One pull of bell-cord signifies "stop."

Two pulls mean "go ahead."

Three pulls signify "back up."

One whistle signifies "down brakes."

Two whistles mean " off brakes."

Three whistles signify " back up."

Continued whistles indicate "danger."

Rapid short whistles, "a cattle alarm."

A sweeping parting of the hands, on a level with the eyes, signifies " go ahead."

A slowly sweeping meeting of the hands, over the head, means "back slowly."

Downward motion of the hands, with extended arms, signifies "stop."

Beckoning motion of one hand, Indicates "back."

A red flag waved up the track, signifies "danger."

A red flag standing by the roadside, means "danger ahead."

A red flag carried on a locomotive, signifies "an engine following."

A red flag raised at a station, is a signal to stop."

A lantern at night raised and lowered vertically, is a signal to "start."

A lantern swung at right angles across the track, means "stop."

A lantern swung in a circle, signifies "back the train."