Arabia - Coffee, aloes, myrrh, frankincense, gum arabic

Belgium - Grain, flax, hops, woolens, linens, laces, various manufactures.

Brazil - Cotton, sugar, coffee, tobacco, gold, diamonds, wheat, dye-woods.

Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick - Flour, furs, lumber, fish.

Cape Colony - Brandy, wine, ostrich feathers, hides, tallow.

Central America - Logwood, mahogany, indigo, cocoa.

Chili - Silver, gold, copper, wheat, hemp, hides, sugar, cotton, fruits.

China - Tea, silks, nankeens, porcelain, opium, articles of ivory and pearl.

Denmark - Grain, horses, cattle, beef, pork, butter, and cheese.

Eastern, Western and Southern Africa - Gold, ivory, ostrich feathers.

Egypt - Rice, grain, linseed, fruits,indigo, cotton, sugar.

Ecuador and New Grenada - Coffee, cotton, indigo, fruits, sugar, cocoa.

France - Silks, woolens, linens, cottons, wine, brandy, porcelain, toys.

Germany - LineiLgrain, various manufactures of silver, copper. etc.

Great Britain - Woolens, cottons, linsns, hardware, porcelain, etc.

Greenland - Whale oil, whale bone,seal skins.

Hindostan - Cotton, silks, rice, sugar, coffee, opium, indigo.

Holland - Fine linens, woolens, butter, cheese, various manufactures.

Italy -Silks, wines, grain, oil, fruits.

Ireland - Linens, beef, butter, tallow, hides, potatoes, barley, etc.

Japan - Silk and cotton goods, Japan ware, porcelain.

Mexico - Gold, silver, logwood, cochineal, fruits.

Persia - Carpets, shawls, wine, silk, cotton, rice, rhubarb, guns, swords, etc.

Peru - Silver, gold, Peruvian bark, mercury, sugar, cotton, fruits.

Russia - Hemp, iron, linen, grain, timber, furs, tallow, platina.

Spain and Portugal - Silks, wool, wine, oil, fruits, salt, etc.

Sweden and Norway - Iron, steel, copper, timber, fish.

Switzerland - Watches, jewelry, paper, laces, linen, cotton and silk goods, etc.

Turkey - Grain, fruits, cotton, oil, wines, carpets, muslin, swords.

United States - Eastern States - Lumber, beef, pork, fish, cottons, woolens, etc.

Middle States - Flour, wheat, salt, coal, cottons, woolens, etc.

Southern States - Cotton, rice, tobacco, corn, lumber, pitch, fruits.

Western States - Corn, wheat, lead, coal, iron, salt, lime, beef, pork. Venezuela - Sugar, coffee, cocoa, cotton, indigo, fruits. West Indies - Sugar, rum, molasses, coffee, spice, cotton, indigo, fruits.