries, arriving in and departing from the United States, with other particulars.