"Resolved, That a committee of five be appointed by this meeting to investigate the extent of this violation, and report the same to the city council at their next meeting. "Resolved, That we call upon the mayor, aldermen, and city marshal of this city to enforce the law relating to the sale of liquors, and we hereby remind them that the people will hold them to strict accountability for allowing the ordinances governing and restraining saloon keepers to be violated."

Resolutions On The Departure Of A Clergyman

"At a meeting of the Presbyterian society, held in the lecture room of their church, on Tuesday evening, the 10th instant, the following preamble and resolutions were adopted :

"Whereas, Our pastor, the Rev. Hiram G. Morgan, has received a call from the First Presbyterian church of -------, and, for the purpose of accepting the same, has tendered his resignation as pastor of the Presbyterian church in this city; and

"Whereas, We all realize that none but a selfish interest can prompt us to retain him, when a broader field with nobler opportunities is open to him; therefore, be it

"Resolved, That we accept the resignation which severs our relation as pastor and people with feelings of heartfelt sadness.

"Resolved, That the ten years of faithful service rendered by him to this society have been greatly blessed in upbuilding our church, increasing its membership, and creating feelings of Christian fellowship and good will among other denominations.

"Resolved, That for his ministering to the temporal wants of the poor, and the spiritual needs of all; for the tender solicitude and earnest sympathy which have always brought him to the bedside of the sick and dying; for his efforts in behalf of the education of the masses; and for his exertions to ameliorate the condition of suffering humanity at all times and under all circumstances, the members of this parish, and the people of this city, owe him a debt of gratitude which they can never repay.

"Resolved, That, in parting, our kindest wishes will ever attend him, and that we recommend him to the parish to which he is to minister as one worthy their full confidence and highest esteem.





Resolutions On The Departure Of A Sunday School Teacher

"Whereas, Mr. Grant Watkins is about to remove from our midst and sever his connection with this school, in which he has so long and faithfully labored as teacher; therefore, be it

"Resolved, That we deeply regret the necessity of losing him in the Sunday School work, and most fervently wish for him a future of active usefulness in his chosen field of new associations and interests, ever praying that by a well ordered life and a Christian consecration he may at last unite, with all the truly faithful, in sweeter songs of redemption in the bright hereafter."

Resolutions Favorable To Forming An Association

"Mr. Chairman : Your committee, to whom was referred the duty of preparing resolutions expressive of the sense of this meeting, beg leave to report the following:

"Whereas, Our county is being infected by a band of organized horse thieves and highwaymen, making property and human life insecure; and

"Whereas, The safety of the people demands that some immediate action be taken looking to the protection of life and property; therefore, be it

"Resolved, That an association of citizens favorable to such protection be formed, to be known and styled ' The Grant County Protective Association.'

"Resolved, That this association be governed by five directors, chosen by this meeting. Such directors to choose their president, secretary, and treasurer from their number, any one of whom, upon hearing of the loss of property belonging to any member of this association, shall have authority, upon consulting with two other directors, to take the necessary steps to recover the same, and punish the thief, the expenses of recovery not to exceed the value of said property.

"Resolved, That each member of this association shall pay to the treasurer two dollars, as membership fee, upon signing the constitution, and shall bear his share of the necessary expense incurred in recovering stolen property, and convicting thieves.

"Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed by this meeting to draft articles of association for the government of the society, regulating dues, times of meeting, etc., for each member to sign, essentially embodying the ideas expressed in these resolutions."

Resolutions Remonstrating Against A Nuisance

"Resolved, That the continuance of the bone boiling establishment and glue factory of Messrs. Smith & Jones in the midst of a densely populated neighborhood, is an intolerable nuisance, which is incompatible with the health and comfort of those who reside in the vicinity.

"Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed by the chair, whose duty it shall be to apprise the authorities of the existence and nature of the nuisance; and, in case such action shall not produce its abatement, then, to employ counsel, and take such other legal steps as the case may require."

Resolutions At A Stockholders' Meeting, In Favor Of A Certain Route

"Resolved, That the proposed railroad bridge of this company, at Jackson, be located north, rather than south, of the village, for these reasons:

"1. To build a bridge south of the town will necessitate placing a depot so far from the center of the village as to prevent the people of Jackson from patronizing the road, inasmuch as the South Western railway already has a depot near the center of the town.

"2. The south line will require more than double the amount of trestle work for the bridge.

"3. The right of way by the southern route is much the most expensive. Even with the purchase of the Jackson foundry grounds (which will remove the abrupt curve in the upper route), the right of way will cost less than by the south survey, to say nothing of bringing the depot nearer the center of the village, and lessening the expense of trestle work; therefore

"Resolved, That, for the foregoing and other reasons, the directors are recommended to take the northern instead of the southern route, for the proposed railway through the town of Jackson."

Resolution Instructing Members Of The Legislature

"Resolved, That we are opposed to the present oppressive law on our statute books relative to stock running at large, and we hereby pledge ourselves to vote for no candidate for either house of the legislature who is not pledged to its speedy repeal.

"Resolved, That the secretary is instructed to furnish a report of this meeting, together with this resolution, to such papers as will bring the subject most generally before the people."

Resolution Of Thanks To The Officers Of A Convention

The following resolution, presented just before the close of a convention, is put by the member who makes the motion - it being personal to the presiding officer.

"Resolved, That the thanks of this convention are hereby given to the president, for the able, dignified, and impartial manner in which he has presided over its deliberations, and to the other officers for the satisfactory manner in which they have fulfilled the duties assigned to them."