Mr. and Mrs.---------:It becomes my pleasant duty, in behalf of your friends assembled here to-night, to remind you that we are not forgetful of the fact that you have turned a quarter of a century in wedded life. This of itself, in an age when marital separations are so common, is worthy of recognition; but it is not alone that fact that causes your friends to convene at this time.

For years it has been our privilege to know your household in genial friendship. In the varied walks of neighborly and social intercourse, you have contributed abundantly toward the making of life pleasant in the circle in which we have moved. We do not forget that when the laugh was merriest your happy presence added pleasure to the scene; and when sorrow visited our homes your words of consolation and sympathy made the sorrow lighter.

There comes a time, at various periods in life, when we can honor and reward those whom we esteem. Such is the present occasion.

Recollecting our many obligations for kindness you have rendered, and the pleasant years made agreeable through your acquaintance, your friends herewith present you this tea-service and desire your acceptance of the same.

The gift, while appropriate as a memorial of twenty-five years of wedlock, is presented as a token of the high favor in which you are held by your many friends.

May it adorn your table in the future, and may the refreshing beverage you shall sip from these silver goblets be such as will aid in prolonging your lives to that time when, at your golden wedding, we shall, by the sight of these present gifts, be reminded of the pleasant scene that took place twenty five years before - the delightful occasion which we celebrate to-night.