Mr.Foreman and Gentlemen: We anticipated a generous reception at your hands, for the fame of your hospitality has become general among the firemen of our city.

Although this is our first professional visit, we have heard that your fire department keeps abreast with the improvements and the demands of the age, and that in you we should find "foemen worthy of our steel." A glance at your numbers and make-up convinces us that the report was true, and the test of skill which you propose for to-morrow afternoon meets with our warm approval.

We fully appreciate the genuine heartiness of your welcome, and the excellent quarters which you have provided for us during our visit. We hope, before the snow falls, to be able to reciprocate these favors with interest.

We believe that under your guidance we shall greatly enjoy this visit. Enterprise and activity are visible on every hand, and as these are qualities entirely in harmony with the fireman's profession, we anticipate, in your society, a "high old time."

Again thanking you for your kindness, we await your further pleasure.